Twilight was coming and so was a stranger. Surana closed her mother's grimoire in silence and gently hid it beneath the branches. The stranger's footfalls were quiet, but by the weight of them she knew that he was a man, much bigger than her.

He was closer than she had judged when she stood and turned to him. He was too pale to be a native Antivan, she thought. "Stop," she ordered, but he just smiled at this and oh! with that smile her mouth went dry, for he was just achingly beautiful. He had thick black hair and pale yellow eyes and he was so familiar, though she could not recall where she had met him.

When he continued to advance she opened her hand and called a magelight to it in a wordless display of her power. He still stepped closer on quiet feet and she hesitated before striking out, because something in his familiar face said friend.

He lifted his hand toward her and all at once distant childhood memories struck her: his face was just like uncle Alistair's. His hand covered her magelight and the power in his touch made it grow to a searing white that struck shadows from the heavens; she was blinded.

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