A/N: so I'm writing all these out early so I can get to them later when my poll is over. Okay? Okay. Now… it is time… for…. WISTY SING TIME! Yeah, Wisty's just going to sing a bunch of crazy songs and Whit is going to think she's crazy. Cool? Cool.

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Whit's POV

Her voice bounced off all the walls. "Oh when the saints," she started off.

Already I wanted to pound my head into a wall.

I loved Wisty. I really did. Although that only goes so far…

When we're stuck in a cell, scrubbing toilets, miserable, ready to suffer our execution, nearly tone deaf, and struggling to remember a time when we were happy (it seemed like eons ago now), she's singing.

And her singing isn't melodic. She sounds like a dying walrus in my opinion. A nice kind of dying walrus. I don't know if that's a compliment in any way more than my first thought. Dying walrus versus nice dying walrus? Yeah, not a compliment in any sense of the word.

"Come marching in!" Then her voice toned down so she could sing her own echo. "Come marching in! Oh when the saints come marching innnnn! Oh how I want-" Wisty's voice kicked up a few octaves. "To be in that number! Oh when the saints come marching in!"

Where is the nearest wall when you need it? I mean, I even said nice dying walrus. I did! I thought it! It's the same thing as saying it! Spare my poor ears!

She began again, smiling this time, more cheerful than ever. "Oh when the saints!" Wisty's voice jumped in pitch again to accommodate herself so that she sounded like an entire church choir had just come in our room. "Come marching in!" She did her whole personal echo thing again.

Wall. Pound head into wall. I kept scrubbing at the grime-laced sink with the toothbrush. Yes, it was suffering, but it could've been better if Wisty would just shut up.

But I kept my mouth shut. If it kept her happy, I should've been happy for her. But I was still missing Celia more than ever and Wisty wasn't making things much better. I mean, I missed hanging out with my little sister the way we used to, but when she sang like a sea mammal on the verge of death.

And now that I think about it again, that maybe be an insult to walruses.

"Oh when the saints come marching in!"

I'm very sorry to anyone that can hear Wisty sing.

"Oh how I want to be in that number! Oh when the saints come marching in!" She did a big finish, holding out the last syllable for a few extra seconds and giving the world a nice rendition of jazz hands that of course only I could see.

I'm very sorry for insulting walruses everywhere…

A/N: okay. I know this wasn't my best, but eventually Wisty will take on better songs. Probably more pop and rock and crazy stuff like that. But this was just a starter. They'll probably get better. Review and tell me whether to continue or not!