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Chapter 1- club Hype

The music in the club was almost at an unbearable decibel. He would never understand how his sister came out to places like this almost every other night. The only way she had dragged him out tonight was the fact that it was her birthday. He hated going out, it seemed like a chore.

It hadn't always been that way. He'd once been as much the life of the party as Allie was, but he had changed now, grown he'd like to think. He no longer appreciated the desperate girls that threw themselves in his direction. That wasn't the root of it though. He no longer felt for them at all. He used to be a red blooded male and acted as such, but he hadn't felt the need to do so in a long time. Being callously dumped will do that to a man. He made a decision that he would stay out long enough to be polite and then bail.

It wasn't as if Alice would really notice that he'd left, she wasn't even up here. She had all but drug him out of the house to leave him stuck at the bar with his brother while she and Rosalie danced. Well they had enough of waiting and they moved down from their table to the dance floor. He scanned the crowd looking for his sister and sister-in-law as the music changed, the announcer saying it was time for a dance challenge.

A circle formed pushing them to the side. A blond dancer began showing off some moves in the middle of the floor to the beat of Sexy Chick. He was tolerable, nothing out of the ordinary as far as Edward thought. Edward had never really been impressed with the moves of the average club dancers. They rarely had skill, just rhythm. The dancer then stopped in front of three women, Rose and Alice, and a third Edward didn't know, dancing for only them. She was a petite brunette, a beautiful petite brunette he might add. Her figure was sublime. Not overly curvaceous but fit and lean. She was awfully covered up for a regular at a club. She was in black from head to toe, though her pants were tight enough not to leave much to the imagination and encouraged wandering eyes. And Edward's eyes did wander.

From the toes of her black Reeboks, up the slim muscles of her legs, to nice firm buttocks, his gaze slipped over a black leather jacket that followed the arch of her back and lead to the sensuous shape of her neck. She was pale perfection, he was sure of it. He moved his gaze to her eyes as she stepped forward to seemingly accepting the challenge. She stood there with her hands on her hips watching him for a few minutes as the song continued and the dancer continued his dance. Her eyes were dark and narrow as she watched the man dance. He couldn't tell from here what their actual color was but they showed no fear or sign of backing down, only confidence.

Slowly, she unzipped the jacket to the drum beat when the song changed again to Jason Derulo's In My Head. The tight fitting blue shirt was enough to throw the dancer off for a minute as he watched her. She started to sway to the music and moved toward the man she'd left staring dumbly at her. He staggered back as she pushed him forcibly out of the circle when the line "Ain't gonna find it dancing with him" came up. She did a few more moves before she turned around and threw her jacket at Alice and winked and the girls cheered her on as she moved into the center and the DJ spoke over the song before the chorus hit in, "It's gonna get hot in here."

Edward wasn't sure what he expected but it wasn't what he saw. She was so fluid in her movements with superb isolation and control. He was sure she had everyone, well every male, mesmerized by the sway of her hips and movements and he was no exception. He wondered if she was a dancer, if that was how she knew Alice and Rose, if that was how she learned to dance like that.

He was surprised by the second verse to find her looking at him as she danced. He looked back keeping eye contact with her deep brown eyes. He found himself tapping his feet along to the beat of the music imagining what he would do if he had her in his arms. By the second chorus she motioned for him to join her and without even realizing it, he had followed her command. He hadn't danced in a club in a long time, but this woman's presence seemed to make him remember how to move. The touch of her hands as they ghosted his shoulders put him into action. They danced back and forth, him chasing after her through the remainder of the chorus until the bridge when she broke away. He danced on his own for a few moments while she flirted around the perimeter of the circle until he reached for her and pulled her back to join him when it slowed. He liked the feel of her body against his; she was as muscular as he suspected. Her face showed surprise for a moment but that quickly changed to a sly sexy smile. It had been a while since he held a woman this close. He found himself relying now on the beat and his dance background. He threw in some tango moves along with a few other ballroom dance moves and was surprised when she followed with several of her own, moving from tango to paso doble to cha cha without so much as a blink of the eye. This woman was a real surprise. She seemed to know her stuff as he spun her around the floor and as the song ended she did a final dip and back flip before he pulled her into his arms again, her feet raised now behind her.

He always thought the expression "to get lost in someone's eyes" was a gross exaggeration, but he was doing exactly that. Who would have thought brown eyes could have such depth. They were both breathing heavily by now, her breath falling across his face mixing with his. He wanted to close the distance and press his lips to hers wondering if they were as soft as they looked. The crowd cheered them on and the sound of the DJ's chuckle and announcement of them killing it brought them out of their heavy breathing stare.

She smiled again as he released her waist and she slid down to the floor. "Thanks for the dance," she whispered to him, her voice as sexy as her dancing as she walked away backward until she reached Alice. She grabbed her jacket, kissed his sister on the cheek, and then disappeared into the crowd leaving him wondering who the hell she was and when he was going to see her again. Wait, did he want to see her again?

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