So, have you guys seen the TV show Popular? The series ended with a car speeding towards a blonde girl. The girl screamed in fright, the screen went white, and that was it. I also imagined a similar alternate ending with An Extremely Goofy Movie. So...I know I said this story is over, but I forgot about this alt ending I had in mind. So...THIS is the last chappy. 'Kay?

"Okay, hugfesters..." Bobby said from his perch eating pizza. "Free eats at the dorm-a. Pizza double cheese-a!" He stuffs a slice of pizza in his mouth. "Scrumptious!"

Max chuckled and put a hand on his dad's shoulder. "Come on, Dad. Let's feast."

From behind them, a car horn honked. They turned around to see Sylvia waving from Goofy's convertible. "Oh, no thanks, son. I kinda got plans of my own."

"You know, I'm glad you came. I mean, sure it was rough at the start, but it turned out to be a pretty cool thing. You being here at college with me." Max said to Goofy as he walked him to the car. "But now it's over, and we'll be going to our own lives, and..."

"You didn't tell him, yet?" Sylvia asked Goofy with an edge of humor in her voice.

"Oh, I wanted to surprise him." He replied. He turned to Max. "Son, guess what? I got me a job right on campus!"

Max was taken aback. All his doubts and judgements about his father came rushing back. "You-you what? But...I thought told me you were gonna-"

"Just kidding." Goofy smiled and started driving off. "Ah-yuck. Ah-ho-ho-ho-ho!"

Max sighed inwardly with relief and smiled as Goofy's graduation cap flew off his head and swirled through the air and landed at Max's feet. He picked up the cap and dusted it off. "He is so goofy." He said to himself. Max sobered up when he heard a car accelerating. He turned around to see a very beyond furious Bradley behind the wheel of his car speeding towards Max. Max threw up his hands in surrender and screamed in horror.


And that my friends is why Max is never seen again! XD

...Oh, wait, his last appearance was Mickey's Twice Upon A Christmas, huh? Well, it was a nice Max-ilogue. That's a Max epilogue.

PS- Don't worry- Max lives. He has to appear in House of Mouse and Mickey's Twice Upon A Christmas, right? XD