Title: Plan B
Pairing: George Weasley/Luna Lovegood
Rating: G
Prompt: Plan B
Word Count: 500
Beta: Thank you very much, aigooism !
Warnings: None
Summary: George hated when Luna cried.
A/N: Originally written for Week #55 on sortinghatdrabs. This one won Mod's Choice! I'm not sure about what people thought about it ebcause I didn't asked for the feedback. I think it's crap so...But thank you, Seraph!

Plan B

"I'm really sorry, Mrs. Weasley," the Healer said looking back and forth from George to Luna.

George only had eyes for his wife. She was sitting next to him, completely still. Her eyes were fixated on some spot on her lap. A wave of desperation made him lean forward in his seat, extending a hesitating hand towards hers, as the soft sparkle of a tear caught his eye while it caressed her soft cheek.

Suddenly, the Healer offered him a handful of leaflets. "There are lots of options, Mrs. Weasley. Many treatments are proved to be very efficient and—"

"Let's go," Luna said suddenly. She looked up and George didn't hesitate this time. He quickly helped her put on her coat and sent an apologetic smile to the Healer. "Goodbye. Thank you very much for your help," Luna said with a sincere smile, before following her husband out the door.

They walked in silence through the corridors of St Mungo's. The polluted air of Muggle London has never been so welcomed by his lungs as in that moment. He was starting to feel dizzy by the white walls and the smell of cleaning products. As soon as he found a deserted alley he grabbed Luna's hand andApparated both back to their flat.

Once there, he hugged her tightly, expecting a flow of tears that would break his heart as they always did. George hated when Luna cried. She was not a crier; Luna was always strong and positive, always finding the bright side of things. So the few times she had cried, for him, it meant that there was no bright side. The minute Luna decided she was ready to be a mother, they started trying. George honestly didn't know how she would react to knowing she wouldn't be able to give birth naturally, so he was more than surprised when the river of tears he was expecting didn't come. She just hugged him back for a few seconds and headed to the kitchen.

"Luna, let's talk. I'm really sorry we can't do it the natural way, but I want to know how you feel. Those treatments the Healer suggested—"

"What treatments? Why would I want to do that?" Luna asked with a smile as George followed her.

"You...don't want to...try anymore?" George couldn't help the disappointment in his voice. He wanted to have kids with Luna. It killed him that things weren't coming easy for them, but he still wanted to see her as a mother to his children.

Luna looked at him with her dreamy eyes and a matching smile. "Oh, yes. I want to be a mother. And you would be a wonderful father, George. We'll just adopt." She shrugged.

"Are...are you sure?" He asked doubting her instant confidence after receiving the news a few minutes ago.

"Very much so. Plan B was never a Plan B for me. We are going to be great, loving parents. It doesn't matter where the baby comes from."