The Wedding Lists

Marian Paroo had been thrilled when Harold Hill proposed to her. They had both wanted just a simple wedding, but as Marian and her fiancée' looked at one of the two lists in front of them, they knew it was impossible.

"Marian, is it really necessary to invite all these people?" Harold asked.

"Harold, I told you, I thought the exact same thing until I wrote a reason by everyone on the list. Here, read it," Marian said. Harold would have fun reading the list.

Wedding Guests:

Mrs. Paroo- Marian's mother.

Winthrop Paroo- Marian's brother.

Marcellus Washburn- Harold's best friend.

Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn- Mayor's wife; most talkative lady in River City; would have our heads if we didn't invite her.

Mayor George Shinn- He's the mayor.

Maud Dunlop- Mrs. Shinn insisted we invite her; she is Ewart's wife.

Ewart Dunlop- One of Harold's new friends.

Jacey Squires- Part of the mayors schoolboard.

Mrs. Squires- Jacey's wife.

Olin Britt- Member of the mayor's schoolboard.

Alma Hix- Oliver's wife.

Oliver Hix- Part of the mayor's schoolboard.

Ethel Toffelmier- One of Marian's 'friends'; Marcellus's rumored girlfriend.

Zaneeta Shinn- Mayor Shinn's daughter; Harold set her up with Tommy.

Tommy Djilas- Harold's 'right hand man' during his con; Zaneeta's boyfriend.

Gracie Shinn- Mayor's daughter.

Amarylis- Winthrop's long-time best friend; Marian's best piano student.

Mr. Farmer- Not sure, but he's the farmer. What else can you say?

Mrs. Farmer- Farmer's wife.

Farm Boy- Farmer's son.

One Million Other Townspeople That I Gave Mrs. Shinn the Duty of Inviting- Just kidding-only about 50.

"That is a lot Marian," Harold said.

"Well, look at this list," Marian said as she handed him the second list.

"What's the second list?" Harold asked.

"A list if things to do before the wedding. I think you'll like it once you get to the bottom," Marian said. She handed him the second list.

Things To Be Done Before the Wedding:

Send out invitations.

Choose a wedding date.

Choose a wedding location.

Find a wedding dress for Marian.

Find a tux for Harold.

Calm Mama down.

Explain what is going on to Winthrop.

Choose ring bearers, flower girls and bridesmaids.

Tell Ethel that she is the Maid of Honor.

Get the rings.

Spend time with each other.

For Harold to do:

Embrace Marian as much as possible because it will probably be impossible on the big day.

Kiss Marian at least one hundred times before the wedding.

Play a personal game of twenty questions with Marian.

Do anything else he wants to with Marian.

"Marian," Harold began. "I think we should start my half of the list right now." Harold threw the lists aside and pulled Marian into his arms.

"Do you think we'll get through our one hundred kisses?" Marian asked breathlessly.

"We can try," Harold said as he kissed her.

It turns out, that Harold and Marian did get to one hundred kisses that night. They couldn't wait for the wedding.

The End