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"Broad Daylight"

by 88Keys

Finished 5/4/10

It's bright and sunny and perfect outside the day five year-old Shawn Spencer is kidnapped. The clear skies and warm spring air offer no warning, no hint of danger at all.

He is supposed to be playing in the backyard. Madeline Spencer is watching her son through the window while catching up on various household chores on a rare afternoon off. She turns for a minute to put a load of clothes in the washing machine, and when she comes back, he is gone.

Madeline doesn't panic right away. Shawn never was good at staying where he was supposed to be. She calmly walks to the opposite window at the front of the house to check the front yard. She still can't see him; yet she still is not afraid because she was only gone for a minute or two and surely that isn't long enough.

She walks out the front door and looks out at the street. She hears a vehicle door slam, somehow too loudly. Just past their house, a white truck peels out, tires squealing.

She hasn't seen Shawn, but somehow she knows. Instinct kicks in. She screams and runs after the truck, all the way down the block. If sheer force of will could have propelled her forward, she would have overtaken them in seconds.

But willpower alone isn't enough, and she can only stare and scream some more as the truck rounds a corner and disappears out of sight with her baby in it.

Shawn is running across the grass, pretending to fly, when all of a sudden he is flying. Someone has lifted him up and is carrying him across the yard to a waiting vehicle.

It's happening all at once, and he can't process it. He can't even see who has picked him up. For a moment he thinks his father is playing a game with him and he's delighted, because his dad is usually so serious. But then the truck door opens, and he's thrown in onto the floor, roughly, and he knows this isn't his dad's truck and that this is no game.

The guy climbs in on the passenger side and slides across the seat. He's starting the truck and mashing the gas, and Shawn feels real fear. His skin prickles and his stomach turns, because he's in a truck with a stranger and he doesn't know where they're going. Tires squeal against the pavement, and the sound hurts his ears. Shawn opens his mouth and screams as loud as he can. They round a corner sharply, going too fast, and Shawn is thrown forwards towards the driver. He screams again, and the man reaches down and slaps him hard across the face. It's sudden and shocking, and Shawn immediately stops screaming. No one has ever hit him in the face before. He crawls back, away from the bad man, and cowers in the far corner of the floor as his cheek burns and the truck travels farther and farther away from home.

Henry's shift is almost over when the call comes in.

The dispatcher's voice is calm and straightforward, as usual. It's the code that makes him take notice. 207, the code for kidnapping. And there is a child involved. All policemen took notice when a call like that came through. Every available unit was expected to respond, and quickly.

The code makes him take notice, but it's the address that made his heart stop.

Can't be right. Dispatch must have gotten the number wrong. Or it's some other kid on our block. The disbelieving side of his mind is coming up with excuses, while the logical side won't budge. You know your own damn address.

Still, it can't be Shawn.

Henry is home in a matter of minutes.

Madeline is on the front lawn, looking shaky and sick, trying not to cry but failing. A neighbor is there with her arms around her, trying to keep her calm. Another unit had arrived just before Henry and they are trying to talk to them both, trying to find out what happened.

Everyone's trying, but no one's accomplishing anything.

He jogs up to his wife, pushing the other officers aside.

"Maddie, what happened? What's going on?"

She looks at him with tear-filled eyes, but her voice is strangely flat and hollow.

"Someone took Shawn."