An Accidentally Funny Aside

(Back in the past)

Kagome looked down at the ring on her hand and stared at it, curious. It had been a couple of years now since Sesshoumaru had given it to her, and sometimes it was strange to think of the fact that she was wearing something that had the souls of two people in it. Though, in Naraku's case, she was using the term people loosely.

Every once in a while, the thing would react to whatever stimuli came from within it, turning warm, sometimes darkening a bit, or even quite frequently, it would end up with an odd greenish cast that would last for hours. She couldn't help but wonder what it was reacting to...

She mentioned all that to her mate one day, and he cocked a brow, eyeing the piece of jewelry that had gotten him into so much trouble to begin with thoughtfully.

"Why don't you call Midoriko out, and ask, mate?" he asked idly, basking contentedly in the afterglow of their third encounter of the day.

Her eyes shot to his, startled. "You mean, I can do that?" she exclaimed.

Shrugging nonchalantly, he nodded. "Yes. It is a simple thing. Envelop the ring in a little of your power, and if she is willing to come out, she will be able to use your power as a guide to the outside world."

Brow furrowed in concentration, Kagome did as instructed, watching as the ring responded – though this time, it turned a deeper pink color and almost felt... embarrassed. After staring at it for a moment, confounded, she shrugged and left it alone. If Midoriko decided to step out and visit, the energy was there for her to use.

A few hours later, after Sesshoumaru got through molesting her again, Kagome was enjoying a little peace – away from her outrageously horny mate – when a surge of energy came from the ring, and Midoriko appeared before her, catching her off-guard.

"Oh!" she exclaimed, hand going to her heart as it pounded. "Midoriko!"

The miko smiled at her a bit sheepishly and apologized. "I'm sorry I startled you, and that I didn't respond earlier. I was a bit... busy," she said. "Actually," her eyes narrowed, and Kagome could swear she was casting the ring a rather vengeful stare, "I wanted to know if you had any more of that 'febreze' stuff you gave me before. A certain someone has been misbehaving, lately."

Kagome blinked, then glanced down as the ring seemed to go sullen, and then she nodded. "Sure... let me grab a couple cans for you," she said, looking around for her bag. She'd been keeping several cans with her for a while now – they had come out with some new scents, and she used them on all her bedding. After all, she thought, rather sourly, with as much as Sesshoumaru always wanted to have sex, the bedding would be informing people five miles away what they had been doing, and febreze - and frequent washing – took care of that small problem.

The older miko looked quite pleased to see the cans, and took them reverently, a smile on her face that had Kagome shivering – she was glad she wasn't the one trapped inside the jewel with her. But then again... no one deserved it more than Naraku.

"Say, Midoriko?" she asked slowly. "Would you know why the ring acts so odd every so often? Like... sometimes it turns green, and others if feels warm. It blushed, earlier, too."

Kagome stared at her suspiciously as Midoriko suddenly looked a bit shifty.

"Well, it'll probably be turning green here soon – that's when I use this stuff on Naraku, and it makes his idiot self sick." She grinned evilly for a moment, but then blushed and looked away. "Earlier... well... I would have responded sooner to your invitation, but I was-" deeper blush, "-otherwise occupied," she said, coughing uncomfortably.

A blank look on her face, Kagome stared at her uncomprehendingly – for a moment... and then she blanched, eyes wide. "Oh!" she blurted, even as Midoriko said a hasty goodbye and faded away again. She turned her head to stare down at the ring on her finger, and then, with a grossed out yelp, pulled it off and held it away from her.

"Oh, my gawd, I can't believe they've been doing that, in there, while I've been wearing it on my hand!" she cried out, completely disgusted. Holding the ring as far from herself as possible as it flushed a fiery red, she dug through her bag until she found a little leather pouch, and dropped it in, before tying the drawstring closed and setting it back inside her bag.

She shuddered, trying to get those thoughts out of her head, and just then, her mate appeared. Catching sight of her expression, he quirked a questioning brow at her.

"I just got a visit from Midoriko," she said, "and I'm telling you right now – I'm never wearing that ring again!"

Sesshoumaru watched with interest as she stomped away, and chuckled wickedly to himself. He was well aware of what the ring was reflecting when it would change – it gave off an aura that he was easily able to read.

It didn't bother him, of course – but he wondered idly whether his mate had yet realized that the same thing applied in reverse – the ring also echoed what they were doing on the outside...

So technically, they'd been providing free entertainment for the spider and the miko since the day of their mating.

With a glance at his mate's sweetly wiggling backside, he decided to keep that little tidbit to himself – after all, there was no point in tempting her horrible temper by informing her.

He'd just managed to get back into her bed from his last transgression, and certainly didn't want to get kicked out again so soon. As his wicked chuckle degenerated into a lecherous smirk, he followed along after his little mate...

Thinking about their audience had made him horny again.

The End.

(For real, this time)