This is an idea I've had for a long time. A crossover of Kingdom Hearts & Negima. It starts almost 5-6 months past the end of KH2, and after the first volume of the Negima manga.

After, a difficult battle Sora is spirited away to another world. Without a way to leave this world, or contact his friends, he'll have to adapt to life at Mahora Academy. But, not all is unfamiliar to him; just what kind of world has he come to. And how is she supposed to deal with doppelgangers, wizards, robots, demons, and hormonal teenage girls!

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Kingdom Hearts belongs to Tetsuya Nomura & Negima belongs to Ken Akamatsu.

Warning: This story may have curse language, violence, and some adult content.

Prologue: The End of an Epic and The Start of Another!

Sora stood over his defeated foe. The world collapsed around him, and he knew escape was impossible. He was covered in blood and felt like he couldn't move. Sora looked to the sky as he fell on his back. Several Gummi-Ships flew above him. Sora's nakama (comrades, or very close friends) would wait for him until it was too late, and he couldn't let that happen! With the last of his strength, Sora took out a flip cell phone, opened it, and placed it to his ear.

"Ossan (old man)…Do an evac-warp on the ships." Sora said weakly.

"I tell ya over and over, it's not Ossan-!" A voice yelled back.

" Alright! All right! …I'm just kidding Cid-san! …Please perform the warp on all the ships except for the one on the ground … its empty." Sora replied. A small silence passed.

"Your … not on the ship are you?" Cid asked.

"Right." Sora said quickly.

"It'll…take a minute, but…everyone should make it out ok…" Cid told him

"Great! Oh! And Cid-san…thanks…for everything…ya know your pretty cool for a Ossan." Sora said as he closed his phone. He thought for a second. "I guess…I should call her…" Sora reopened is phone and scrolled down to the name Kairi. Sora then applied a filter so that no one could hear the call. Sora waited while the phone rang. Some one then finally answered.

"Sora-kun! Where are you! Are you ok!" An alarmed girl asked. Sora closed his eyes to better picture like the last time he saw her. Her amber hair had extended to her mid back, and her eyes were as blue as two pools of crystal clear water. She wore a pink hoodie that showed her midriff. Both the sleeves and the hood were black, and she had it unzipped showing her white tank top. She also wore a black belt, holding up a pink skirt with a pair of bike shorts under that. And lastly, she wore a black pair of boots. Sora chuckled as he could picture her clearly.

"Hey! Hey! Kairi-chan! Calm down a bit! Where are you at?" Sora asked her.

"I'm on the Excalibur VI with Cloud-san and Riku-kun!" Kairi answered. "But we haven't seen your ship take off! You won your fight right so what are you waiting for! You need get out of there before it's too late!" Sora was silent.

"Yeah I won…but its already too late…I'm stuck…" Sora told her. Kairi gasped. "I can't make it off this world before it explo-"

"Move your ass Sora!" Kairi interrupted him. "If you can't find your ship then we will come to you!"

"You would never make it in time Kairi-chan…" Sora said. " I can't get to my ship in time to even make it half way and in the state I'm in I wouldn't be able to pilot it anyway."

"Wha-what are you saying Sora-kun…?" Kairi asked on the verge of tears. " Are you…going to just throw away everything…your responsibilities…your courage…your nakama…me…?" Sora's fake smile disappeared at the thought of Kairi crying.

"No…I'm not Kairi…do you remember what we all said we would do when we won…?" Sora asked. Kairi tried to dry up her tears. "We were told once we won we could recreate the "One World" that there was before the darkness was born…we all promised to see that place, right? And since when have I ever broken a promise? That's why…I know I'll live and I'll find you some how and see that great world!"

"But Sora-kun why should y-" Was all Sora heard before a tremor sent him through the air. He dropped his phone as he slammed to the ground. Sora was then launched into the air once again.

Sora finally landed on a stable piece of ground. He lifted his head from the ground to see his ship. "I'll be damned…that's funny, …" he thought. "Here's my ship right in front of me and I can't really use it for escaping…" Sora dragged himself to his feet at pulled his body into the ship. He sat in the lead seat, and stared at the ships interior. He had shared many adventures with his nakama, flying from world to world in this vary ship. Just then the ground beneath the ship gave way. Sora watched as the ship began to nosedive into the world's core.

"Man that's not a pleasant view…" Sora said out loud. He extended his hand and pushed four buttons. Pictures taken during his travels to other worlds covered up the screen. Pictures of all his nakama, of Donald and Goofy, Cloud, Leon, Yuffie, Aerith, Riku, and Kairi were all displayed on the screen. "There now…that's much better…" Sora said as he lost consciousness. The ship then was engulfed by the planet's core.

Sora rested in a suspended animation. He couldn't move, speak, or even breath. It seemed as though hours passed by and by. Sora felt numb all over. There was one thing though, that Sora could feel. It was the one thing keeping him going. His heart was still beating. Sora was still alive. As time passed the numbness wore off. Slowly but surely Sora could move in speak again. He then noticed that all his wounds were also gone. Sora looked around, but could only see white wherever he looked.

"I need to get out of here…" Sora said to himself. He began to wave his hands through the air as if searching through the dark. "Hey! Where is the damn door!"

"There is no need to fret…" a voice told him. Sora has had this voice speak to him several times in the past, but it was only recently that he learned who it was.

"Ventus…Ven-kun! Is that you?" Sora asked. "What the hell is going on here…?"

"Don't worry Sora our parts over now…it's futile to try and leave." Ventus told him. "You can stay here and sleep. You no longer have a meaning there. Come on Sora-kun, don't you think you deserve a little rest?"

"No Way!" Sora snapped. "Sorry if you're tired Ven-kun, but I can't just sleep here. I have an important promise to keep. And besides…you know I'm not the type to nap all the time, that's way to boring!" Ventus was quiet.

"Ha ha ha…Alright…I guess there's no talking you out of this, huh?" Ventus said. "But…listen Sora…In the world you'll go to…you will be surrounded by light, however there will be darkness as well and one day because you ventured into this world, you will feel a pain unlike anything you have felt before."

"Huh? What are you talking about Ven-kun?" Sora asked.

" Hmmmm…He he!" a different voice laughed. "You're a really simple one there, aren't ya?"

"Hey! Who was that?" Sora questioned. But, just then Sora's Gummi Ship appeared right in front of him.

"Well? What are you waiting for Sora-kun?" Ventus asked.

"Hmmmm…Alright! Thanks a lot Ven-kun!" Sora said as he practically leaped into the ship.

"Yo! Bozu! Remember this if you keep following your heart than you'll find peace…" the other voice said.

"What does that-" Sora started, but was cut off by the ship's door sealing shut. The ship took off at that second. The next thing Sora knew his ship was flying through a cloud. He looked down to the earth and saw a great city. The city had several large buildings and a large bridge connecting it to another across a lake. However, the thing that truly caught Sora's attention was a large tree. It was the biggest tree he had ever seen.

However, a sudden beeping sound brought Sora's attention back to his ship. He saw a flashing light that read out in kanji, "Power Remaining 0.0005%". The power meter flashed more and more as it dropped to a flat zero. The kanji then read, "Nap Time, Sorry!". Sora let out a loud "Huh!" As his ship began to fall. Sora frantically pressed buttons, flipped switches, and pulled levers to try and start the ship. "Come On! Start damn you! Start!" Sora shouted trying to prevent the crash. Just then, when Sora was sure there was nothing he could do to stop the ship from crashing into the city, a mighty gust of wind swooped in and glided the Gummi-ship to a near by forest. Sora watched as the ship smoothly landed into a large brush. Sora waited for fifteen minutes to leave his ship.

He looked around at the foreign woods that he now found himself in. Sora turned his head toward the city. He debated whether he should approach the city or not, but decided it was the best move in the end. Sora hopped from tree to tree getting closer to the city. The whole time he wondered about that mysterious wind.

Sora finally entered the city and began to wander down its streets. People crowed everywhere. Most of them were Sora's age and wore school uniforms. Every one rushed past him, and every ten or so would comment on his weird clothes.

"Just where am I?" Sora asked. Just then he heard a loud speaker. Its loud voice echoed as it rang.

"Ding, Dong, Dong, Ding…" it said. "Attention all Mahora Academy students, do remember we are still in attendance week. So all students try to be on time."

"Huh!" Sora uttered.

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