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Chapter 17: Tag Battle! Sora & Negi Vs Evangeline A.K. McDowell!

Negi and Sora Stood there astounded. The young vampire girl licked her fingers that leaked blood.

"Evangeline…She's the vampire…?" Sora said.

"Just who are you!" Negi asked. "You're a mage like me right? Why are you doing this!"

"Like you? Hardly…" She said.

"Negi…" Sora said as he looked at Negi's shocked expression.

"You're still so young and naive, so listen well sensei this is an important lesson…" Evangeline told him. She raised her arms and crossed them. In-between her pointing and middle finger on each hand she held a potion. On her right was a test tube filled with what looked like blood or a blood red potion. In the other was a small flask with a light blue potion. "In this world… There are good mages, and there are bad!" She threw the two potions forward and they crashed together. As the two liquids met she shouted, "Fringerans Extermatio(Freeze Lance)!"

"Ah!" Sora exclaimed at the sudden attack. A crystal of ice emerged from where the potions mixed. Negi placed his hand out as Sora tried to guard Nodoka. The ice tore away at each of their cloths, but Negi's magic was able to block the full effects of the spell.

"So he was able to block it…" Eva said.

Negi stood there bewildered. His left sleeve had turned to ice and evaporated into mist.

"I can't believe that the culprit is one of my own students…" Negi said. "Sora-kun are you-!" But Negi stopped mid-sentence. His eyes had turned white and face glowed red.

The cloths over Sora's right shoulder and a portion of his right sleeve had been destroyed as Negi's sleeve had been. However, Nodaka's cloths had all but disappeared besides her socks, shoes, and the bit of her shirt that covered her shoulders and neck. Sora hadn't noticed this at all yet.

"Eh! Damn it another ice mage! …Huh? Negi-kun what's wrong?" He asked. "Don't worry, Nodoka-chan is safe." Sora added as he noticed Negi's weird face. Sora began to place his other arm under Nodoka to pick her up. "Give me a moment and I'll get her somewhere sa-…" Sora stopped as what his hand felt registered as smooth skin rather then clothes. He looked down and saw that his had was now caressing her butt and legs. "GAH!" He said as he head was flung back by the force of a giant nosebleed.

"Sora-Kun Watch Where Your Hand Is Going!" Negi called. Sora's hand had slipped and almost gone between her legs. Sora lifted his hand away before anything else could happen.

"Sorry! I Don't Usually Have Idle Hands!" Sora cried as he waved his hand about in the air.

"Hey what was that?" The two heard. Sora and Negi turned around as saw Konoka, Asahi, and Asuna approaching from behind.

"Hey! Sora-kun, Negi…" Asahi started. Then she saw Sora holding Nodoka's practically nude body. "Uyha! What The Hell!"

"Au…!" Konoka added.

"You…That…!" Asuna began.

"W-Wait! This isn't what it looks like girls!" Negi told them.

"Heehee…" Eva laughed as she disappeared into the mist. Negi turned around and saw her image fading away.

"S-Sora-Kun Is The Chupacabra!" Konoka exclaimed.

"Vampire!" Asahi corrected.

"This is a misunderstanding do you here me!" He added.

"Sora-kun, I'm going after her…" Negi suddenly declared. "I'll leave Miyazaki-san to you!" He said as wind gathered at his feet. Negi then took off at a break neck pace, with magic speeding him up.

"Ah! Wait Negi! Shit…" Sora said. He looked to the other girls. "Here please take Nodoka somewhere safe guys. "She should be fine…physically anyway…" He told them, muttering that last bit.

Konoka took Nodoka from his arms.

"Wait what's going on!" Asuna asked.

"We're after the person responsible for the attacks…and I can't let Negi face her alone…" Sora told them. "Every thing will be fine if you just leave it to us. Head home as quickly as you can." He told them with a confident smile. Sora darted away at his top speed. "Hold on Negi…" He thought.

A bit father ahead of Sora Negi chased Evangeline, lost in his own thoughts.

"Did she say that there where good and bad mages, humph! Working to help the people should be every Magi's job. Not harming them." Negi thought. "And…she said "his son"…Dose that mean, she knows my father somehow?" Negi shook those thoughts out of his mind.

"Negi!" Sora called as he caught up. Negi and Eva looked back. "Hey You Eva! That's Far Enough! Stop Now And Face Us Or I'll Make You!"

"Sora-kun! Wait I Don't Want To Go Straight To Fighting Her!" Negi called.

"You best listen to teacher little boy, no matter how strong you are, your no match for a Shinso* such as I." She said as she readied more potions. Sora smirked and disappeared. Eva looked shocked until she heard "Hastega…" from behind her. She turned and saw Sora readying his Keyblade for an attack. "Clever little boy…"

"Sora-Kun!" Negi called.

However, before the attack could connect, Sora's throat and right wrist was grabbed. Someone cloaked in darkness had come from the shadows and protected Evangeline.

"But not clever enough child…" Eva added as she passed them by. "I'll leave this to you."

"Argh! Damn she has an accomplice!" Sora though. "Why didn't I notice earlier?"

"SORA!" Negi called as they crashed to the ground.

Sora rolled and kicked his enemy off him. The hooded person extended their arm, and a rapier sword extended from the sleeve. The sword was pointed right for Sora's heart. Negi ran to Sora's aid.

"Negi wait! I'll deal with this…" Sora told him.

"But-!" He objected.

"We can't let Evangeline get away. I'll kick this guys ass and join up with you shortly." Sora added. "Just don't do anything stupid before I show up."

Negi though for a moment and gathered the wind to his feet. The next moment he had taken off after Evangeline. The hooded assailant watched Negi fly off, and then turn their attention back to Sora. Sora took his hoodie off and threw it to the side.

"That wasn't a good idea to separate," The hooded assailant said. The person had a monotone voice, but Sora could tell from it that the person under the hood was female.

"Huh? You're a girl?" Sora asked.

"Disappointed?" She asked.

"Nah…" Sora told her.

He took his weapon and from his pocket pulled out a keychain. The keychain was jet black and the token at the end was the same shape as Sora's crown necklace, but black. Sora replaced the chain at the end of his blade. The girl was surprised and as the Keyblade was enveloped in black smoke and violet sparks. When it emerged the blade was longer and turned dark. A chain-like design ran up the length of the blade. The teeth of the blade were made of the kanji of darkness. The hilt was comprised of two bat-like wings extending downwards, and a violet diamond rested in the top of the hilt.

"Sugisarishi Omoide(Passing Memories aka Oblivion)*…" Sora said.

"I had heard of your blade having multiple forms…so this is what it meant…" She said.

"This is one of my stronger weapons, get out of the way now." Sora threatened. "I don't care if you are a girl, I can't hold back."

"My master's word is law…" She said. "And I can tell your power has increased with that blade, but it has weakened your magic as well."

"…" Sora grinned his teeth. The girl dashed towards him and slashed with the rapier. Sora dodged and soon found himself on the defensive. Dodge, dodge, and dodge was all he could do. His opponent was not only fast, but also highly skilled with her weapon. "Shit…I can't just keep dodging around like this. Come on! Make a mistake and open yourself…!" Sora dodged three more times before he saw an opening. "There!" He though.

However, it was a trap. The girl grabbed his Keyblade with her bare hand. Sora couldn't move it at all. Not only was she fast, but strong as well. Sora was about to get run through by the girl's rapier. But he let go of his weapon and dodged backwards. The blade disappeared form her hands and reappeared in Sora's.

"Fascinating…I was unaware of that power…" She said. "The blade acknowledges only you as its master…"

"Huff, huff…" Sora gasped. "Dammit…what is she? No way she's a human. You're not a vampire too are you?"

"I am Mu-Jin*…" she told him.

"What?" Sora though. But as he pondered what that meant, the girl had begun her assault again.

First a vertical slash, which was easy for Sora to dodge. Then a forward thrust, followed by a slash to his right. Sora dodged her attack by a frog's hair. His reflexes were slowing after each dodge. If this kept up, he would soon be dead. He had to take a chance. Sora took a great horizontal swing. The girl jumped over Sora as she dodged. Landing behind him she took her chance with an opening. However Sora had not stopped his swing. And with it blocked her attack. He then dashed close up as the guard left a hole in her stance. He then got the first strike, and the tip of the Keyblade was jabbed in her gut. She fell forward and used the fall to her advantage. The girl flipped and grabbed Sora's head between her legs, and flipped him to the ground with her.

After Sora was slammed into the ground, the girl rolled and recovered herself. Sora mimicked the act and turned his sight to the girl. Her hood had fallen down. She had short raven hair and blue eyes like Sora's. It was another face Sora knew.

"You…your also from Negi's class!" He said to the girl. She looked like Xion, a replica of Sora created by the organization. But Sora knew this was not her.

"Student number thirty-six of Mahora girls 3A, Fukuhon Tsubaki…" She said. "A pleasure to finally make your acquaintance Sora-san…" Sora stood to his feet. He quickly put his arm to his left side. Tsubaki had slammed him so hard that he broke a rib or two. He glared towards Tsubaki.

"Argh…why are you helping Evangeline?" Sora asked.

"Because I am Mu-Jin…" She said.

"Mu-Jin? I don't know what that is!" He told her.

"I am my master's doll, for her to use for whatever purpose." She said.

"A…doll?" Sora repeated. But Tsubaki was done talking. She darted for Sora again. This time she takes advantage of his distraction, and kicks him in his broken ribs. "Fuck!" He exclaimed.

"Just give up." She said. "My body dose not tire…you can only break me, and you are not the type to do that…" Sora attacked again and nearly nicked her face, but Tsubaki dodged the fierce attack. She then countered and cut Sora's chest, but she didn't stop there she then uppercut him with a kick.

"Duh!" Sora said.

He was knocked into the air, and preformed an aerial recovery, and landed back farther away from her. Sora clashed with Tsubaki over and over. However, her skill and speed was equal if not greater then his. She would not tire no matter how much time passed.

"I have to say, that I'm surprised at your endurance." She told him. "Most people can last this long against me when it comes to swordplay. If sensei been with you, you might have had an advantage."

"Wait…" Sora thought. "Tsubaki-san is fighting with me so Eva could get away, right? So why did she let Negi chase after her? Does she think that Negi isn't strong enough to catch her? No…" Tsubaki noticed the confused look across his face.

"So…have you begun to realize?" She asked. Something suddenly clicked in Sora's mind.

"Damn it!" He though. "You! You Wanted Negi To Go After Evangeline! Didn't You!"

"It wouldn't matter to worry about Negi-sensei anyway…" Tsubaki added. "Even if he has the power to capture my master…Negi Springfield will not win."

Off in the distance Negi was still chasing after Eva. The vampire after losing Sora took to the sky using her cape to fly about. Negi wasn't far behind flying on his staff.

"She can fly without a staff or broom…?" Negi thought to himself. "She is no ordinary mage…" He speeded up to about three meters behind Eva. "Tell me why you've done this to your classmates Evangeline!" He demanded.

"That again…your being no fun boy…Why not ask me what you really what to know." She said.

"!" Negi stopped.

"If you capture me, I'll tell you all about the thousand master…" She said.

"…really?" He said. A sinfully, delighted smile grew on Eva's face. Negi raised his arm and began to chant. "Evocatio valcyriarum, contubernalia gladiaria(I summon the wind spirits, Sword-wielding brothers in arms)!"

Around Negi several pain colored copies of him began to appear. Each carried with it a different weapon. The first had a katana. The second brandished had a large claymore. The third was equipped with an English knight's sword. His fourth had a pair of sort blades called kukri. The fifth held a medieval lance. His sixth copy had a large buster sword across it's back. The seventh carried a large grim scythe. And finally the eighth held in its hand a stick. Eva looked surprised at all them, yet felt disappointed at the last.

"Multiple bodies!…" She said. "No summoned elementals…"

"Age capiant(Catch her )!" Negi continued. The spirits flew to Evangeline at mock speed.

"To be able to summon eight elemental spirits at one time…" Eva thought. "Not something an normal ten year old mage can do…" She pulled even more vials of potions from her side, and threw them to the spirits and watched them explode into ice. "But they are still no matter…"

"Huh? Something is off…" Negi thought. "Why would such a skilled mage use so many catalysts for casting spells?"

"What's wrong Negi! Didn't inherit your father's magical prowess?" Eva taunted.

Negi repeated his spell again. And again Eva destroyed them. Negi repeated the process several more times paying a close attention to her method.

"I see now! She may be skilled, but her magic powers are incredibly weak!" Negi thought. "She needs the catalytic agents to give her spells the power they need! Witch means…" Negi raised his hand and chanted his spell once more. "Age capiant!" and the spirits dashed for Evangeline.

"This trick again…" she said. "Then again his daddy was a bit of a one trick pony himself-!" She then noticed the number of spirits Negi had summoned had doubled. "Twice As Many!" She exclaimed as she hastily readied her potions.

The sixteen spirits exploded into ice fragments and from the center Negi zoomed through, surprising Evangeline. His and was raised and was no more then a half a meter away form her.

"I've caught you! This Ends Here!" Negi exclaimed. "Flans Exarmatio(Wind flower, disarm )!"

The spell hit and utterly disarmed the vampire. Eva's vials of potions and black dress where all turned into flower petals. Her cloak dispersed into a large number of bats, leaving her with nothing but a camisole and her panties. Evangeline began to fall without the support of her cloak. She landed on her feet on the roof of a building. Negi landed five meters to her side.

"Not bad, 'Sensei'!" She said.

"This is my victory. So I demand that you tell me what I want to know about my father, and why you are attacking your class mates!" He told her.

"Oh? So you actually think that you've won already?" She taunted.

"Give up the tough girl act!" Negi told her. "You need your cloak to fly, I know that much. And you won't get far on foot with only a few potions to act as your defense."

"Well then sensei, why don't you show me just how good your spell casting is…" She said with a cunning smile. "Go on. Lets see your special spell again…"

"Alright then…" Negi told her as he raised his arm. "Ras tel Ma Scir Magister, Undecim spiritus aerials, vinculum facti iimicum captent!" He chanted. Out of Negi's sight, the figure of a young woman leapt from the shadows and with blinding speed darted towards the young mage. "Saggita-!" was all Negi could say before the girl flicked him in the forehead.

Sora and Tsubaki, at the other battle, where engaged in conversation.

"What did you say!" Sora demanded.

"Did you not hear me…?" She said. "My master and I are not alone. She has another partner…"

"Y-you!" Negi stammered. "Your from my class as well!"

The girl was as tall, had long pale green hair, and greenish-blue eyes. She wore the Mahora girl's school uniform, and had long metallic ears. And though her face looked smooth and human, Negi could see that her throat and legs seemed to be mechanical. She bowed before her teacher.

"Let me introduce you to one of my Minister Magi, Karakuri Chachamaru." Evangeline told him.

"She's your partner!" Negi shouted.

"That's right, and seeing as I have a partner and you don't, you are now clearly at my mercy." Eva added.

"What! So I don't have a partner, big deal! I won't give up that easy!" He said.

Negi motioned his hand. "Undecim spiritus aeri-Auuuuu!" Was all he could chant before Chachamaru had practically teleported in front of him, and pulled on his cheeks. After she let him go Negi rubbed his cheeks and stared at her. Chachamaru made no other motion towards him. He griped his staff and began to chant again. "Undeci-Ah!" He said before she flicked him again in the forehead. He repeated the same thing two more times, before catching on.

"Do you see now?" Eva asked in a cruel voice.

"The original Ministerial Magi were also known as shield and sword bearers, tools for combat among the Magister Magi." Tsubaki explained to Sora. "When mages cast their spells they are left vulnerable and unguarded. And if they were hit then the spell would be cancelled out. So the Ministerial Magi would defend the mage from incoming harm and attack the ones who dare harm the Magister. They're to act as both the shield and the sword. My master is also like this, so she has Chachamaru and I. Negi-sensei however, only has you, and you are now vastly separated."

"AH!" Sora cried. "Damn You! You've All Been Playing Us From The Start!"

"Master was waiting for the right time to strike, but she had though that after today Negi-sensei would come snooping about." She added. "Still we new that sensei had yet to form a pact with an actual partner. It would be easy if he came on his own, but master knew that if he did act, that you wouldn't be far behind."

"So you see, without your little friend Sora, there's not a chance in hell of you defeating us." Eva told Negi.

"T-T-T-T-This Can't Be!" Negi thought.

"So to keep you from interfering with our plan, master had me her strongest Ministerial Magi, see to it that you were other wise incapacitated." Tsubaki told Sora. "I will admit however that you have much greater power then I gave you credit for."

"Is that so…you guys don't want me to fallow after Eva." Sora said. His eyes where hidden by his bangs that hung over his face as he looked down. "But…you seemed to make a point that Negi, did go on!" He looked over to Tsubaki. His eyes where burning with rage. In Sora's mind he had begun to connect all the dots together. "Why do you need Negi to chase after Evangeline! Answer Me! Tsubaki!"

"…" She stood there silently fixated on Sora. "Like I told, you…It would be best to no longer worry about Negi-sensei, for by now…everything should be done…"

"Humm…Chachamaru…" Eva commanded. She nodded to her master already knowing what command she was going to give.

"I'm sorry about this sensei…" She said as she in a flash grabbed a hold of the boy by his neck. She removed what was left of Negi's hoodie and tossed it to the side. She tightly held him in the air with her arm around his neck. "But this is an order from my master, so I can not refuse."

"UGUGUGUGU…!" Negi squirmed.

"…hehehe…" Evangeline laughed as she took her time with each step. The look on her face showed that she was savoring them moment. "The day has finally come…! I've waited-! No, I've yearned for this day, ever since you arrived at this academy boya…I even took the risk of openly attacking students for their blood just to prepare for are encounter. Quite the risk with Takamichi and the old man watching me like a hawk. But it'll all be worth it to remove this curse."

"C-curse! What are you talking about?" Negi struggled to speak.

"The curse placed on me by your father the thousand master…" Eva told him as she lowered her head so that her eyes where covered by her bangs. "For fifteen, years all my power and magic have been sealed away, and I've been forced to remain here…" She lifted her head and grabbed Negi by the collar, and bared her teeth. "That Bastard Doomed My To A Carefree Endless School Life! I've Had To Spend The Last Fifteen Years Lessening To Over Excited Japanese School Girls Yammer On And On About Preadolescent Heartthrobs And The Flavor Of Their Glittery Lip Gloss! IT'S ENOUGH TO DRIVE A PERSON CRAZY!

"Ah! But, I can't do anything about that!" Negi said.

"Oh but, I don't need you to do anything. Because you are my ticket out of here 'sensei'…" She told him with a smirk. "All I need to break this infernal curse is a large quantity of blood form the thousand master's next of kin…" She pushed his head to the side to reveal Negi's slender neck. "Sorry to say but with the amount I need you may certainly die…" Eva added as she prepared to take a bite.

"UWAAAAAAAAH! SOMEBODY, HELP ME!" Negi screamed as he felt Eva bite into him. Bit by bit he felt his blood leave his body. "If it keeps up like this I'll be a goner…" He thought. "Maybe I shouldn't have tried to stop her on my own…"

Suddenly Evangeline stopped her drinking. She sensed a powerful presence heading their way at high speeds. Was it Takahata, or one of the other teachers coming to stop her? She turned her head to get a look at her oncoming attacker. But, all she saw was a flash of panties as a swift and powerful kick knocked both her and Chachamaru away from Negi. As Eva super deformed and skid across the roof she heard someone yell.

"Hey You Freaks! What The Hell Are You Doing To MY Moocher!"

"What the hell! This person broke though my magic barrier with pure physical strength! Who-!" Eva thought as attempted to get another look. She was surprised to see an equally shocked Asuna. "Ka…Kagurazaka Asuna!"

"Ah! Huh?" Asuna said as she realized whom she had just attacked. "You two! Evangeline-san, Chachamaru-san…Don't tell me you guys are behind all those attacks! And you're picking on a child too! I'm not letting you go without an explanation!"

"Guh…" Eva uttered as she got to her feet. She felt the right side of her face. It was swollen and red. Her eyes where starting to tear up. And in her mouth she could taste her own blood mixed with Negi's. "She broke though my barrier just like that! Even if Chachamaru held her off, I wouldn't be able to get a hold of the boy!" She thought. "You dare to kick me Kagurazaka Asuna…I won't forget this…" Eva muttered. "Chachamaru…we're falling back."

"Yes master…" Chachamaru said. The two then leapt from the roof and fell towards the ground.

"Ah! Wait! We're Eight Floors-!" Asuna exclaimed as she rushed to the edge. She paired over but there was no sign of Evangeline and Chachamaru. "…up?"

"Uuuu…" she could hear Negi crying behind her. She turned around and grabbed him.

"Negi! What's with you, trying to be all cool and catch the bad guys by yourself like that! What would have happened if I wasn't able to get to you! And where the hell is Sora! Didn't he take off after you!" She exclaimed. Asuna then noticed the red flowing down his neck. "H-huh! Hey your neck is bleeding! Are you ok? Negi!"

Negi tried to wipe his eyes, but it was to no avail. His eyes where swollen from tears. They gushed forth and rolled down his checks. He grabbed Asuna and wrapped his arms around her seeking comfort.


"Wha-Woah! Hey be careful! We're on a roof! I could lose my balance!" She said.

"I-I…I…was so scared!" He cried.

"OK, OK, it's alright Negi! We'll talk about it as soon as we find that baka-sora." She told him.

Elsewhere, Sora was desperately running in the direction he last saw Negi in. However, Tsubaki stopped his advancement short each time. She once more appeared before him and clashed swords with Sora, preventing him from going on. Each time she noticed it was getting harder and harder to hold him back. Surprising seeing as he was so worried for Negi that Sora had yet to treat his wounds.

"Move Out Of My Way! I Have No More Business With You!" Sora yelled.

"It is most likely already to late to save him." She said. With that Sora received a burst of power. He not only pushed Tsubaki back this time, but also cut her good for the first time. "Ahh!" She cried out.

"Don't Fuck With Me Like That!" Sora yelled getting angrier by the moment.

He dismissed his weapon, grabbed a hold of Tsubaki by her collar and swiftly planted a hard punch to her face. He was about to do so again, but stopped upon realizing what he had done. Tsubaki looked on with emotionless eyes, before slamming her head into his. The head but surprised him and caused Sora to take a couple of steps back.

"I don't care right now…" He said as he rubbed his face. "If a nakama, is in danger…I'm not going to just sit back and watch…". Sora slowly removed his hand, and revealed an enraged face. "So you had best step aside now Tsubaki, because I don't care who or what is in my way!" Tsubaki felt a chill run through her.

"Wha…was that fear just now…?" She thought. "I've never experienced such a thing before…" She looked to Sora with her same emotionless face. "The presence he's giving off now has slightly changed."

She raised her sword. Sora snapped and rushed to her. He was so fast now Tsubaki could barely keep up. She swung her rapier as hard as she could. Sora didn't try and dodge and was struck in the chest. Tsubaki spun around and added another attack that hit its mark. She readied her self to deliver another attack. However, just as she finished her combo, Sora's body seemed to be different. It was if she had hit nothing at all. Before she could think of anything else, Tsubaki felt a painful sting along her back. Sora had some how left a solid afterimage behind to take Tsubaki's attacks and then found his way behind her.

"If that's the way you want it…then fine…" Sora said, in a completely different tone. His normally cheerful voice replaced by a cold one.

"Ahh!" Tsubaki yelled as she recovered. She faced Sora with her weapon in a defensive position. She expected him to continue his assault, but he just looked at his her.

"Well would you look at this? Playing defense now are you?" Sora asked, giving her the sudden impression of a smug snake looking down on her. "At this rate…I'm the only one who's walking out of here alive…"

Tsubaki leaped from where she stood and charged towards Sora. He dodged her strike with little effort, and jabbed the back of his Keyblade's hilt into the back of her neck.

"Come on this was just getting fun." Sora had said.

"Animus vis Corporis me…Evocatioum de noctem, in mea manu ens inimicum edet. Infernus Ardoris.(Summoning the night's dark spirits, spring forth from my hand and throttle my enemy. Hell's Fire)" She chanted as she summoned forth four small dark and red balls of fire. The fire sought after Sora, and once they touched him erupted in a swarming inferno. "Enjoy the flames of the underworld…" She added. As the flames died down Sora was nowhere to be seen.

It had appeared that her attack had incinerated him. However, under Tsubaki came another attack. Sora had come from a dark portal and attacked her again.

"Are you kidding me? I've crapped better hellfire then that!" He said as he grabbed her by the throat.

Tsubaki was pinned to a tree. Sora used his Keyblade to knock the rapier out of her hand. He readied his blade to finish her. Sora suddenly stopped short, again wrapping his mind around his current actions.

"Not again…" He thought as he remembered the end of his fight with Takaikou. "What the hell is wrong with me!"

Tsubaki took her chance and twisted his arm. Sora dropped her and gabbed hold of his arm. Tsubaki took her rapier and quickly stabbed Sora. It went through and through his chest, in-between his heart and lung. She twisted the blade to help her make sure that this was the real Sora. Confirming it when he yelled out in pain. Blood oozed from his mouth, as Tsubaki removed the blade. She then pushed Sora to the ground and stomped on his wound.

"Your hesitation was your undoing…" She said, readying herself to deal the final blow.

In the recess of his mind Sora questioned still what had happened it was as if he had lost all control of his mind and body. He felt something dark then. Only one explanation came to him, but that couldn't be right. He had learn a long while back about the other heart that rested within his body, Ventus and his dark half Vanitas. They where minding back together into their natural state within Sora's body. Both becoming one again. Sora had long ago allowed Ventus to reside with in him, but Vanitas being the selfish and greedy being he was forced the shreds of his heart to fallow his light into Sora by force. Doing his best not to fade away. If the process wasn't yet complete, then the two halves should still be with in him. It was explained to him that the two kept the other in check. So long as it was the two of them, neither pure light nor darkness would take hold of Sora.

"But therein lies the rub, eh?"

"Wha-!" Sora thought.

"Come on now…Your not this dumb now are you?"

Sora recognized the voice as his own. Only he could feel the cold malice within it. It was almost as if pure darkness itself had stolen his voice. This was Vanitas.

"Do you remember when you came here? The last time you spoke with Ventus? Well at that time, you left his heart behind."

"What-!" Sora exclaimed.

"His heart was acting as an anchor, in reality he was the only thing connecting you to those friends of yours. But even he couldn't pull you back, it took every bit of him to hold on."

"If I really lost my connection to Ven-kun, and his heat is no longer with me, then why are you still here!" Sora asked.

"Now I know you're a baka! Why on earth would someone just choise to let themselves fade away! If I'd gone back with him, I'd go back to just being the darkness of his heart… However, if I was with to stay with you…add my darkness to your own, and over take your heart…well then I'll have my own body again."

"AH! You-!" Sora exclaimed.

"Ah, over ten years…locked away, unable to move, or effect the world around you. No one to speak to but that piss-ant, Ventus. It would be amazing to stretch my legs a bit!"

"Why tell me this! I won't just sit back and let you take over my body!" Sora told him.

"Hahaha, well that could be a problem if you could do anything about it! If there were anything you could do baka, I wouldn't have let you know until it was too late. The darkness started to take your heart ever since you came here. And there isn't one damn thing that can be done to stop it…Mhaha…Hahahahahaha!"

Sora's eyes widened as the situation dawn on him.

"Well what should I do once I have a body…? Come to think of it…there are a lot of lovely young ladies here that find you good looking. Maybe before I go causing mayhem, I'll have my self a little fun. I know, I'll start with that one that looks like that girl you liked!"

"You Son Of A Bitch!" Sora shouted to him.

His mind was lost drowned out by Vanitas's howling laughter. Sora lay unconscious in a pool of blood. Tsubaki, still holding her blade in the air, looked down at him.

"Tsubaki!" She heard her master call. She watched her riding on Chachamaru's arm as they came closer.

"Master, Was it a success?" She asked.

"Hardly, there has been some unforeseen interference…but nothing changes." She told her. She notices her servant's wounds. "Looks like he gave more fight then we though…" then her eyes moved to Sora. "But the end result was the same…We're withdrawing for now…"

"Should I end him, or spar Sora's life?" Tsubaki asked.

"If I may…" Chachamaru spoke up. "If he is killed it would without a doubt bring down the wrath of the Mahora mages on us. Taking small amounts of blood from students is one thing, so long as we don't endanger their lives, but to kill one of them, especially if it's before we've lifted the curse…"

"Yes…but he could always work with Negi as a partner in combat…" Eva added.

"I can more then handle Sora if he dose…" Tsubaki declared.

"Good then leave him with his life." She told her. "Come now Chachamaru, we need to return to the cabin."

"I'll join you shortly." Tsubaki added.

Evangeline and Chachamaru continued on and left Tsubaki behind with Sora. She cleaned the blood form her sword, and sheathed it. Tsubaki kneeled down and used her magic to heal Sora's sever wounds. Sora was still not fully conscious. Tsubaki lowered her head and whispered into his ear.

"You are allowed to live…" She said. "You know that you can't stop me or my master, so I wouldn't even try. And if you try to get add from the other mages, or tell them what went on tonight, just remember, that I'll be in a room full of your friends each day. And I'll not hesitate to bring harm to them, if it's to protect my master. It be best to stay out of are way, and enjoy the new chance you've been given."

She began to stand up but suddenly felt something grabbed her arm. Tsubaki looked alarmed as she saw Sora with a hold on her. His eye's where barely there. Sora was only semiconscious.

"Negi…" He said.

"…" Tsubaki watched him. She bent back down and added. "He is alive and safe…" Sora's grip loosened. And Tsubaki faded away into the night.

Not even minutes later Negi and Asuna found Sora. Both panicking at the sight of so much blood. Asuna lifted Sora up form the ground and had him lean on her.

"SORA! SORA!" Negi exclaimed.


"…hee…you lose too Negi-bozu?" Sora weakly said.

"Yeah…" He cried. "Asuna-san…had to come and rescue me…"

"Yeah well…" Sora said as he raised his arm and patted Negi's head. "Looks like we both sucked tonight…"

Sora smiled glad that his friends where all still safe. But it was a fake smile for deep down he was worried. A monster was trying to work its way to the surface. He had none of his masters to ask for advise and new not who to turn to in this world for such a problem. What was worse though, was he had no time to worry about this. He had not just Vanitas to worry about, but three other adversaries who where out for blood. He could not turn to the other teacher for help. He and Negi where on their own.

Three Powerful New Foes, And Darkness Within…

How Can He Hope To Protect His Friends?

When He Can't Trust Himself!

Next Time: A Not So Helpful Visitor! A Contract And A Man's Vow!

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Here is a list of the OCs and whom they look like:

Kurotsuchi Kataku = Riku

Koikawa Asahi = Kairi

Souigiun Kumogiri = Cloud

Tanehana Silverberg = Aerith

Souchou Kouen a.k.a. Lee = Axel

Raionshin Uindo = Leon

Harouko Howaido = Namine

Kiridashi Aikuchi = Yuffie

Tsunzaku Shouiko = Paine

Fukuhon Tsubaki = Xion

Yurushi Yoru = Yuna

Hizashi Hinata = Olette

Mashin Fuujin = Fuu

Azuchi Kikyou = Rikku

Kashaku Amiai = Selphie

Nijuusei Kokuu = Roxas

Ryouken Tabaku = Hayner

Enten Hamashi = Tidus

Kairyuu Shizuku = Wakka

Uekumi Sechi = Pence

Hidama Seizen = Auron

Inabikari Awai = Lighting

Tetsubun Sukako = Tifa

Tenchijin Shurako = Larxene

Yuki no Toratou = Kimahri Ronso

Aoikage Sakushi = Zexion

Kurimuzon Ame = Rosso

Shikatsu Kurogo = Nero

Tsurugi Ginka = Argento

Hassaku Hari = Shelke

Hassaku Toragoshi = Cid

Raionshin Takaikou = Seifer

Okure Kyo = Raijin

Ichidou Tsuyomaru = Hope

Compleo Formose = Seymour