There is fear

In the longing for loneliness

When gathered with friends,

And longing to be alone.


There is joy

In feeling the summer

Come to the great world,

And watching the sun

Follow its ancient way.


There is fear

In feeling the winter

Come to the great world,

And watching the moon

Now half-moon, now full,

Follow its ancient way.


Where is all this tending?

I wish I were far to the eastward.

And yet I shall never again

Meet with my kinsmen.



She remembered little of her own mother; an aspect that she felt she might, unfortunately, share with her own young ones. Boys. Twin boys. One with eyes of the prettiest gem and the other eyes of the most flawless summer sky. She knew, could feel, that the were just like her from the moment they were born. Not in image, but in being. In terms of appearance, they were unlike anything she had ever seen. They both had milky-white skin, and their hair was also so vastly different from the fine, straight black and dark brown she was so used to seeing; no, even for ones so young, the both of them had such bright yellow hair; one of them, the one with gemstone eyes, had softly curling hair seemingly made of woven silver, while the other, his brother, had strands of the sun, of the finest riches his lands had to offer.

Because they were to be his lands, she knew. Their lands. Maybe not now, but eventually. She knew that in nature there could not be life without death, that there has to be balance; had wondered for the longest time why her mother couldn't share the lands with her, but now she knew. She represented her people. The people who live on these lands now, just as her mother represented the people who made it possible for her and her younger sisters in the southern lands to live here now, the people who made the long journey over the ice from the old worlds. And just as her birth brought about a new age for this part of the world, she knew that theirs would, as well.

If appearance was anything to go by in this case, she assumed that those destined to inherit these lands along with her two boys were to have the same fair qualities. There were no others in the world that she had ever come across in her many years of life that looked quite like these two, however, which made her wonder where in the world these mysterious creatures must be coming from.

Whatever the case may be, she realized that their birth meant that their people were on their way, that the strangers' journeys had begun, that times were changing. It was fate, and it was now unstoppable.

Author's Notes:

It really is interesting what one is inspired to write at… 3 AM…

So, ah, I must ask that you readers be as patient with me as possible. This is my first story and I've never really written anything just for the sake of writing. The only things I've ever really written were school assignments. This is basically just my head-canon for this character and what happened before the settlers came along written out for all to see.

Until now, I've just been a creepy, stalker-ish lurker in this little corner of the interwebz, so I don't really know how this works, but, uh, review? Comment? Tell me it's not quite as horrible as I feel like it is? You decide.

I do think that I will continue with this, but when the next update would be is another matter, entirely.

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