She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. She knew exactly what she had to do. After taking a look back at where she left Muraco and Etu, she finally forced her eyes away and continued out of the village and into the surrounding forest.

She ran for a good amount of time, moving nimbly through the trees and over their roots with ease, when suddenly, there was a parting of the trees in the distance, where the forest gave way to the water. She slowed her pace and tread carefully until she was close enough to hear the sound of water lapping on the shore. That's when she saw it.

The biggest creature she had ever seen in her many years of life, sitting serenely atop the deep water, still a ways off in the distance. It was brown in color with great white wings and a pointed snout. From what she saw, it didn't appear to have any fins or feet, but they could still be under the water.

In her fascination of the great beast, she failed to notice the small canoes currently making their way towards the sandy beach until voices – human voices, though not like any she'd heard before – filtered into her thoughts. Sinking lower to the ground, she turned her attention to the small canoes.

She watched until they arrived at the shore and one man from each canoe jumped out and pulled it onto the sand, where the rest – some of whom were dressed differently than the others, one especially (she had a strange feeling about that one) – jumped out and onto the beach. There was silence among the men as they observed their surroundings – looks of awe on each face.

While they were in awe of her land, she was in awe of them – how different they were. Besides the twins, she had never seen anyone like them; they even had all sorts of colors! Some of them had eyes like grass, others eyes like water, and the rest had more earthen-colors, like the soil and the trees. And their hair! She saw the most interesting shades of brown, black and even gold and orange-red. There was one person in particular that caught her attention though, for some reason. He looked just like the others, for the most part – pale skin, ocean-eyes, sunny hair tied back with a ribbon – but there was something... more to him, she could tell.

This one said something indistinguishable to the others in, from what she could hear of it, a language unlike any of her peoples', before walking slowly towards the forest. She froze as she noticed him nearing her hiding spot and began to sneak back into the trees before he could notice here there.

She followed a safe distance from him while he looked around the forest with a thoughtful look on his face. She watched his face, being able to see its colors more clearly now that she was closer. He was very similar to Etu in appearance, though he did look a bit like Muraco, as well, mostly the long, silky hair. His hair was gold, but not the same gold as Etu's, whose gold reflected the sun and seemed to shine even brighter, and though his eyes were also the same color, his were the color of the salty ocean, while Etu's were of a flawless summer sky.

She continued along, lost in her thoughts until she was shocked by a sharp snap and realized too late that it had come from beneath her own foot. They both halted at the sound and she whipped her head up as he sighed and rubbed his forehead, lethargically turning to face her.

"Jacques, mon garçon, que voulez-vous maintena-"

He froze. His mouth hung open mid-sentence and his eyes went wide. Neither one of them moved, each one barely breathing and not daring to make a sound as they stared wide-eyed at one another. She thought she might have heard him softly whisper, "Qu'est-ce...?"

Once she finally got her wits about her, she turned on her heel, ready to race away, but apparently her disoriented mind didn't allow her feet to move fast enough.

"Attends!" He shouted and caught her arm at the wrist, still staring at her with wide blue eyes and a gaping mouth. She looked back at him frantically and he seemed to be at a loss for words.

He seemed to sense it as well, that she was like him. She had felt it as soon as she'd seen him. As he stared in her eyes he seemed to understand what, exactly, she was.

They were both shocked out of this trance when they heard a voice from the direction of the shore – a younger voice – headed their way. "Francis?" His head snapped up towards the voice and his grip loosened on her wrist. Seeing her opportunity, she yanked her arm free and turned and ran. "Francis? Oùêtes-vous?" He seemed torn; he wanted to follow after her and saw his chances of doing that slipping away as he remembered he shouldn't travel too far from the group. "Francis!" The young man who had been calling him finally caught up only to see him staring off into the woods. "Qu'est qui ne va pas?" The boy asked looking in the direction he was staring and not seeing anything. He shrugged and pulled the man by the elbow, "Francis, revenons." He turned away and followed reluctantly.


Author's notes:

Yay, a long chapter (well, long for me anyway...). So, ah, I think the first thing I should say is, um, I don't speak French. At all. So... Yeah. Here's what all of that is supposed to mean, in case I messed it all up horribly:

Jacques, mon garçon, que voulez-vous maintenant? = Jacques, my boy, what do you want now? (this is the sentence he didn't finish)

Qu'est-ce...? = What in the world...?

Attends! = Wait!

Francis? Oùêtes-vous? = Francis? Where are you?

Qu'est qui ne va pas? = What's wrong?

Francis, revenons. = Francis, let's go back.

So I think that's all the mutilated French. I don't have much to write about this one except that the Jacques that France (oh I hope you all knew I was referring to France there, I feel I made it very obvious) was referring to is Jacques Cartier, a French explorer whose first voyage was around the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Oh, and the big creature with white wings from the beginning is the French ship, in case you didn't get that part. So I hope this was satisfactory and I will work on getting the next part done soon!

As always reviews make me very happy and non-reviews make me very sad.