This is the first drabble for the Twilight 25 Challenge Round 3 which this round is based on 25 different picture prompts. For each prompt you write either a 100-word drabble or a one-shot. Due to time constraints I don't think many of these will be one-shots.

Thanks to 1MrsECullen, BurdenedThunder and tiffanyanne3FF for pre-reading this first drabble for me. As always, I own nothing.

The Twilight Twenty-Five

Prompt: No. 4 (/entry/2015441)

Pen name: evieeden

Character(s): Alice

Rating: M


He will come for me.

It was the thought I clung to after all this time.

I stood here in this frozen wasteland, cold as the ice that surrounded me, a pair of boots my only concession to the weather. I wore the same clothes as when he left; I would be exactly as I was when he left.

No-one was here to witness my unnaturalness. Just the cargo trains, marking the time so I knew it hadn't stopped. The drivers thought I was a ghost and I might have been.

But he will come for me.

He has to.