This story was inspired by The Devil Prince by Ocean Wave Kira. Because of the END of that story so far. Also, all familiar scenes, I have no credit in making them up. Credit goes to Ocean Wave Kira! Enjoy! Not meant to be for reviews, just for fun~ I am also trying not to make this a Mary Sue OC. If I start doing that, well…. Help? *Puppy dog eyes*

Summary: : Sein Sekai, a rough tomboy who wouldn't have cared less if her teacher got run over by a bullet train. Kirihara Akaya, a childish "Devil," as the rumors say, who cares more about tennis than anything else. Their worlds meet and slowly mix together into a distorted concoction, revealing how cruel the world can be.

Pairing: None in general, just friendship pairings. Like Aka-chan and Sekai-chan.

Warning: Swears, cursing, and did I mention swearing? Oh, and violence. Oh how I love that action~ Not.

Rating: T for Sein's potty mouth and abusement.

I, Sein Sekai, is going to Rikkaidai right now. Scary.

As I neared the entrance, a curly-haired boy jumped onto the fence and said, "At this school, I will join the tennis club that's number one in the nation! Then I'll become number one!"

What was he talking about?

The tennis club, I guess.

The emerald eyed kid was just a freshman by the looks of his height, like me. Except for the fact that I'm taller than him….

The kid got in trouble. Obviously.

I rolled my eyes.

Of course, the bell rang and I had to run to get into my classroom in time.

The guy's name was Kirihara Akaya. Trouble either found him, or he found trouble.

If that jumping on the wall wasn't enough, I'm sure the teacher yelling at him because he kept sleeping was. And that almost burst my damn eardrums.

In English, the teacher made him write the word, "Apple" 300 times for falling asleep in class and yelling, "I'll defeat the 3 demons!" right after sensei woke him up.

In Science, Kirihara dozed off in the middle of an experiment, causing a damn explosion that made me eat soot.

In math class, something huge happened.

What the fuckin' hell was that?! Am I sure I heard correctly? Did the teacher just assign us 2 essays a week for the rest of the month? Not to mention detention? Hell. He did. And I thought this was MATH. Then the kids started yelling something about how it's Kirihara's fault for getting us that extra homework because the teacher just left the room.I was about to blow off on him, too, until I heard what the other kids started saying."Do us a favor and get the hell outta here!""Thanks a lot, dumbass. Now I have to stay afterschool and my mom is going to KILL me!""Damn it why couldn't you just keep your mouth shut?!"

"Everybody's right about you – a snot nose brat that only likes to get others in trouble!"

"Why out of the whole grade did we get stuck with YOU?!"

And THAT was pretty harsh. Damn this, what the hell was wrong with them?!Kirihara smashed his fist against the desk just as I was about to yell at them to shut the fuck up and deal with desk got cracks all over it.

'Seems like he wanted to resort to violence.

"Hey, Kirihara, if you want to blow up, I'll cover for you." I whispered over to him. He glared at me. I just shrugged and added, "Either that, or you keep it in."So he did. Kirihara flipped his desk over, eyes I know where he got the name, 'Devil.' But I'm pretty sure it had to do with tennis or something. He took a chair and threw it against the wall. The class had quieted down now, almost afraid.

His breath hitched as he kicked the wall, hands jammed in his pockets. He glared. "Damn it, just shut up!" Kirihara growled, stomping out the door. I caught a glimpse of him wiping his eyes before the door just slammed shut."What... the hell was that?" Somebody asked. I shrugged and trotted out after him, curious on how he would vent out his anger.

He disappeared. Just like that. Where the hell was he?!

I went to the tennis courts, the cafeteria, the library, even the park near Rikkaidai.

Pok. Pok. Pok. POK!

The rooftop!

Kirihara was there, smashing the poor tennis ball against the wall that had many dents in it.

"Woah…. Calm down." I moved away from him.

"Shut up." He mumbled, sniffing and wiping his eyes some more.

My hands were jammed in my pockets as I searched for something. There it is! My pocketknife. Kirihara stopped and slumped against the wall.

"Damn it…. They don't know anything…. Friends? I have none, nee-chan." He muttered.

I twitched. "Dumb ass, stop pitying yourself! There are people who have WAY worse situations out there, you know!" Whoa, never knew THE Sein Sekai could say something like that.

"Like those bitches who started spitting on Choutarou. I think one of them had a fractured bone and another broke his ribs….." I thought about what had happened while I was in Hyoutei.

He stood up and slammed the door to the roof.

"Not nice." I said right after, and gazed at the scars on my wrist.

"Looks like he'll add some more to this."

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