Yes… I am here again… More of Friends of Misery!

It's been a crazy Mother's Day. The first thing I said to my mom was, "I'm hungry!"

She blew off on me, ranting and yelling and scolding. Crazy day in the house!

Summary: Sein Sekai, a rough tomboy who wouldn't have cared less if her teacher got run over by a bullet train. Kirihara Akaya, a childish "Devil," as the rumors say, who cares more about tennis than anything else. Their worlds meet and slowly mix together into a distorted concoction, revealing how cruel the world can be.

Pairing: None in general, just friendship pairings. Like Aka-chan and Sekai-chan.

Warning: Swears, cursing, and did I mention swearing? Oh, and violence. Oh how I love that action~ Not.

Rating: T for Sein's potty mouth and abusement.

I hate my life. I wish I was rich. Everybody does. XD Well, not EVERBODY. But I certainly do! $.$

Oh, and how do you put that line thing? I'm not too sure… Maybe I've got it this time?


My hands were jammed in my pockets as I searched for something. There it is! My pocketknife. Kirihara stopped and slumped against the wall.

"Damn it…. They don't know anything…. Friends? I have none, nee-chan." He muttered.

I twitched. "Dumb ass, stop pitying yourself! There are people who have WAY worse situations out there, you know!" Whoa, never knew THE Sein Sekai could say something like that.

"Like those bitches who started spitting on Choutarou. I think one of them had a fractured bone and another broke his ribs….." I thought about what had happened while I was in Hyoutei.

He stood up and slammed the door to the roof.

"Not nice." I said right after, and gazed at the scars on my wrist.

"Looks like he'll add some more to to this.''

Sein wandered around Tokyo, reluctant to go home. She took a random train and got off at a certain stop.

'Let's pay Chouta and Waka-chan a visit, shall we?' Her lips curled into a smile at the thought of her best friends.

Then she frowned at the thought of all the fangirls that must be screaming their lungs out.

"Ah, well." Sein shrugged, breaking into a run.

"Kyaaaa~ Atobe-sama!"

"Shishido-sama! Kyaaaaaaaaaaaa! Look over here!"

"Ah~ Atobe-sama~ So hot and charming and amazing~"

"Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh! Atobe-sama looked at me! Mitte mitte, Atobe-sama looked at me!"

"Damn it, you girls are INSANE! I think my eardrums just burst - right after those damn teachers and kids yelled in my ear." Sein glared, inching away from the loudest crowd only to bump into another.

The girl glared at her before screaming again. "Oshitari-sama! Kyaaa!"

"Woah. Let's go to a group where they're screaming for Choutarou and Waka-chan instead of some… unknown guys." Sein shuddered, moving to yet another fangirl cheerleader.

She heard her scream, "Atobe-sama! Atobe-sama!"

And immediately went to another.

"Atobe-sama~ You're so cool! The best! Number one~"

And another.

"Atobe! Atobe! Atobe!" Even guys were chanting.



"Ah, fuck this! Choutarou!" Sein shook her head, giving up. Her ears rang from the last proclaimed "Wife" of this Atobe guy, whoever he was.

Her words were drowned by the cheering of fangirls and fan boys alike.

So she punched the fence hard, making the 'walls' rattle, glaring and breathing heavily. Sein had snapped and he was certainly going to do some damage for the lateness of her appearance at home. Today wasn't a good day. First the screaming and yelling of classmates, Kirihara walking out on her, the uneasiness of her father's beatings, AND being ignored by these - these screaming things.

When the cheering didn't stop, she took a deep breath trying to calm down.

That is, until a girl pushed her, glaring, eyes saying, 'Move, so I could see Atobe-sama better, bitch.'

Sein smiled eerily, twitching and angered. Her hands and feet flew. All of a sudden, she was on the other side of the fence; in the courts.

The cheering stopped, quieting down, all eyes on this girl.

"Where the fuck is this Atobe guy?" She clenched her fists, glaring at every single person in the area.