Here's my attempt at my first Assassin's Creed fanfiction.
Chapter Zero-The learning chapter, as I like to think of it.
My friends and I really do joke of the 'sexy' moments of this game. It's the one thing that we all know in my group. *sniff*

I PROMISE all of you that this story is not one of those 'fangirl magically finds herself in the X-box or PS3' stories. I PROMISE that it has a twist to the plot, and that it is just a different story. So if I could ask this of you, please give it a chance. I have spent a long time sorting this story out and figuring out a plot that I could use.

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Chapter 0:The Transfer of Wishes

We all had a party at Tad's house for his 18th birthday. He drove us around Afton for hours, listening to music so loud that we could scream along and no one would know. It was Devin, Libby, Wyatt and me celebrating Tad's birthday with him. He had to beg Wyatt to come with us, since Tad was the only boy in our 'group'. Wyatt wasn't exactly close friends to us girls, but we were acquainted with him due to our time in orchestra together; the trips just brought people together more than one was comfortable with.

We ate at the Red Baron restaurant, had an ice-cream fight in the car, went and cleaned his mom's car, went to Canyon View park and took pictures to remember for years to come. We managed to get to Alpine in our shenanigans and we burst into Tad's house, his mother, Tami, greeting us with hugs and smiles.

We played around the house like we were 8 years old again, playing tag and hide-n-seek. When it got dark, we went ding-dong-ditching, although I was surprised we didn't get busted because of our giggling from the shadows. Before we got the cops called on us, we returned to the house and played some hard-core Guitar Hero. We watched Tad blow out the candles and open our presents. Tami took some pictures of us for her scrapbook, and we proceeded to all squeeze into Tad's room.

In a silence, we sat on his bed staring at his walls.

"Six years, you guys," Libby said with a grin. "We've all been friends for six years."

"I'm the exception," Wyatt say with an awkward grin. "I've only been friends with you guys for four years."

"Pfft," I scoffed. "Two years off –you didn't miss much!" We laughed, and then Tad gave us all a group hug.

"I'm just glad that we can get through everything and still be as close as we are!" We all laughed and agreed.

After our hug, Tad turned on the PS3 and asked me to grab his Motor-cross game from his game-shelf.

As I reached for the game, I noticed a title that I recognized immediately, and I grinned. "Wouldn't we rather..."I pulled it out and held it out towards Tad. "Play 'Assassin's Creed II'!"

Libby piqued in. "You do get laid in that game!" It was the only thing Libby and Devin knew about that game-you get laid in it. I grinned at her input for we joked about it most of the time.

"C'mon! Get laid, dude!" Wyatt was grinning like a small boy.

"Nah, dude." Tad gestured toward the games again, beckoning me to get his game. "It would be great if I was really in the game and could actually get laid."

"Way to be a horn-dog, Tad," Devin remarked, and she made her way to sit down on his bed.

I stared at the cover with Ezio Auditore in a broad stance, the sly grin on his face darkened by the shadow of his hood. "It would be amazing if you could be in this game. Just to screw everything up, you know."

"And get laid," Wyatt added in.

I threw him a sneer, but then chuckled. "Yeah, we'd be whores."

"Mega whores." Tad and Wyatt snickered and gave each other a high-five.

Libby stood from the bed. "I'd be a good whore!" She gestured to her oddly-proportioned breast for her size. "I'd get everybody laid!"

"You're hired!' Devin exclaimed loudly.

All hyped up, Libby flung herself back on Tad's bed and spread her legs apart, making a loud moaning noise. We all stood around her and laughed loudly. After a few moments, I made my way back to the game-shelf to put the game back. When I placed it back in the empty place I had pulled it from, a sudden shock of nostalgia washed over me.

And then everything went blurry.

I tried to blink away the fogginess, but then my ears started ringing.

Then I got light-headed and my balance went all to hell. I fell backwards, my friends laughs fading into a light buzz, all the while my sight pitching into an abyss of darkness.
I didn't even feel myself hit the ground –I kept falling and falling. Instead of silence now, there were voices. I couldn't depict the differences in them since there were so many talking at the same time. Some of them were even in a language that I couldn't understand, although quite familiar, like I had heard the words before. There was the feeling of understanding suddenly, like I had unlocked a knowledge inside myself that I had kept hidden for so long.

The words became recognizable.

Concentration of one desire can effect not only the dreamer, but all who wish for their happiness as well.

There was a long pause, and I whispered "What...the hell is going on?"

Nothing is true, the voices echoed. Everything is permitted.

The...Creed...It seemed like forever until I let my mind go and I fell into unconsciousness.

When I opened my eyes, I was alone. Laying face down on a gravely surface, I forced myself to sit up and look around warily. I was in a dark room, the only light streaming from a window well above my head, a broken plank sandwiched between the window's borders. A small light breasted bird pranced daintily in the light, flitting shadows across the far wall. Noises dimly fell through the window. It sounded like people talking, but the words were hard to understand.

I rubbed my head, closing my eyes against the pain to my sudden headache. Where am I?

I finally looked up from my hand and glanced about in a panicked haze.

"Devin?" I whispered, then again louder. "Devin! Libby! Wyatt! Tad!" My screams were thrown against the wall and spun back at me. "Where are you guys!"

By this time, I found myself standing and pacing about the room, searching for a door. There was one underneath the window. I hesitated when resting my hand upon the handle. Then a course of fear bolted from my legs to my shoulders, making me shudder.

I tugged on the door as hard as I could, releasing my fear through the pull. The shelter over my head was older than I had expected, because my yank pulled the door right off its hinges. I yelped and moved out of the way before the door crushed me. It landed with a loud thud. Dust erupted from the landing and motes flitted through the air in sparkles from the light pouring through the door frame.

The outside! I peeked my head through the door, letting the warm air blow in my face.

Buildings-I had never seen so many tall building mashed together in my life! Of course, I had always lived in a rural area my, but his was incomprehensible to me. In front of me rose a beautifully mastered building, and beyond that, a benevolent looking town breached out, forming an ancient yet beautiful looking town that could have only been found in the airbrushed pages of a magazine. It wasn't exactly as grand as New York looked to be, but it was still a large city.

Many people were walking by and a few had stopped to stare at me and my destruction of the door that now lay on the floor within the house. Most of them were dressed in colorful clothing, puffy and flowing. Ignoring their questioning looks, I looked down at myself for the first time since I had woken up. With surprise, I realized that I was wearing a bright red dress, extending down to my ankles with frills and laces trimming the square-cut bodice around my breasts. A white layered frill opened up at my waist and cascaded down my skirts.

Large, old time city...fancy clothes...It can't be...I was afraid to think the words, and before I could come up with them, a bunch of boys ran past me. One of them, the leader it seemed, was yelling, "Uccidete l' Auditore!"

Audi...tore. I felt myself tense as I recognized the name half-way through thinking it. It couldn't be that I was...

I remained frozen for a moment, then before the men broke from my line of sight, I lifted my skirts and took off after them. I didn't know what I was doing or why I had decided to start running so fast after them. I convinced myself that it was to see if this was true, to see if what I was assuming wasn't just a false thought.

"Vogliamo il vostro sangue!!" They kept screaming aloud, making the crowds part for them in their wake. The cobblestone path made their footsteps echo loudly against the houses, which towered over me with dizzying heights.

God, I probably should have paid more attention in my foreign languages class! I thought to myself, wishing that I knew what they were saying. Then again, our school didn't teach Italian, and that was the language to know if my speculations were correct.

If...if they were correct, I...

"Ecco li la, i bastardi!" The group had stopped and spread about in a large semi circle. I wasn't the only person following them, although I noticed I was the only female following the group. I supposed it wasn't lady-like to be chasing after a group of ruffians.

"Cosa succede?" One man beside me asked another man.

"Un'altra lotta?"

"Tutti idioti! Spero che siano puniti dalle guardie!" It was all so weird to me, and I felt the inevitable feeling of being out of place between these men –one for being a woman, and two for not even knowing what the hell they were saying.

A voice rang out above the mummers and questions. "Ehi, ehi! Cosa sono tutte queste parole forti sull' odio?" It was a familiar voice, like I had heard it long ago and my mind couldn't grasp the face from the lips the words belonged to.

The parading ruffians screamed something back, and after a minute of exchanging words, one of the boys threw a rock into the air. Then, all hell broke loose. The group broke, and punches began to be thrown. More men pushed through the crowds surrounding the brawl and I was pushed back until the fight was lost to my sight.

In a horrible attempt at the foreign language, I spewed out "scusi, scusi" as I elbowed my way through the crowd. I was sure I was using the word in the wrong way, but at this moment, I didn't really care. I had to see this fight! I was never one to watch violence or to find enjoyment in it, but I absolutely had to see the face of the man that had retorted against the group.

When I got to the front of the crowd, the fight was ending. My eyes locked on the figure standing over the knocked out men. He was lean yet muscular. His clothes spoke of wealth and wanton ways. His hair was dark and his face as sturdy. His lip was cut deeply, pouring blood down his chin, and yet he was handsome.

He was Ezio Auditore, and at the recognition, my suspicions were confirmed.

I was, miraculously, somehow in the game Assassin's Creed II, and in front of me stood the Auditore brothers finishing off the first fight you have within the Animus 2.0. I didn't know how or why, but I knew that it was true. It was the only explanation...right?

At that moment, Ezio's eyes looked up from the man and locked onto me. Of course, his eyes raked my body before they landed on my face, I noticed with annoyance, but when his eyes met mine, my body froze. Within a second, my mind blanked and my body shuddered under the pressure of the emptiness.

As I collapsed, I heard the first words that I could understand in a voice that was all too familiar.

"It begins"

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