So I've got more shorts.

For anyone who asked- feel completely free to borrow these ideas! I highly doubt I'll get around to expanding on most of them, so knock yourself out! :)

Disclaimer: If it was mine, would I be watching fanvids? (for the record, does anyone know how to get a movie file so you can actually make fanvids?)



In the beginning, she had thought she was being kidnapped by two utterly insane history fanatics, but then she realized several things; one wasn't a history freak, they weren't crazy after all, and this
adventure was only the beginning.


The day Patrick Gates took his last breath was the day their treasure-hunting era ended forever, because it wouldn't-couldn't- be the same without him.


The day he felt the kick somewhere around Abigail's middle was the day that he realized that between treasure and love and friendship and danger, he had found his perfect place- right in the middle of it all.


The first time Riley Poole met Peter Sadusky, he was ninety-seven percent sure that he'd be behind bars by the end of the day, because he was ninety-eight percent sure that Sadusky was the name for the FBI account he might have accidentally hacked.


Their last adventure might have been the one that ended it all, and the only thought running through Riley's head was that he couldn't remember the last time he had told his friends that he cared, and now he might not get a chance.


It took countless hours for Abigail Chase to cultivate an exemplary professional face and only a few short seconds for Mr. Brown and his friend to tear right through it.


There were nine days between the Charlotte and the treasure, seventeen between the reappearance of the page and Cibola, and ninety-seven between today and the wedding-not that Ben was counting.


Three weeks in a windowless cubicle named Hell, complete with phone calls from idiots who didn't know how to turn on a computer, was just about to do Riley in until the phone rang for the millionth time that
day and instead of listening patiently to yet another idiot he found himself grinning at his best friend's familiar dry voice.


Nine months seemed like all too much time to wait for the newest member of the Gates family, so it was only fitting that she was born exactly one month early.


It took eight years, exorbitant phone bills, countless conversations, seventeen birthday parties, nine trips to the hospital, two treasures, a book, a wedding, a funeral, three dead goldfish, three cars, a baby, and a lot of hints for the Gates to convince Riley that he was part of the family, just in time for him to start a whole new decade with them.

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