Crossed Paths

Chapter 1: Intro and Hopeless Situation

Welp, here's my fic, you may notice that I edited the beginning, that's because I thought up an interesting intro. Here's said intro and the beginning of this interesting story, BTW, imagine the narrator as John Ingle, who has voiced the narrator in the sequels or Pat Hingle who voiced the narrator in the original Land Before Time, whichever floats your boat, and imagine the music that played at the end of Crew Expandable in CoD4, for more dramatic purposes. And yes, this is a Fourth Wall breaking moment. :P

Narrator: "The planet Earth, much has gone on in its 6 billion year history...

In the year AD 2016, a great conflict begins between America and Russia, great turmoil, chaos, and tragedy as leading American Commander General Shepard betrays the men of Task Force 141 and executes members Roach and Ghost. Two men, Captains Price and MacTavish, chased the rogue General and killed him."

A cutscene depicting MacTavish throwing a knife into Shepard's forehead is shown, before the narrator continued:

"Meanwhile, Russia invaded America, forcing a rookie Ranger, James Ramirez, into combat with his squad in order to reclaim the capital of Washington D.C and Vladimir Makarov, the same individual responsible for the war's beginning, is still on the loose somewhere in central Asia."

A close-up photo of Makarov is shown as well as a group photo of Ramirez's squad. Again, the narrator continued:

"Meanwhile, millions of years before that war and all that transpires, in the Age of the Dinosaurs, life goes on for the great Reptiles who inhabit the planet, unaware of their kind's demise in the far future and of the turmoil engulfing the World millions of years in the future. Among them, live the inhabitants of the peaceful Great Valley, isolated from the chaos that surrounds them. And amongst the inhabitants, live a young group of Dinosaurs: Littlefoot the Longneck, Cera the Threehorn, Ducky the Swimmer, Spike the Spiketail, and Ruby the Fast Runner, enjoy their young lives and live in peace in their beloved Valley."

"Unknown to both Littlefoot and his friends and the Humans of this wartorn world, events are in store that will cause one unfortunate American to wind up in the Great Valley and for these two timelines in the long and traumatic history of Earth to cross."

Images of Littlefoot and his friends, Ramirez's squad, Price, MacTavish, Makarov, Shepard, and others appeared before all went black. Then, the words "A BAR18 Production" appeared and then the giant Grey colored words "Crossed Paths: A Call of Duty/Land Before Time Crossover" replaced it. Finally, the words faded, the blackness dissipated, and the story began.

Cera walked through a small forest in the Great Valley, one of many that helped provide so much food for its inhabitants. Her stomach was growling, yet she didn't pay attention to this, for her mind was too busy thinking of other things for her to eat.

It had been a few years since she and her friends arrived in the Valley, and now they were grown up. Recently, Petrie, Ducky, and even Spike were attempting to acquire mates, though Cera and Littlefoot preferred to keep to themselves, and talk about the past. Actually, the two loved each other very much, and they had a relationship that has been going on for quite some time. Sadly, they both thought about ending the relationship, due to their both being of different species, and worse, the fact that they wouldn't be able to reproduce and have children together.

Both of these factors pained the two lovers greatly, though it also pained them to end the relationship, but Littlefoot assured the Threehorn it was for the best, that they would have to get mates of their own respective kinds. The only problem with this was that unlike with their friends, there weren't many Threehorns Cera's age or Longnecks Littlefoot's age in the Valley, so Cera personally wondered if she would have offspring and a future whether she was stuck with Littlefoot or not.

Now, that was almost a week ago, and it still continues to pain the young Threehorn very much, and she feared she may never have offspring or a mate. She was on her way to visit Littlefoot to see if he had better luck than she did, which she doubted very much.

Finally, she walked out of the trees to see a large Tan colored Longneck lying on the ground, which she instantly recognized as her old friend.

She ran over to him, calling out "Littlefoot! Hey, Littlefoot!"

The Longneck looked at his old friend and said in a depressed tone "Hey, Cera."

The Threehorn asked him "Still miss your grandparents, huh?"

Nodding, he told her "I- I miss them so much, it's been almost a single Cold Time, and I still miss them."

"That's too bad." Replied the Female with a saddened look on her face, before she asked "Hey, are you having much luck finding a mate?"

Littlefoot shook his head and replied "Nah, there aren't a whole lot of Longnecks my age in the Valley, Male or Female, so it's impossible finding the right one."

Cera looked at him with a sad and sympathizing look on her face, and told him "Yeah, me too, it's hard finding the perfect mate for me, there are some Males my age in the Valley, but they're all either not right for me, or they're already committed."

She looked straight at her friend's face, called his name to catch his attention, and asked "Littlefoot, have you thought us calling off our relationship was a mistake?"

The Longneck stared down at the Threehorn, sighed, and told her "Somewhat, I just—I just wonder if it's a good idea to resume our relationship, what with your dad and all, after all, he hates my mere presence around you alone. If he found out that you were having a relationship with me, he'd… I just don't wish to think about it."

The Threehorn stared at him, a look of concern and sadness on her face, she began to sniffle and her eyes watered up. Finally, she spoke up "Don't worry, Littlefoot, I'll see if I can talk to my dad and convince him to endorse our relationship, hopefully, he'll understand, especially now with Tria by his side."

She then walked off headed towards her nest, intent on convincing her father about the couple's relationship.