His Gift by Nehan Shinzui

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Summary: Spinoff of Control. Peter Parker is now living with the man who took his innocence away and made his life hell. Forcing himself to live day by day he meets someone that might just save his life.

Chapter One: Life

Harry was drinking again, which meant it was going to be another long night for Peter. Not that anyone besides Parker could tell; those cruelly glinting eyes were hidden behind the man's jovial laugh and almost careless manner. To all outward appearances, Harry Osborn was a happy man, a kind man, always looking out for the business and making sure his clients were happy, the charisma with which he did so remarkable. He entertained a few of his partners now at an exquisite restaurant in the richer parts of New York(which I know nothing about cuz I don't live there and am not rich). It was a part played well on Harry's part though Peter had fallen too many times for this acct, forgetting for moments his place. He was smart not to fall for it again. As it was, the boy was just glad to be in the prescence of other people,outside of the house and out of the lab, and eating a full meal. Whatever kind of fish Harry had ordered him was nice. he couldn't really describe the taste but it was very temder and flavorful. Peter rather liked the ambiance and setting on this restaurant--it gave him something to distract himself. He wasn't allowed to look at let alone talk to anyone at the table. So he simply pretended he wasn't there.

As the lights in the place began to dim and as the waiters began to set the chairs up in preparation for closing one of Harry's drunken clients took notice of Peter.

"Oho! What's this?" the man--Peter believed his name was something along the lines of Glynnwood Keith--said, eyes lopsided and his voice slurred. "Our top scientist getting a little drunk,huh?" He gave a short bark of laughter and slumped into his seat, slamming the other man, Carl Camden. had already fallen asleep and let out something between a belch and a snore. Harry laughed. Peter gave a slight smile at the tablecloth to be accomodating.

"Peter is state property; he isn't allowed to get drunk." Harry half-joked. Glynnwood had the giggles it seemed.

Letting loose a loud burp, he laughed, "You Osborn's bitch then?" Peter knew it was all downhill from here. Harry's eyes tightened and since the orphan sat right next to him, the man's fingers dug into his thigh and Peter had trouble not wincing. He hoped Glynnwood didn't expect him to answer--that would get him in an even more awkward position. He was saved from making this descision by Harry.

"Well, Pete has to get to bed," he explained monotonously as the got up to leave. " Wouldn't want him to go into the lab tomorrow exhausted!"

"Oh, but we've gotta do this again!"

"Oh,of course!" As the group began walking towards the door Harry and Peter got a little ahead and the taller took this oppurtunity to grab the orphan by his wrist and whisper into his ear.

"Are you trying to embarass me, Parker?" he hissed angrily, his grip painful. Peter shook his head in earnest.

"Harry, I swear, I did everything you told me!"

"Keep your fucking voice down. I swear when we get home---just...go wait outside." Peter obliged, dreading, as Harry turned with a smile to his partners.

Harry pummled him relentlessly, first hitting his head against the headboard then slapping him across the face, hard leaving a dark red imprint on Peter's face.

"I'll teach you to fucking obey me,Parker!" He held the orphan beneath him with one hand and began fumbling with his pants.

"Harry, stop! Please!" Peter protested weakly. Harry captured his lips in reply and began to pull at their clothing.

"Harry, please you"re drunk!"

As he pulled Peter's pants all the way down, the boy panicked and drew his knees up. He accidentely hit Harry in the nose.

There was a short silence as Peter looked in horror at the man above him. Harry's eyes turned black. Black. Peter closed his eyes and mentally tried to prepare himself for the onslaught.


"Harry...please...you're drunk..." Peter whispered weakly. It was no use--Osborn only got angrier(if that was possible). Fumbling around on the desk next to the bed and picked up the alarm clock. He proceeded to beat him with it, Peter's screams causing the rock in his pants to get even harder and he let out a loud moan. Harry tossed the clock to the side and went on to strip and ravage the orphan. Peter soon gave up. For that, Harry "rewarded" him, making sure to hit his prostate repeatedly causing the boy to unwillingly moan and mewl. Peter always hated that most of all. It wasn't enough for Harry to just rape him--he had to force him to feel pleasure at this. Had to make him spread his legs to allow him entrance, had to make him humiliate himself. Had to prove how little control Peter had over his own body. Harry flipped him over pressing his head into the pillows.

"I don't want to look at you anymore, Pete." Osborn whispered into his ear. He reached his arm over him and grabbed the headboard. His thrusts were forceful as always and lasted long through the night.

When Peter woke up in the morning, he was surprised to find that Harry had not fallen asleep inside of him this time. In fact, he was by himself. Puzzled, the boy got up but then sat immediately back down as pain shot up his spine. He let out a gasp of pain. Five seconds later, the door slammed open.

"Good morning, sweetheart!" Harry beamed down at him holding a full plate of food. He pushed Peter back up on the bed and tucked him in then set the plate in his lap."You ate a lot last night so I got up extra early and made you a big breakfast. I'm always really hungry in the morning after a big dinner(1.), and I figured you would be too."

"Thank you, Harry." Peter said softly. He really was grateful.

Harry beamed even harder. "After you're done eating and after you take a nice long shower we can take a break from the lab and go out on the town. We can go to the beach and things. You can do whatever you want."

This meant Peter could look at people without getting in trouble.

"That would be nice." he said with a smile.

Harry gave him a peck on the cheek.

The two stood on the beach looking out at the beach. Peter rushed into the water feeling just like a child; it had been so long since he'd been to the shore. He giggled when the waves hit him and fell backwards into the chilly water and floating letting water pull him. If he could just drift away....

A strong arm lifted him up and his face almost collided with Harry's.

"You're violating beach safety rules,Pete," Harry said with a small laugh. "You'd think you'd have to be telling me--not the other way around. C'mon let's go to the boardwalk and get something to eat. Funnel cakes sound good?"

Peter nodded eagerly and then stopped, embarassed at how much like a little kid he sounded.

It was getting later now and as the sun began to set, Peter looked up at the sky and saw a familiar red and gold suit float by.

"Iron Man..." he murmured.

Harry glanced back at him. "Hmm? Oh, yes, Stark's probably patrolling."

"I think it's amazing how just a normal guy came to be a famous...superhero,y'know? It's almost unbelievable. He's so..." Peter was at a loss for words.

"You call being a mega-genious "normal"? Harry queried setting their plates down and stabbing his fork into the sugary funnel cake. He'd ordered his plain with only powdered sugar and filled Peter's up with whipcream, strawberries, and icecream."Well, being one yourself I;m not surprised you think that way."

Peter sat down abruptly, then wincing. " I wish there were mmore people like him."

Harry was to busy devouring his meal to reply. Just then, a liitle girl came running towards their table in tears.

"I can't find my daddy!" she wailed. Harry glared at her.

"Go away. You're ruining my date." he scowled.

The girl screamed louder. Peter attempted to console her.

"Hear you can have some of my cake while we go looking for your daddy." he offered. "Can you hold it while we walk?" Harry kicked him under the small table.

A man came throught the crowd with an extremely worried expression on his face. Seeing the girl, he broke out in a sigh of relief.

"Rosie! I've been looking everywhere for you! I thought I told you to go to the bathroom and come straight out?!"

"Daddy!" the girl wailed. She wrapped her arms around him and buried her face into his neck."I'm sorry."

The man looked at the two of them and thanked them.

"I've been all over the place--thank you for distracting her long enough so that she'd stay in one spot."

Harry stared at him stonily; he was unhappy.

"Well, she sort of came to us." Peter said shyly, lookin g at the ground; he was still not used to looking someone in the eye. "It wasn't a big deal."

"Well, it was to me. David Marshall." he said proffering his hand which Peter shook. "If there's anything you need..."

"Well, there isn't." Harry suddenly spat. We're leaving, Pete." he jerked him up by the arm and half-dragged him across the boardwalk. Peter turned back and gave a soft apologetic smile towards David's dissapointed face. The man's eyes seemed almost longing.


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