Katara's family arrived a week later to see their new addition and they came with some news. Sokka and Suki were to be married. Toph and Haru came by as well and were honored to become an honorary aunt and uncle of the new Fire Nation Prince.

Katara and Zuko were crowned a month after the birth of their son and the whole world was incited to take audience for the coronation of the new Lord and Lady.

With the new baby sleeping in their room, Zuko made sure the nursery was built as quickly as possible so he could once more have Katara all to himself. When Lee was two Katara gave birth to a beautiful waterbending girl practically the reflection of her mother. Two more children followed after, a firebending daughter and a waterbending son.

The palace of the Fire Nation quickly became dressed in the cool blues and dark reds of the family.

Zuko was a powerful Fire Lord, because he brought peace and unity to his nation and sought it with the other nations as well. He was known for his fair judgment, kindness and knowledge. For centuries to come people would remember his name, more so than they would remember his father's or even his grandfather's.

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