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Alyssa squirmed. However, the powerful weapon placed against her throat didn't move an inch.

"Any last words, little girl?" A cold, venom filled voice said.

Alyssa groaned, knowing it was the end. There was no way out that she could see. There was nothing she could do…except recap on the events that had led her to this moment…

Alyssa sighed. Holding a cup of tea in her shaky hands, she wandered down the long halls of the boarding home that she now owned. With the death of her mother (whom she missed every day), she had inherited the boarding house where all of the horror had occurred. Alyssa was only staying here long enough to pack up some mementos and maybe some things to sell so she could get by on her own, then she was out of here and never looking back.

At least Dennis has been helpful, she thought. He'd been with her at the end of that horrific night, he'd saved her life, even after it all he'd helped her to start packing things up around the mansion. He'd even offered to let her stay with him and his sister (who was returning from Africa soon…she was a little skeptical when they had told her they'd been tortured and attacked be psychos, but agreed to return home early when she heard their panic). She would stay with them until she could find a nice place of her own.

Unfortunately, he wasn't here today. He'd flown to Africa for a few days to visit his sister and to discuss Alyssa's staying with them. She was truly thankful for all of his help.

Entering the library, Alyssa slowly walked to the desk in the center of the room and sat down. She sipped her tea and set it down before leaning back and closing her eyes. All of this activity was truly exhausting, and she hadn't fully recovered from that horrible night here. She couldn't believe that night was a week or two ago…she'd lost track of time with all of the packing and moving.

It didn't help that she was still nervous, and she expected every shadow at night to jump out at her and attack.

Opening her eyes and stretching, Alyssa reached for her tea and prepared to get back to work looking through the books in here. But before she retrieved her tea cup, Alyssa noticed something she hadn't before. On the desk in front of her was a book, opened to a page already. She knew she hadn't moved things around in this room yet, and she doubted that Dennis had either.

Giving in to her curiosity, she quickly scanned over the page. When her eyes glanced over the word Rooder, she went back to the top of the page and reread the passage again, paying close attention this time.

The Protection Charm

While a Rooder is duty bound to destroy at least several entities in her young life, and while their powers go away on their own as they mature, there is a way out of these duties. If a Rooder were to destroy several high ranking subordinates, her job would be considered done well enough and she can invoke 'The Protection Charm'.

This charm, when activated, takes away the Rooder's power. However, this charm also keeps any and all entities at bay, ensuring that they are safe from their wicked evils forever. It is recommended that a Rooder goes after the high ranking subordinates during a time when subordinates are temporarily leaving them alone, so that they can hunt in relative peace.

If a Rooder chooses to undertake this task, it is recommended that they are equipped with the Rooder family armor. This armor, originally created some time in the 1400s, has been known to defend against entities brutal attacks. This armor was used for several Rooder generations, until it was hidden away. It's unknown where it currently is, but it's been told the armor is located near where the Rooder holy water bottle was hidden, as it was also hidden.

It's important to note that this charm does not keep the next generation of Rooder safe from their destiny, and the generations after that, and so on. And if this armor is ever located, the armor does not make you invincible, just more resilient.

Alyssa tried to process this information. This charm…it could keep her safe, keep the entities and their murderous impulses away…and if she ever had a child, they couldn't use Alyssa as bait, like they'd used her own mother. But could she bring herself to put up with the horror once again? No, it was impossible.

But before she realized it she was on her feet and heading to an area she hadn't visited since before her adventure started. Traveling through the house until she reached the chimney upstairs. Getting on her hands and knees, she crawled into the chimney.

After crawling through the tunnel in the chimney (and trying to avoid cobwebs), she entered into a chamber she remembered all too well. She gazed upon the statue where she had gotten the holy water bottle. Remembering what the book had stated about armor, she stood up and approached the statue, stepping over the crumbled remains of the head that had crashed into the floor.

Upon closer inspection, Alyssa discovered a hole in the statue on the neck, which the head had covered and she'd never noticed when she was last here. On a hunch she reached inside her school jacket (she hadn't been able to change clothes, since she had only brought one outfit with her when she came to this horrible place), and grasped the holy water bottle she kept for safekeeping. After all of the things that'd happened she was amazed she hadn't smashed the bottle…she supposed the only reason it was in one piece was because it reminded her of her mother.

She uncorked the bottle and poured a little into the hole, sure to keep a little left in it for emergencies. For a moment nothing happened, and Alyssa was worried that her guess had been incorrect.

But after a moment, the chamber rumbled. Fearing the tunnel collapsing, Alyssa covered her head and sank to her knees, muttering a quiet prayer. The chamber shook and rumbled for a minute, until it stopped. Opening her eyes, Alyssa saw that the statue that had been there before had sunk into the ground, and a beautifully crafted wooden door stood behind it.

Standing up and walking to the door, Alyssa pushed it open a bit and peered inside. Seeing nothing, she entered.

It was pitch black. She walked a little farther into the room when all of a sudden the room blazed with light…candles on the wall that had been hidden in the shadows had suddenly been lit by themselves.

Now seeing the room for what it truly was, she gasped with awe. The room was beautiful. It was filled with paintings, which she inspected. Each painting was of a woman, who Alyssa believed were Rooders themselves. If she was correct, there had been Rooders in countries all over the world…America, Africa, Australia, and more.

Paintings were not the only thing the room contained. On the far wall, carefully arranged on a stand, was what she believed could only be the Rooder family armor.

When she imagined armor, she saw a knight with a heavy helm, chest piece, the like. This was nothing like it. There was a chest piece, adorned with crest that looked like a clover symbol and a large letter R, all in red. The leggings appeared to be a skirt with sharp edges at the bottom…upon closer inspection, Alyssa found a button on the side of the armor that transformed the skirt into actual plate leggings. Pushing the button again transformed it back into a skirt. To complete the outfit, there were steel boots as well.

Alyssa changed into the gear. Surprisingly, it was very light…she guessed it was charmed, and she was probably right. While wearing the get up she felt brave, strong, like nothing could stop her. She placed her old outfit on the floor before walking to a side wall and filling her holy water bottle from a fountain that had been quietly babbling over there.

Turning to the center of the chamber she saw the familiar symbol of the teleportation rings that had delivered her right into hell. Figuring it was too late to go back, she splashed some water upon the symbol, which lit up with a glorious light.

With a deep breath, Alyssa walked into the light and was gone.

Meanwhile, in the library, the book on the desk slowly started flipping closed, revealing that each page within it except the ones Alyssa had seen were blank. The book slowly disintegrated into nothing, as a maniacal cackle seemed to flow around the room.

Sort of missing the wonderful feeling of flight which she felt during teleportation, Alyssa tried to embrace the last happiness she was sure she would feel for awhile. Eventually the glow faded away and she found herself in a dark, run down wooden building. Glancing out the window of this homely abode, she observed the location she had landed in.

It appeared to be a small village… very, very small. A perfect ring of wooden houses surrounded a town square, with a tree in the middle. Under the tree were placed a fountain…and a gallows.

Glad that there wasn't a dead body in the gallows, she kept observing. A small path led to a gate at the edge of the settlement, but the gate was locked…no escape. The place was surrounded by a large spiked fence, impossible to climb. The other houses also appeared rundown, but they all looked alike. All the buildings were small little cottages, except one large one twice as wide as the others that she assumed was a town hall of sorts.

Believing she had all of the information she needed, Alyssa sighed and placed her trusty Holy water bottle in her pocket for safe keeping. Alyssa was ready.

The hunt was on.

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