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Alyssa ran in the direction of the rotting boards, listening for any incoming attacks along the way. She started to run behind the house where the boards where located, but stopped short. Several bear traps had been placed in front of them.

Alyssa muttered a curse under her breath before turning to the nearby house. Seeing some loose boards on one side, she pried one of them off. She tossed it into the traps.


The brittle wood snapped under the traps crushing force, but the traps were effectively disarmed. Being careful to stay a decent distance away from any still armed traps, Alyssa set to work on prying nails loose from the boards. Using the hammer she retrieved earlier, she quickly got the rotting wood out of the way, revealing a small hole in the wall behind it. Jackpot.

Checking behind her first to make sure she wasn't being followed, she crawled through the hole and under the wall. She crawled through and stood up, brushing some dirt from her knees. Looking around, she saw she was in the woods outside the village now. Dead trees loomed over her as she looked for the shack from earlier.

Spotting it in the distance, she jogged towards it. Upon getting a better look, it appeared to be a home…or was one. A barely noticeable path led to the shack, winding through a decaying garden. Alyssa was about to head up the path when a glowing red figure shot up through the garden's dirt. The red figure was soon followed by a green one…then a yellow one…and so on until the garden was filled.

With ghosts.

Alyssa checked her holy water vial, sadly close to empty with just enough water to paralyze one or two ghosts. There would be no way to investigate the shack without being attacked nonstop. But then Alyssa had an idea.

She waited for an opening until the ghosts had wandered a decent distance away from the front door. Seeing her chance, Alyssa charged. She managed to reach the front door without interference, but she could hear the ghosts notice her and approach. She tried the door.


Trying not to panic, Alyssa looked around before noticing a neglected potted plant set next to the door. She lifted the dead flower and dirt out of the pot, but dropped it and shrieked when an attached skull grinned at her from underneath the flower. Recovering from the shock, she saw a key resting at the bottom of the pot. She put it in the door's lock and tried to enter when a ghost reached her and wrapped its hands around her throat.

Alyssa struggled, put this ghost was strong. She could practically feel his hatred and misery. But after a moment she was able to break free and burst into the building. Quickly shutting the door and locking it behind her, she set to work with her plan.

She pulled out her holy water vial. Not a lot of water left in it, but it would have to do. She uncorked the vial and splashed a little bit of water on every wall of the shack. As she hoped, the ghosts outside screamed in pain and rage when they tried to enter. Alyssa sank to the floor and stayed there until the ghosts gave up.

Slowly recovering, Alyssa got up and looked around. The shack didn't look any better from the inside, but the furniture was completely intact. A bed sat against one wall and a was desk on the other side, nothing else. A candle flickered on the desk, illuminating the room.

Alyssa walked to the desk and investigated the drawers. There weren't any more things to surprise here, but she couldn't find anything of use. Until she opened the final drawer and found a journal. Many of the early entries were torn out of the book, but a few pages were left. She set the journal on the desk and began to read.

Day 96

I…I feel strange. I was returning home from picking up a package from a nearby town when a black cloud descended upon me from above. It filled my eyes, my nose, my lungs, and yet I felt no pain. In fact, I don't feel much different. I finish the trip home and got back to work in the shop with my brother. If only he'd stop ordering me around so much…

Day 107

I did it. I finally did it. My brother's blood darkens my hands and quietly drips to the floor. The dagger that did the deed rests right by my writing hand. I had to quickly bury his body in the woods, far from where anybody would see it. I don't know why I did it. The only thing I do know…is that it felt good.

Day 109

The town sheriff was getting a little suspicious of me being nearby the murder scene. His head made the most delightful sound when it was removed from his body. It also helped me realize that sooner or later these people would take notice and do something about me. That's why I fled in the middle of the night, to the shack at the edge of town, the one that has been abandoned for over 10 years. They'll never look for me there.

Day 123

The town medic's death was the most enjoyable by far. I'm sure he didn't need that arm anyway…or all of that blood. Unfortunately, now I'm running out of victims in this little town. I think I'll lay low for awhile…let them think things are turning up for the better. While their confidence builds, I'll think I'll look somewhere else…like other villages…

Day 134

Ah, so much pain and misery. It feeds me. I was thinking yesterday about what it would be like to have a blade that didn't require you to hold it all of the time. I managed to attach some blades to one of my old leather gloves, and ta daaaa… just what I needed. The villagers look like they could use a little more attention now… how about we finish this game, eh?

Day 143

The passing of the mayor marks the end of this little town. Now to spread havoc to the other surrounding villages. With the death of this town comes the death of my old self… I shed the name Matthew Bronnsky forevermore. From this day on, my new name shall bring terror to the hearts of people everywhere. Yes, my new name…


Alyssa flipped through the rest of the book. As she expected, the rest of the pages were either unwritten on or gone, replaced with blood stains and tears. However, there was a photo placed at the book. In it was a woman holding hands with a small boy and a proud looking man, most likely her son and husband. What really caught Alyssa's eyes was that the husband was the mayor.


Alyssa screamed as a hand shot through the wall right in front of her, splintering wood. The hand slowly retracted and a crazed eye peered into the room. "Sticking your nose in places it shouldn't belong, little girl?" a voice rasped, chuckling a little.

Alyssa tried to regain her composure. "You're not going to win, monster. Or should I say, Matthew."

The entity's amused face quickly turned to a furious scowl. "So, you've discovered my name. Well it just so happens I've gotten bored with our little game. Try and hide as best as you can, it'll make finding and gutting you that much more enjoyable."

With that, the entity pulled his eye back and grinned at her. He turned and strolled back towards the village, leaving Alyssa to try and calm down. She looked at the photo again before placing it gently in her pocket and turning towards the door now. The entity may be serious now, but she had exactly what she needed to fight back. Making sure the entity was gone now, she exited the shack. Ghosts turned to look at her, but she fled too fast for them to have any chance of them catching her.

Alyssa stared down the path leading back to town. She knew that down that path was the place where she and this entity would have their final showdown.

She took a deep breath and ran down the path.

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