It was a cool spring day as Captain Teague stood at his bedroom door, straightening out his bright red jacket. It was one of Teague's least favorite days of the year. His and his wife's, Danielle, anniversary. Not only was it their tenth anniversary, but their only child was nowhere to be found. Teague sighed. 'Danny's probably pissed.' He thought, before grabbing a bouquet of red roses.

When he walked into the bed room, Teague found his wife brushing her long, dark brown hair. He could tell by her slightly red that Danielle was angry. It was impossible for her to hide her anger with her pale skin. Teague walked over to her slowly. "Danny, guess what today-"

"I can't believe him!" Danielle said, slamming the brush on the table.

'Score one: table.' Teague thought when Danielle started rubbing her hand. "Danny, Jackie's a grown man now. He's got things to do."

"But still!" Danielle said, whipping around in her chair. "He missed your birthday, my birthday, Christmas, and Easter! Seriously is asking for him to be home for one day too much to ask for?"

'Danny, I don't believe in God. Missing Christmas and Easter are things I purposely skip.' Teague thought, and desperately wanted to say. "Danny, why don't we go on a walk?" He placed the roses on the table. "Let's not let something like that ruin the day so soon. It's not even noon yet."

Danielle smiled, standing up. She was wearing a bright red jacket that matched perfectly with Teague's jacket. "You're right. Besides, maybe Jackie might find some way to surprise us."

When they got outside, they found a crate sitting on the door step. Teague bent down to look at the envelope. He instantly recognized the handwriting. 'That boy knows his Mum too well.' Teague thought, smirking. "Danny, looks like yer boy did find a way to surprise us." He picked up the box and carried it inside. He then dropped it on the table.

"Teague, he's your son too." Danielle said following him. "I'll open the crate

"Whatever." Teague said, opening the letter. "'Make sure to feed as soon as possible and keep away from that dog with the keys.' What the hell did he send us?"

Danielle suddenly screamed. "Oh my God! Oh my God!"

"Danny, calm down. You're going to make yourself sick again." Teague said, pulling the crate over. He started to shake, trying to keep from laughing. 'Only Jackie would think of this.'

In the far corner of the crate was a tiny terrified squirrel. "Jackie always finds some way to surprise us."

I was going to write a Mother's Day piece, but since Mother's Day wasn't made official until 1914, I decided to change the event. But this was meant to be a Mother's Day piece...