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Summary: They both have fangs, they're both hungry, and they both want to mark me as their own; even if it means killing me in the process. That's what you get when you let your heart win.

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(5) This was set in a modern day boarding school.
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Chapter 1: First Glance

"I know your type, boy you're dangerous,
You're that guy I'd be stupid to trust.

-Cobra Starship

"Hinata." I heard someone call me.

"Hinata." The voice got louder, but it was still muffled.

"Hinata." There was a pound or two on the door.

I realized then that Ten-Ten must have accidentally locked herself out again. "I'm up!"

"Thanks." She practically threw herself on her bed.

"Spent the night at Neji's?"

"Yeah. I figured to wake you up now rather than last night."

I giggled. "Thanks."

"The new transfer students are coming today aren't they?"

"Mhm." I took a sip of the juice I left in the mini-fridge.

"Sakura's gotta be wicked excited."

"For the new transfers?"

"Yeah, her boyfriend is one of them."

"Oh, the Sasuke we've heard so much about."

"More like the Sasuke she never shuts up about."

There was no fighting the truth in that.

"You laugh like it's a joke, but damn, she hasn't shut up about him ever since they started going out."

"Yeah…I remember that one time in Chemistry…"

"When I almost smacked her across the face with a beaker? Yeah. I wish I did." She turned over to stretch her arms. The beds in the dorms aren't a good size for two people. "Yet again there was concentrated sulfuric acid it in…"

Ten-Ten never failed to make me laugh. It's one of the reasons why we grew so close. She was like the positive force that balanced my father's negative attitudes towards me for any reason he could think of.

"Aw man, I forgot there was a history exam today!" She realized when she saw my history book and notes out.

"Don't worry it's just a quiz."

"Yeah, but I don't know shit!"

"I'll help you."

"Thank you! You are a life saver!"

"No problem."

The food was particularly good at breakfast. The eggs weren't as tasteless, the bacon was actually crispy, and the English muffins weren't as burnt.

"They must be trying to impress the new transfers." Ten-Ten took a huge bite of her hand made breakfast sandwich. "But I have no complaints about that."

"Here you guys are!" Sakura came into the scene, boy in hand. "This is Sasuke." She beamed, showing off who she referred to a few days ago as her 'hunk of mayun'.

"Sasuke, this is Hinata and Ten-Ten. And there's Ino! You sit, I'll be right back!"

"She needs to take a chill pill." Ten-Ten whispered to me, then turned to the dark eyed boy who was staring into space, bored. "So where did you transfer from?"

He looked at her stoically, as if deciding whether or not to answer her. "A school."

"…What school?"

This time he didn't even answer. He just turned away.

Ten-Ten was trying very hard to let that one slide. She tensed and relaxed, let out "Asshole" and turned her attention back to her food and history notes.

"Sasuke, this is Ino!" Sakura jumped back, in between them.

"Hey!" Ino smiled.

He nodded.

"Not much of a talker is he?" She asked Sakura.

"He is once you get to know him!"

"I'm sure." Ten-Ten snuck into their conversation.

"Be nice!"

"Don't tell me that."

I remained silent. I could see how dinner later tonight is going to go.

"Hey guys, look!" Ino turned everyone's attention to the food line.

"I said I was sorry!" A familiar thin boy with a round crude hair cut was wiping sauce off his uniform.

"You better be!" A bigger boy with purple tattoos smothered apple sauce into the other boy's bushy browed face. "Watch where you're going next time!" He threatened and pushed the thinner boy to the floor.

Everyone in the dining hall stopped and stared as the boy with the tattoos left.

Our entire table rose.

"Lee, are you okay?" Ten-Ten helped him to his feet.

"Yeah. Thanks." He took the napkin Ino handed to him and wiped his face.

"What happened?"

"I was just in line with my tray and I turned around to find a place to sit. I didn't know he was behind me and accidently bumped into him, but I didn't even spill anything on him. He got mad and flicked my cup of applesauce onto my shirt. Then he smashed more applesauce into my face and pushed me. You guys probably saw that."

"The rest of the school did, too." Sasuke added, noticing that every eye in the room was centered on them.

"Lee, this is Sasuke by the way." She locked herself onto her man's arm.

"So you are the Sasuke who has stolen the love of my life from me!" He pointed accusingly.

"Lee! Calm down!" Sakura was beginning to turn red. "Everyone is staring!"

"He must be a new transfer."

"Is he from your school, Sasuke?"


"Yeah, I would definitely remember someone like him if they came from my school."

"Then where'd he come from?"

"Who cares, let's just get to class. Guy said he'd give me detention if I was late again."

Everyone else in the dining hall decided that the show was over and went back to their own business.

I went back to the table we were sitting at to get my book bag, but was overcome with this chilling feeling; like I was being watched. It was that eerie feeling that could prick your skin without you having to see who it was. I scanned the cafeteria, but nothing seemed out of the ordinary; everyone was either eating, or doing last minute homework.

Then something fiery red caught my attention; it was someone's hair. He was sitting in the farthest corner slouching with his back on the table. He had dark rings around his eyes and a tattoo on his forehead. I'd never seen him before, but he was very intimidating.

From my peripheral I could tell he was looking in my direction for what felt like a very long minute. I took a glance at the strange boy, but didn't expect to make eye contact. Most people would look away. He kept staring, so I looked away. I had a class to get to and I wasn't about to be late for it and have my father berate me for it.

"We set up everything right." Ino told our chemistry professor. "The burette was clean and we have the correct concentration of acid, base, and buffer solution. But for some reason, we can't get the pH of the solution lower than 5.7."

"Well, let's see..." The professor was explaining something to us while she was examining our pH meter, but I couldn't focus. I had that weird feeling again, like I was being watched. I looked around, but everyone who was in the class was supposed to be in the class.

"Hinata!" Ino whispered to me while we were preparing the procedure for a second titration run.


"Not to freak you out, but there's a guy staring on you through the window."

I turn to the window directly across from us, and it's the guy with the red hair.

"Is he following me or something?" I turned away quickly.

"What? Following you?"

"I think he was staring at me earlier at breakfast...but he was probably just staring into space and I just happened to stand there..."

"Oh." She thought for a moment, but then wiggled her eyebrows. "Maybe he thinks you're cute."

I turned back to the window and he was gone.


"Maybe he's trying to find a way to talk to you or something."

"By following me?"

"Well, that's what some shy guys do when they see a really cute girl, but have nothing to talk about. Some will semi-stalk the girl and find out her likes and dislikes and stuff. You know, like in the movies."

"I don't particularly want to be semi-stalked."

"True. Will you give him a chance if he asks you out or something?"

"I'm kind of scared to talk to him...he seems like a real creep."

"He does look intimidating, but hot at the same time."

"Ino, he has no eyebrows."

"But yet, he makes it work. Don't tell me you didn't notice his biceps?"

I just looked at her. A guy is creeping on me and she's thinking about how he can work not having eyebrows. Typical Ino.

"He could be a nice guy. If he tries talking to you, will you give him a shot?"

"...I guess?"

"Let me know what happens, kay?" She winked.

"What makes you so sure that something will happen?"

"The way he looks at you."

"...How does he look at me?"

"Like he likes what he sees. Just be careful in case he's one of those guys who just want to score or whatever."

"That's comforting."

"Just saying. Nice guys who genuinely like you are hard to find at this school, mostly because half of them are taken."

"I can't argue with that."

I looked around the room and see everyone's already almost done with their experiments. "We're behind again."

"Good thing we both have a free period after this class."

"Yeah, I know."



She pointed behind me.

I turned and saw the guy with the red hair at the window again.

We made eye contact for the second time, and this time, I could see his eyes were a deep blue. They seemed familiar, but then he disappeared again.

"Whether he thinks I'm cute or not," I told Ino, "I'm not interested in a guy who looks at me like I'm something to eat."

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