(Staged around the end of season 9ish. Alex is back. Also Eli was born but Kathy and Elliot are divorced)

Elliot squirmed on the uncomfortable plastic chairs. Four thirty A.M. was not his time. This was not the way he thought of his dream vacation. The whole SVU team sat in JFK waiting for their flight. At the last NYPD ball they handed out their awards. Captain Cragen got an award for his loyalty to the law and his squad, Munch got an award for his desk duty skills, and Elliot and Olivia got an award for their partnership and arrest rate. After all the awards were handed out, people were falling down drunk, and starting to leave, the chief of D's announced they had one more award. The award was going to the squad with the greatest arrest record for one month. So with 26 rape cases, 17 missing children, and with a total of 420 hours of overtime, the svu squad of the one- six was rewarded with a 14-day paid trip, all included to The Grand Palladium Resort in Cancun Mexico.

So the whole team, Cragen, Munch, Fin, Elliot, Olivia, Melinda, and Cabot , sat in JFK at 4:30am awaiting their flight. They had all been up by 1:00 and here by 2:00 because their flight was scheduled for 3:00am and now most of them sat trying to sleep.

"Okay anyone for another coffee?" Elliot asked standing.

Everyone lazily put up their hand up.

Elliot walked to the nearest coffee shop in the airport.

"Hello sir, what can I get you?" The lady at the till asked.

"um can I have 6 coffees, and..."

Elliot was cut off by a familiar voice behind him," And One tea thankx."

Elliot turned around. It was Olivia.

"Hey Liv I could've gotten it."

"I know I thought you might of needed some help carrying it all back." She smiled.


They collected the drinks and went back to the seats. Elliot fell asleep for awhile and then awoke when his cell phone went off. He answered it but couldn't hear so he went outside.



"Oh hey Kathy what do you want?"

"I need you to take Eli this weekend."

Elliot rolled his eyes," Kathy I told you! This week is the week we go to Mexico!"

The line was silent. "Well Elliot I need to go to marks this weekend and someone needs to take care of Eli!"

"Kathy I can't"

"Elliot can't you take one weekend to stop fucking your partner and take care of your child. God you haven't seen them in forever!"

"Fuck Kathy! I haven't seen them because you won't let me!" Elliot shook his head and looked around. It was pitch dark but he could make out Olivia's figure leaning against the wall with her hands on her knees.

"Look Kathy I got to go! Sorry about Eli good-bye!"

Elliot hung up and went over to Olivia.

"Hey... you Okay?"

"Um ya just.. um hot!"

Yes you are!! Elliot thought

"Okay. You ready to o back in?"

"Yeah. "

When they got back they had been called to go through security and wait in the holding.

Alex and Olivia stood at the counter buying coffee,gum and magazines. Oliva put her things down on the counter and felt something hit her head. She turned to see Eliiot and Fin throwing peanuts at each other.

"Would you two cut it out!" She laughed," We can give back your tickets!"

"Oh! Sorry mom!" Fin mocked.

"Ya." Elliot laughed. They slipped the peanuts on the counter." You can pay liv."

Olivia put the peanuts in her purse and started to walk away.

"Hey! Give us our peanuts!" Elliot looked like a five year old.

"I bought them, I eat them!"

"Liv!" Fin and Elliot whined.

"Okay fine! But if you start throwing them again I will take them away."

She handed the peanuts back and it was announced they could get on the plane. Every one lined up and boarded.

Elliot looked for his seat. Elliot and Cabot, Fin and Olivia, Munch and Melinda, and Cragen by himself. Elliot felt sorry for Melinda. Everyone sat in their seats and waited for the plane to take off. Elliot finally found a way to fall asleep until he got a text half an hour later

From: Melinda


He is driving me insane!!


Elliot texted her back.


How about you sit with Cragen?

From: Melinda

He has someone sitting with him.


To: Melinda

Haha.. they'll probably put on a movie.

From: Melinda

Hopefully!! KK ttyl


Elliot tucked his phone away and drifted off to sleep. Elliot jumped up feeling the plane hit turbulence. He saw Cabot typing away on her lap top listening to the movie that was now playing. The others were up and watching the movie. The seatbelt sign had been turned off and people were venturing back and forth. Breakfast was being handed out along with beverages. Elliot opened his window. The Sun shone through. The sky was totally clear and below Elliot could see a coastline and alot of water. After the food was handed out and everyone was settled Elliot went to the washroom. When he got got back to the area he was sitting ineverything was changed. Fin and Alex sat together. Melinda and Cragen, Munch was alone, and Olivia was now sitting in Alex's old spot.

"Hey Liv." Elliot said sitting down next to her.

"Hey El. Sorry Alex wanted to sit next to her lover!"

"Ha! I kinda figured there would be some seating switches." He smiled.


What happens in Vegas was playing for most of the flight. Lunch was given and supper. They had Alcohol for all the adults after supper. Elliot knew they were probably all going to be done everynight but he thought what the hell let's just have one.

"HIi umm Rum and Coke. And Liv what do you want?"

"Umm can I have a bottled water?"

Elliot cocked his head in a silent question.

"I am going to wait until tomorow so I can enjoy tonight." She smiled at him.

"Wow Thinking smart on a vacation Livvie? That's not very fun!"

They made more small talk until finally the captain announced that they would begin their decent into the Cancun airport. When the captain announced that they were able to get off the plane every got to their feet. Elliot got his carry on from the overhead compartment. By the time he turned around Olivia had exited the plane first even when they were pretty much the last seats in the plane. When everyone got off the plane, The girls set out to find Olivia and they were all going to meet by the cafeteria.

Melinda and Alex stopped in the Bathroom Olivia stood at the sink washing her hands.

"Hey Livv, you okay?" Alex asked walking over to her.

"Uh yea of corse why?"

"Well I think you beat the oxyen out of the plane!" Melinda Laughed.

"Ha ya I just had to go to the washroom."

"Okay, well we are going to go meet the van now." Alex said leading them out.