"So El, you know you were very, very bad at the movie theatre!"

"Well the woman next to me seemed to enjoy it!"

"Oh Really?" Olivia asked.

They were both in the bathroom getting ready for bed.

Elliot grabbed her hips and turned her around. He plant a small but firm kiss on her lips.

"Really." Elliot smiled, "You know Livvie, It's supposed to be very cold tonight. And a small thing like you is going to be cold."

"Elliot, are you trying to get into my bed! What kind of girl do you think I am?" Olivia exited the bathroom.

Elliot stood there, thinking she was serious.

"I'm your kinda girl." Olivia said putting her head back in the bathroom.

Elliot smiled and took that as an invitation. When he got into her room she was already under the covers. He walked to the other side and got in. Olivia captured his lips in a bruising kiss. His hands found her lower back and pulled her towards him and her hands found his face. Olivia straddled Elliot still kissing. Elliot reached for the hem of her tank and pulled it over her head. They broke for a second to lift the shirt over arms. Elliot smiled realizing she was topless. He palmed each of her breasts; then leaned up to suck each of them. Olivia quickly slid down his body taking his boxers with her, seeing his man already standing at attention. She gave him a quick kiss on his tip then took him all in her mouth. Elliot's hands entangled in her hiar, as she worked her magic. He could tell he wouldn't be able to hold on any longer.

"Livvie. I can't hold it anymore..."

Olivia gave him a hard stroke with her mouth and felt him fill her mouth and moan her name. She licked up his seed and smiled at him. He smiled back and gently stroked her curves as she climbed back up him. She straddled his stomach as his hands made their way all over her. They stared palming each breast, then down her abs and to where she needed him.

"El.. No more. I need you... In me... Now!"

She saw him harden right then.

"Mmm.. sexy talk."

Elliot positioned himself at her center. He pushed into her slowly giving her time to get used to him. She relaxed and Elliot began to thrust. They set a pase they both met. Every once and awhile, when their hips met Olivia would grind down.

"Shit El... Harder." Olivia placed one leg on Elliot's shoulder, and another on the bed.

Elliot raised an eyebrow.

"Cheerleading, Grade 6 through collage." She laughed.

They both came hard screaming each other's names, both sure it was the best they had ever had. They lay wrapped up in each other's arms And fell asleep.

Olivia awoke to see Elliot staring at her. The light was shining brightly through the window.

"Morning gorgeous." Elliot smiled and kissed the top of her head.

"Mmm, Morning." Olivia snuggled her head closer to his chest.

"What do you want to do today?"

"Can we just stay here. In bed."

Elliot laughed "if you want."

Elliot moved on top of her and gave her a demanding kiss. His hands roamed to her breasts, and his lips to her neck. She gave a small whimper/moan. His hand trailed down to her center. He smiled when he found her already wet and ready. He trailed him mouth down to where his hand was stroking her slightly. He put one finger into her silky center, causing her to hiss huskily. Just as his mouth landed on her clit, a cell phone went off.

"Livvie that's yours." He nodded to the nightstand, where her phone was flashing.

Elliot continued his actions.

Olivia flipped open the phone not checking who it was because she was concentrating on what Elliot was doing.

"Benson!" She was barily able to talk.

"Hey Liv." The other voice said.

"Oh hi Cap." Olivia replied so Elliot could here who it was.

"How are you feeling?"

"uhh.. I'm ahh... Soo good!"

"Really? You sound kind of... off?"

"Ummm ..." Elliot smiled at her death glare she was trying to send him." I am just... ohhhh.. getting ready."

"Ready for what?"

"Th...The beach."

"Oh how is it down there?"

"It's... Amazing! Umm I mean really warm."

"Well then I hate to ask this but..."

"Cap. Can i call you in like five minutes?"

"Umm okay. Just be sure to call."

"Okay... ohh. Fu... Bye."

Olivia Through her phone on the table.

"God El... I really... really... really hate you right now.. but please don't stop!"

Elliot brought her to her climax and kissed her. She grabbed her phone after she had regained her composer.

"Hello captain."

"Hey Olivia. What I was going to ask was... do you think you and Elliot could come back early."

"Okay... can I ask why?"

"Fin is on loan to narcotics, and Munch went on vacation, which I was told about but didn't remember 'till this morning."

"Okay cap. Do you need us in today?"

"It would be best."

"okay cap I'll tell Elliot."

"Thank-you Good- Bye, and drive safe."

"Good bye."

Olivia closed her phone and set it roughly on the table.

"Cragen needs us." She told Elliot.

Elliot sighed. "Today?"

Olivia nodded her head. Elliot wrapped his arms around her and kissed her shoulder.

"I love you Livia."

"I love you to El."

"We Should probably pack." Elliot sighed again.

"Fine!" Olivia said frustrated. He knew she was kidding.