Disclaimer: I don't own Animals of Farthing Wood. Note this is a sidestory to another person fanfiction on an AOFW forum. Basically his story focused more on the foxes so me and him got to talking and he let me write this. Ther are a few references to his plot but not enough to confuse anyone (I think). Enjoy!

Weasels Winter Survival Guide

Part One:

"Useless twerp! You lost them!" Weasel shrieked at her mate.

Measly cowered under his wife's anger. "Oh I'm sorry but you're gorgeous!" Measly replied with his usual praise.

Weasel rolled her eyes. "Nevermind, lets get back to looking for them." She ordered.

Just then, a breeze blew past causing her to shiver. The wind bit her skin even under her fur. Winter had set into White Deer Park, possibly the coldest yet. At least in Weasel's opinion, Measly agreed always sycophanting alongside his mate. Neverminding, the weasels didn't stop in their parental duties. It was high time Cleo and Fido learned how to survive harsh winter conditions. Namely finding food and shelter. That is the lesson would have gone under had the twins not departed. This was their first snow and frankly, the white blanket enchanted the two. Quickly the twins had forgotten about their parents, lesson and wandered off.

Weasel and Measly treaded, their paw prints giving small audible crunches. "Look at this they could be anywhere." Weasel griped.

"Don't worry Weasel I'll find them." Measly reassured.

Once more, Weasel rolled her eyes. "I feel so relieved." She replied sarcastically.

Worry was forming in her chest, the kind that could only attribute to a mothers love. Measly was feeling the same thing. She knew that. Even thought she hadn't admitted it too often, Measly was a good father. Then both their worries vanished for ahead they saw the same brown and sandy colors of their children. Getting closer however, that worry returned.

"Cleo, Fido! Get away from there this instant!" Weasel yelled.

Furthering their winter enchantment, the twins had stumbled upon the frozen pond. Like the snow, they had never seen frozen water before. The pair slipped and skated upon the slick sheet. Despite the fact they had grown some since their families misadventures outside the park, the two were still children. Their fun halted as they heard their parents words.

"Mom Dad?" They both called.

Just then, they heard something underneath their feet. It sounded like a snap and sure enough, a thin crack was starting to form underneath their feet. Weasel and Measly were close enough to hear it as well. Looking at each other the parents quickly ran towards the ice. Wasting no time they grabbed their children and pushed them headfirst into the snow. The worry disappeared once more, their children were saved. But in a repeat the worry found them again as the ice gave away and the two fell under. A few bubbles rose to the surface as they each gave out a scream.

Switching, the worry found a new home in Cleo and Fido. The twins scampered to the ponds edge looking for any sign of their parents. Suddenly the water splashed as two shapes rose out and dug their way to the shore. It was Weasel and Measly. Instantly Cleo and Fido embraced their parents with bright smiles, happy to see they were okay. Then they quickly released as they found their parents were cold and wet to the touch.

The wind blew again causing the two adults to shiver. "A—r—ee---y-y-you---a-lr---ight?" Measly's teeth chattered as he spoke.

Cleo and Fido nodded. Measly grinned but shuddered under winter's breath. Weasel did the same

"W-we—ll—c-c-come—on---lets---g-g-g-get-ho—me." Measly chattered.

He looked to Weasel as if he was garnering her approval. Instead, he found something completely different. Weasel was shuddering all right but it wasn't from the cold, well partially not the cold.

Suddenly Weasel let out a yell then angrily kicked the snow. The twins jumped back a bit at their mothers display.

"What's wrong?" Asked Measly.

Measly let out a small whimper as his mate turned to face him. Her expression was dark and her face was bunched up. "What's wrong!?" She began. "I'll tell you what's wrong! It's not fair!" She kicked he snow again.

"What's not fair Mom?" Cleo asked her mother.

Upon her daughters words, Weasel softened. She didn't want her child thinking her anger was caused by her and her brothers wandering off.

"Oh honey it's just why does this always happen to me?" Weasel asked. "I mean if it's not one thing it's another. Either I'm forced to spy on my friends because some brute threatened me, or chased by a wildcat or nearly trampled by an angry donkey or deer."

Measly and the kids could see Weasel was merely frustrated. As she spoke, she waved her arms and stamped her feet. "Then I fall in a lake! When is it my turn for some comfort hmm? Can't I just get a break?"

Weasels little tirade was over. Measly moved in close and wrapped his arms around his wife. "You're gorgeoAAAHH!" Measly cried as Weasel shoved him off.

"Not now!" She spat.

A frown formed upon Measly's lips. He hated seeing Weasel so upset. Her hissy fit did ring some truth and he knew which evens she was mentioned. There had to be some way to make her happy. Just then, a light bulb flashed in his head and the frown reversed itself.

"Weasel I have an idea that will make you happy!" Measly giddily clapped his hands.

"What could possibly make me happy now?" Weasel asked unconvinced by her mates exclamation.

"The Warden!" Measly announced.

Looks of curiosity appeared on the family's face. "The Warden helps animals and we're cold and hungry so perhaps we could go to him!" Measly looked to his family for approval of his idea.

"That is the stupidest idea I have ever heard!" Weasel cried. Measly's face fell. "As if the Warden is just going to let us waltz in there and shelter us! Stupid twerp!"

Measly's frown returned. He felt like a failure for displeasing his mate.

"What about Rollo?" Fido piped.


"Yeah Rollo our Weasel dog!" Cleo chimed in. "He should help us if we ask and he lives with the Warden."

That was true. Rollo did live with the Warden and the last the weasel family checked Rollo had not rescinded on the Weasel dog deal. Weasel swelled with pride at her children's cleverness. "I see you take after me my little ones." She ruffled the tops of their heads affectionately. "Always thinking like a weasel should, not like your father."

Measly opened his mouth to speak but chose to remain silent. "Alright were off to the Wardens!" Weasel announced.

The family took off towards their destination. Measly felt there was a bit of hypocrisy in the air but as long as his mate was happy, he didn't care. Soon enough the Warden's cottage was in view.

"Okay now pay attention." Weasel instructed. "Now before we go we need to have presence so therefore we must act cold and miserable."

"Why's that Weasel?" Measly asked.

Taking her claw, Weasel rapped her mate atop his head. "Because even if Rollo helps us we have to show the Warden that we are miserable." Weasel clarified. "So I want you and the children to shiver and moan and make it good."

Measly then embraced his mate. "Oh you're so brilliant!" He announced before he was shoved off.

"Shut up Measly." Said Weasel, although she did agree on the brilliant part.

Weasel was about to instruct her children in a gentler manner. That is she would have if they were there. Ahead in the distance, she saw the disappearing outlines of Cleo and Fido. Looking back and forth, she couldn't understand how they could have moved so quickly. More pride welled up in her, if ever they were in danger there was no worry about fleeing. Of course, that didn't stop Weasel from her usual source of blame.

"Twerp you should have been watching them!" Weasel shrieked before going after her children. Measly followed after her as they followed the twins trail. It ended behind the cottage and what Weasel saw made her freeze. Seeping out a wooden container was an amber colored liquid. A strong scent, tangy and sweet wafted to Weasels nose. Although its color was different, Weasel knew it was human drink, and Cleo and Fido were drinking from the slowly forming pool.

"Cleo! Fido! Get away from there this instant!" Weasel cried.

It was too late for both weasels took a curious sip before looking up at their mother. Weasel and Measly instantly took their offspring the moment they neared.

"What? We were just thirsty." Said Fido.

"Yeah and it was good! Sort of sweet yet musty." Cleo added.

Weasel wagged her finger. "You must never drink human drink."

"Why?" Asked the twins.

"Because human drink may taste good at first and it makes you feel happy. But you wake up with a terrible headache." Weasel recalled the first time she sampled human drink although it was a bit blurry at some points. Then she noticed Measly taking a sample.

"Measly!" Again, Weasel was a little late as her husband took a small sip.

"I was just well." Measly trailed off. "curious."

Putting her paws to her hips Weasel stomped over to Measly, rapping her claw upon his head again. "Didn't you listen to what I said? Honestly, I question how you can call yourself a father. I'm trying to set an example!"

Measly cowered only slightly. "I just took a little sip. I don't think it's going to hurt me" He excused.

Weasel le out a grumble but then her eyes fell upon the pool. In her reflection, she saw curiously staring back at her. Reason argued against her but slowly she found herself taking a small sample. Swirling the liquid around with her tongues she got a strong flavor.

"Not bad." She admitted. Something inside her wanted more. It was rather good as the twins said but still the other part of her denied it. Around she could see her family having the same looks of uncertainty. It was as if they were waiting for approval.

"Alright but not too much." Weasel finally let in to her desires. "But only so you know the taste." That was all everybody needed. The whole family took drinks at first small then steadily larger. The more they drank oddly they felt warmer for so reason. It spread throughout their body and into their brains. They suddenly felt good about everything and they drank and drank.

Moments later….

"AHAHAAHAHAHAAH!" The laughter of the weasels mixed together. Their eyes shone like stars and a blush colored their faces. Simply put all of them were drunk.

"And sho Badger thinks its Mole and then. " Weasel sputtered with giggles. "Next shing he noes *hic* nose full of dirt!" More laughter chorused around the family. Cleo and Fido fell over, rolling about he ground an occasional hiccup interrupting their chortles.

Upon Measly's face a stupid grin formed. "Oh We*hic*Weasel you tells such amuuuushing stories." Measly slurred.

The same idiotic look appeared on Weasels face. "Ya don't mean that!" She exclaimed waving her hand off.

"But it's true!" Measly shot up shaken by another hiccup. His body swayed as he tired to near his mate.

Weasel stood up and staggered a few steps toward her drunken mate. "Weasel you are the mostest gorgeonist thing I have ever *hic* ever *hic* seen." Measly announced.

"Measly that's the nichist *hic* shing I've ever heards in my entire weasely *hic* life." Both weasels outstretched their arms to embrace one another, instead they fell over missing each other by meters. However, the two merely laughed at their mistake.

"Such a caring mate you are Measly! Much better than the other lots *hic*!" Weasel tried to bring herself up but was finding it rather difficult. "Especially that tatty Owl! Had to go outside the park to find hershelf a mate!"

Measly found himself happy as can be. His mate had actually praised him. Cleo and Fido were of a similar position to their parents. Both were trying to help themselves up but ended up stumbling. Eventually Cleo was able to raise herself, giving an okay sign to her brother.

"*hic* Mom?" Cleo asked. The little weasel staggered to her mother just falling within arms reach. "Sing ush a shong. Pretty please! *hic*"

"Yeah! *hic*" Fido managed to find his footing joining his sister against their mother. "You have such a such as *hic* pretty itty voish." Fido slurred.

Cleo snuggled against her mother affectionately. "Shome day I hope to sing to my children then I could tell em *hic* I learned from their grandma."

Weasel got up swaying a bit, flattered that her daughter was willing to pass on skills to a future generation. "Alright's *hic* if ya really want it *hic*!" Clearing her throat Weasel started to sing.

"I enjoy being a weasel! It's great being a weasel! Something something weasel!"

Weasel mumbled most of the lyrics but it entertained her family. So entertaining that the whole lot of them joined in.


Rollo could hear the racket the moment he stepped outside. The Warden occasionally let him out during the winter seeing as he enjoyed it so much. Whatever the sound was he could hear it coming from the back. So, he followed it as a familiar scent led his trial. Whatever it was, it was smellier than old cheese. Only one animal held that smell.

"Weasels!" He cried. Indeed, it was the weasel family. Rollo noticed they were acting very silly, more so than usual. Weasel was singing loudly where as Measly was banging against the house adding a musical backdrop. Cleo and Fido were chasing each other, splashing around in the amber pool.

Amber pool!? Rollo the noticed where it was coming from. Thinking quickly Rollo grabbed each weasel flinging them upon his back.

"WHEEEE!" They all cried as their faithful weasel dog carried them off to their earth. Rollo was careful making sure not to drop his passengers. Very soon, they were at the weasels staggered into their home where they all passed out one by one. Rollo felt happy, he wasn't sure what the Warden would say if he saw them. With nothing more to do the dog headed home. He still needed to alert the Warden to the leak.


The weasels felt terrible. A throbbing pain thumped against their skulls. Cleo and Fido's eyes were bloodshot. Both moaned as they cuddled to their mother. Weasel kept her children close in comfort but she herself was in the same condition.

"Measly?" She managed to say wincing under her hangover.

Measly looked up. He moaned tiredly. "Yes Weasel?"

"This is all your fault! OW!" Weasel rubbed her temple trying to sooth the pain. From the volume of her raise, it became a family activity.

Part Two:

Last nights misadventure was a lesson well learned. The weasel family spent the day resting their sick selves. One day was needed and now they left their home to complete the lesson Weasel had sought to teach. Shelter would have to wait so instead Weasel decided on the other part, finding food in the winter.

"Okay you two now pay attention!" Weasel instructed. The twins sat attentively. After what happened the last time they wandered off, they made certain to listen to their mother's words.

"Food is scarce in winter so you must be extra careful to locate it." Weasel began.

"How do we do that Mom?" Fido asked.

"Yes how if it's scarce." Cleo added.

Weasel grinned. "I'm glad you asked. Hidden in the ground are grubs ripe for the picking. Your father will demonstrate, Measly!"

Measly stood to attention upon hearing his mention. Saluting he quickly began to dig, making certain to demonstrate it well so Fido and Cleo would be able to follow Measly dug in various spots but came up empty.

"You're useless!" Weasel exclaimed. A grumble rumbled up from her belly. Placing her paw upon it she stifled it. There was another reason for this lesson. All of them were hungry and as Weasel had said food was scarce. "Okay plan two!" Weasel announced. She and her family followed to a set of trees. Anybody knew they were the homes of the squirrels, the red squirrels that is.

"Sometimes you may have to resort to trickery to fill your belly." Weasel began her next lesson. "The squirrels here have stored plenty of nuts all we have to do is dig them up then claim we found them. Additionally it's a good way to get shelter." Weasel whispered that aside to the twins who snickered.

"As before your father will demonstrate, Measly!"

Saluting a second time Measly searched around for the larder. Stealth fully he moved not making a sound or snapping a twig. Around the tree, he found it then dug away revealing the nutty prizes beneath. Smiling brightly Measly knew he would make Weasel happy just yet. His optimism halted as he heard a rustle from above. Gulping Measly looked above to see several red squirrels angrily glaring down at him.

"Hello." Measly greeted. "Ow!" He suddenly exclaimed as the squirrels pelted him with nuts, rocks and whatever they could grab.

Cleo and Fido nearly wet themselves from laughing at their father's misfortune. Weasel would have joined in but she wasn't sharing in the moment. Taking her frustration on the nearest object, a tree in this case, she kicked it.

"Ow Oh!" Weasel hopped on one foot, while holding her other. That was the least of her problems as she noticed a falling pile of snow. Next thing she knew she was covered. Measly got away yet with several bruises. He collapsed at the snow pile, which now had a freed Weasel.

Measly smiled sheepishly at her. Weasel glared, shaking the snow off her head. Plan two was a bust so now it was time for plan three.

"Hunting!" Said Weasel. "Yes hunting is a common way but sometimes the most effective." Cleo and Fido watched attentively and Measly stood by ready to do his mate proud.

Then in the distance, there was a mouse. It twitched its whiskers unaware of the weasel's presence. On Weasels signal, they all lowered themselves.

"Measly." Weasel whispered.

Measly didn't salute this time. "Cleo, Fido, watch and learn." He said before taking off.

Now noticing the weasel coming at it the mouse let out a squeak. The twins watched excitedly as their father chased the mouse around. Weasel herself found this display exciting. For once, it seemed that all would work out. Her hopes were dashed as a blue blur came between Measly and the mouse. The blue was in fact a blue fox. Weasel had heard they had become abundant in the park as of late. Measly froze as he watched the blue fox devour the mouse.

With her mouse held upon, Weasel had finally had enough. "Hey you!" She cried.

The blue fox turned to see the irate female stomping towards them. Unsure of what to do, Cleo and Fido followed their mother. The lone fox looked curiously at the creatures that neared him. He could see the female looked absolutely miffed.

"You foxes are all the same!" Weasel scolded. "Thinking you own everything, well I have you know I was teaching my little ones the proper points of hunting and." Weasel stopped right there.

The blue fox still had a hungry eye and currently he was in the mood for fresh weasel meat. Weasel let out a nervous laugh. The blue fox growled and that was their cue to run. So they did. The four could smell the blue fox upon their backs. There was no clear destination in mind, all they wanted was to escape. But before they knew it, they ran into a tree. They were cornered. Cowering they kept close to each other awaiting their end. Said end was creeping ever closer, teeth bared and ready to sink.

Right before their eyes, a white blur knocked the blue fox down. All the Weasels stood dumbfounded but they each exclaimed in differing tones of surprise.

"Rollo?" Weasel and Measly said in unison.

"Rollo!" The twins cried excitedly.

Sure enough, it was Rollo. The Saint Bernard circled the fox and the fox did the same. In a flash, both struck in growls and bites.

"Come on Rollo you can do it!" Fido cheered.

Certainly, the dog was unlike himself. Rollo attacked the blue fox with a ferocity that was unseen. It wasn't long before the blue fox gave up and ran off.

"Are you alright?" Rollo asked once the fox was outside of view.

The twins were the first to run over to their weasel dog. "You were incredible!" Cleo proclaimed.

"Yeah you beat that stupid blueberry fox!" Fido chimed in.

Rollo flushed with embarrassment. "It was nothing I was just going to check on you and I followed your scent." That was true for even though they couldn't quite remember what happened during their time at the Wardens, but they knew it was Rollo who brought them home.

"You wanted to make sure we were okay?" Measly asked.

Rollo nodded. "Just doing my duties as a weasel dog." Rollo said with pride. "That and I like snow." He admitted.

Weasel dog, loyal to the end. That was what he presented himself as. It was a credo that made Weasel think. A clever plan started to form in her brain. Smirking to herself Weasel decided to put it into action. She let out a pitiful moan collapsing to the ground.

"Are you alright Mrs. Weasel?" Rollo rushed over to her side before Measly could.

Weasel stirred. "Where am I? Is that you Rollo?" Rubbing her eyes Weasel continued. "Why yes it is! Our ever faithful weasel dog! You'll help us!"

"Of course I will!" Rollo proclaimed. "Um with what exactly?"

So far, it was working and Weasel continued. "Winter has been harsh mistress to us. There's no food and the only thing we found was a mouse that fox ate. At this rate will starve, turn to skin and bones!" Weasel dramatically cried sticking out her ribs for example. "If only we had some food something to keep us alive during these cold times!"

Rollo felt a twinge of sympathy. Actually, he felt fully sympathetic. Even after becoming the Wardens pet, he still considered himself a weasel dog. That and as Bold and Whisper once said, Saint Bernard's helped people. "Don't worry I'll bring some of my food right to your home!" Rollo reassured.

"Really?" Weasel asked.

Rollo nodded right before taking off. Once he was out of earshot, Weasel grinned satisfactorily. So how was I?" She asked.

For a moment, they all looked confused but then it hit them. "You tricked him!" Cleo and Fido exclaimed.

"Not tricked just explained our plight in an over the top fashion." Weasel sugarcoated her intentions.

Measly usually went along with any of his mates ideas but now he held some reservations. "Weasel that wasn't very nice. Rollo was just looking out for us." Before Measly could continue, a grumble erupted from his belly, as did Cleo and Fido's.

"See we're all hungry and in winter one has to survive!" Weasel stated as a matter of factly.

There was no use in arguing with her, Measly and the kids followed Weasel back to their earth. Waiting patiently in front was Rollo, before his paws was his food dish. The weasels ran up eager to see what their weasel dog had brought them. Measly and the kids forged their personal opinions as their hunger took control. It wasn't much, Rollo had simply remnants of his dog food. Not being picky, the weasels sat and ate. It was good a distinct chicken flavor with a hint of gravy.

"How was it?" Rollo asked.

Each of the weasels nodded their approval. This pleased Rollo greatly as he wagged his tail.

"But." Weasel began. Rollo paused, wondering if he had truly pleased. "This is all well and nice but what about the rest of the winter? Surely will need more than this to survive."

"I'll get you more three meals a day if you need!" Rollo reassured.

Weasel smiled, she was a better actor than she thought. "Sounds good to me! Same time tomorrow starting with breakfast, lunch then dinner." Weasel instructed.

Barking Rollo bid them farewell until tomorrow. Rubbing her hands greedily Weasel could only imagine what food Rollo would bring to them. Her mouth was starting to water already.

"Weasel?" Measly asked.

"Don't start!" Weasel chided knowing her mate still held reservations. "I didn't see you or the twins complaining after you ate." Somewhat guilty looks crossed the faces of her family. "Look I think its about time we were well fed don't you?" Again, there was n argument. Measly simply remarked that Weasel "was gorgeous when she was being brilliant." This time Weasel accepted the praise.

The next day Rollo had kept his word. The moment they awoke, the family found their weasel dog with a large bowl of his dog food. Layered on top were remnants of a human breakfast, eggs toast, sausage. When asked Rollo simply remarked it was "easy peasy" The weasels ate and did the same at lunch, by dinner Rollo had brought the largest meal yet. Rich steak and chips blanketed the chicken flavored mush. As they ate, Rollo departed for tomorrow. Soon the food bowl was empty, not a single crumb remained. The weasels felt full and satisfied for the first time in a while.

"OOOOHHHHHH!" Measly moaned.

Almost everybody. "My stomach." Measly rubbed his belly trying to sooth the pain. He ate a little too much it would seen.

"Stop your whining!" Weasel hissed. "Be glad you got to eat some fancy dining." Weasel reclined back. She rubbed her very round belly. Looking over she saw Cleo and Fido were of a similar shape, Measly as well. The two were now asleep from their meal, their bellies rising up and down with their breathes. As she smiled at the heartwarming sight, Weasel let out a loud burp.

"Excuse me." She pardoned.

The next day was more of the same and the following weeks routined as well. Rollo would bring food, the weasel would eat, and then once finished Rollo would take his food bowl then depart to continue tomorrow. Eventually Weasel grew tired of the same old thing and simply instructed Rollo to bring different eats. Rollo loyally obeyed bringing back various treats. Not just any treats but human treats. Weasel didn't ask where Rollo was scavenging, heck he could have gone to the town and back for all she cared. On occasion Rollo brought back rat or a fish but mostly Weasel enjoyed the human delicacies far more.

"MMM Good!" She said taking a bite out of a half-eaten sandwich. Measly and the twins initially were against using Rollo to get easy food. However, their pleas soon grew small as they enjoyed the bounties without abandon.

Weasel finished the sandwich in no time then moved on to a tube filed with some unknown substance. Squeezing, a bit of it sprayed in her face. Merely she licked it off and continued to dine tossing the tube amongst their den with other traces of past meals.

"I have gotten used to this AAHAHAHA!" Weasel laughed.

This continued throughout the winter. Eventually the snow and ice melted, flowers bloomed and new life began to spring. The foxes were welcoming their new cubs and the rest of the farthing animals assembled to greet them. The weasels were absent for they were still waiting for their food to arrive. Rollo collapsed in a tired heap outside the weasel earth. He had grown very thin so much that he looked like a white greyhound. During the winter, the Warden noticed his weight loss and reasoned he wasn't getting enough to eat. Nevertheless, the weasels ended up getting the increased load.

Rollo panted feeling rather tired. The petting sensation of two claws against his nose comforted him. Rollo managed to give Cleo and Fido a lick but plopped his head down none the less

"My what a stupendous job you've done Rollo." Measly exited the earth looking at the meal Rollo had brought. It was a rather soupy and by soupy, a various hodgepodge of food both for canine and human tastes.

True to his word Rollo kept the family well fed. Of course the results of overeating and laying about waiting for their weasel dog to feed them now showed.

Cleo and Fido had increased in girth. A few inches on the side but mostly they had gotten some pudge around their bellies. Measly on the other hand was pleasantly plump filling out all around front, back and his sides even all the way up.

"Measly help!" A cry from their earth's mouth made the trio pause.

"Weasel!" Measly cried concernedly. "Fido, Cleo, help me get your mother out."

Measly grabbed one of his wife's arms while the twins grabbed the other. They heaved and they pulled and with a pop Weasel was freed. Yes like her family Weasel had felt the effects of the luxurious lifestyle. Put simply she was fat. Compared to Measly she was double in size in every inch. Particularly her belly had grown and a layer of fat hung around her neck. Out of all of them Weasel had eaten the most, in fact she had found her appetite had increased and she much rather liked human food. Her eyes gleamed in gluttonous delight as she saw what Rollo had brought. Then those eyes noticed Measly going toward it.

"Measly!" She yelled for the umpteenth time.

"Yes Weasel." He looked up at his corpulent mate.

Placing her claws upon her hips or as best as she could in her condition she tapped her foot. "Just what do you think you're doing?"

Measly looked nervous under her glare. "Well I'm hungry." He said.

Waddling over Weasel poked Measly in his chubby stomach. "No eating for you until you lose this!"

Weasel looked over to her children. "Call yourself a father look at them!"

Cleo gave her mother a look finding her statement a bit hypocritical. "Don't you give me that look young lady!" Weasel scolded. "From now on you three are on a strict diet and exercise! Measly I want you to take the twins for a run. To the pond then back here." Weasel ordered.

Holding his mouth open Measly held a pleading look. His mates glare shut him and ushering Cleo and Fido they huffed and puffed their way to the pond. Wringing her fat paws together she smiled sneakily. With nobody else save for Rollo around she dove that the food wolfing it down. Weasel licked her paws and whiskers for any traces. She then let out a please belch. Patting her belly, she turned her attention to Rollo.

"Excellent work weasel dog. I rather enjoyed high living but the deal is done." Weasel praised.

Rollo grinned happy to help but even happier that his job was finished. "But if you do manage to find any other treats feel free to bring them by to me." Weasel slurped noisily "Especially those crackers."

Rollo nodded and lumbered off eager for a rest and meal of his own. Thanks to her careful planning Weasel had ensured her families survival. Good things had come to an end but not necessarily. There was always the possibility of next winter. An audible grumble came up from Weasels belly.

"Patience." Weasel soothed.

A/N:So now, we know the Weasel way to survive in winter, mooch off of somebody else. Great lesson for the kids Weasel!