Winter breeze, brushed past her, making her shiver, no matter what, winter would always be displeasure for her. Weasel muttered a curse under her breath, right about now, she could have used some extra padding, but that was a thing of the past. True to her word, Weasel worked hard to lose the extra weight she had accumulated during last winter (and some during the following spring). Now she had regained her former trim shape. Needless to say, the process hadn't been easy. Her family (mostly Cleo) worked her to the bone, if anything it seemed like a form of payback for her earlier hypocrisy, not that she would admit she was being hypocritical. But after all that, not an inch of fat hung off her. Of course if someone were to shave her, they would see several marks, where the skin had obviously been stretched.

A rumble erupted from her gut, "Shut up!" Weasel hissed.

One thing that had been leftover was her increased appetite. As much as she tried to hold it in, Weasel couldn't contain herself at times. She felt the hunger continuously gnaw at her with each pang. That spring had taught her something, she really did love to eat, or at least enjoy herself. Yet her family, especially her daughter wouldn't approve. Speaking of her family, it had decreased presently. Cleo and Fido had grown into adults by now, and thus left to pursue their own mates. Honestly, she wished they were still her little babies. She supposed all mothers went through this. However there was always the possibility of grandchildren, something she very much liked the sound of.

Yet as of now, food was her main priority. Measly had gone off to search for the both of them, though Weasel didn't have much faith in her husband's abilities. No, her trust fell solely upon herself. Yet as the cliché with winter, finding food would prove prevalently difficult. Though there was a glimmer of hope, Rollo. Or rather he would be her glimmer of hope had she not already used him in a previous strategy. After the deal, Rollo had gotten himself to a healthier weight, although in Weasel's opinion, he had gotten too well fed. Though that may have been brought on by jealousy, Weasel felt she deserved to be pampered and well fed, and she would very well make certain that happened. Rollo had told her certain things, things her weasel mind remembered well. For instance, the Warden held a plethora of food in his pantry, whatever that was. Food was the only word Weasel needed to hear.

Licking her watering mouth, Weasel scampered through the snow towards the Wardens home.

Her plan was simple:

1. Get into the Wardens home.

2. Sneak without being detected.

3. Get into the pantry.

4. Eat.

Easier said than done, for one, getting inside would prove increasingly difficult. She wasn't big enough to reach the door handle. When in doubt, improvise, and improvise she would.

"A weasel has objectives." She repeated that mantra to herself. Her objectives would be met, even if they killed her. Her weasely mind wrapped around the possibilities she could follow. Scurrying quickly, she spies something of use, a rubbish bin. Certainly with some noise, the Warden would leave to attend to it. Weasel sprang her legs back, trying to gain the right momentum, and then with a leap, she managed to scale the top. She may have not been as young as she used to be, but that didn't mean she was any less spry. The bin began to topple and sure enough, it fell over. Weasel made quick foot work as she hurried along. Waiting near the front of the home, her breath came out in little puffs as she kept her eyes on the door.

Her eyes widened in accomplishment as the door opened up. Her plan had gone off without a hitch so far, the Warden obviously left to investigate the noise. Taking that opening, Weasel hurried along. Soon a new feeling came over her. That feeling was warmth as the harsh cold of outside. A sudden change to say the least for the mustelid, Weasel had never been in the Wardens place. But she didn't have time to gawk about. She did however catch a glimpse of Rollo, sleeping away.

Weasel shot a look of jealousy of his well fed condition, and went to work. The pantry had to be somewhere; she just didn't know where to look. The Warden could be back any minute and quite frankly Weasel didn't want to get caught. Her eyes looked about for anything, any entrance she could use. Then she spied something, a door, just slightly ajar. What other chance did she have? She decided to take it. Opening it slightly, Weasel stepped inside.

Smiling to herself, she uttered, "Jackpot!"

Though they may have been wrapped in that strange stuff, "plastic" as she had heard it called, she knew it was food. Immediately going to work, she dove at the nearest thing she could find. Tearing through the plastic like a rabid dog, Weasel was hit with a crunchy, salty taste. Enjoying it, she continued to eat. Unbeknownst to her however, the Warden had returned. The man had noticed he left his pantry door open, so he closed it. If only Rollo had awoken sooner, he probably could have provided an ample distraction so Weasel could escape.


Weasel felt the door slam behind her. It didn't take her mind long to realize she was trapped. Her mind and body froze. She didn't make a sound for fear of being discovered, however that would have been the smarter thing to do. But her own hunger and gluttony had won out this time. Why would she pass up a chance like this? So she didn't. Weasel continued to eat, tearing through whatever she could, feeding her growing face. Thirst wasn't a problem for apparently the Warden had some in these strange cylinders, probably plastic, Weasel thought. Poking a hole through it was simple enough. Weasel ate her fill; actually she would have eaten more but felt it reasonable to stop. Propping her bloated self against the wall, Weasel took out a meat stick, bit it and put it in her mouth.

"Ah! This is the life!" She said to herself. "Better off than those foxes, hares and other creatures. Nope! You won't be seeing this girl scavenging about, AHAAHAHHA!"

Weasel certainly felt proud with herself. Only she could have pulled off something as grand as this. Only she didn't plan on getting trapped inside. And with her in this position, her family would certainly worry about her. That made her feel rather bad. But she dismissed it, Cleo and Fido were adults now, and well Measly could handle it. At least Weasel hoped. It wasn't as if she could just open it herself.

"Better make the best of it." Weasel said to herself again.

So she did. Weasel didn't keep a good track of time, but she made the most of her situation, and the most applied to eating. Weasel greatly enjoyed herself, eating to her fill, sleeping it off, and then repeating the process. Lonely as heck but Weasel did enjoy pleasure, the hedonist she was. All this restraint she had gained through exercise had now fallen into a relapse.

How much time passed was uncertain to the weasel. What she didn't know was that winter still ruled the outside. By some mere chance of luck, the Warden walked over to his pantry and opened it up on this day. What he saw nearly made his jaw drop. Everything was a complete mess. Things were opened, water drenched the floor, but what really got his surprise was the large, brown shape that scurried out and into his home. Everything happened so fast. The furry bulk made its way through, knocking into anything that it came across. So far a chair was the only thing that fell over. The creature scurried its way towards the dog door, that she had forgotten existed weeks ago, and managed to squeeze through with much of a huff. While the human stood dumbfounded, Rollo awoke from his nap.

"Mrs. Weasel?"


"Weasel!" Measly called for the umpteenth time.

It had been weeks since Measly had seen his mate. This caused him much worry and grief. Cleo and Fido aided in the search, but so far, no fruit bore. Measly feared the worst for his beloved.


Then he heard it! That voice could belong to no one other than his Weasel!

"Weasel!" He called.

"Measly!" She called back.

He was right! His heart beating ever faster.

"Weasel!" He called again. He could heard paw steps through the snow.



This went on for a bit, and then it stopped as Measly crashed into a large, brown, bulk of a creature. It didn't take him long to realize who it was. "Weasel?"

Yes indeed it was Weasel, only now she looked every much like she did in the spring, fat. In fact, Measly could swear she was even bigger than that.

Placing her paws on her chubby hips, Weasel screeched, "And Where were you! Honestly, it took you that long to find me! Well honestly I could have been trampled to death or worse for all you know! Useless twerp!"

Measly just absorbed this scene in. After all that training and exercising, Weasel had fattened herself up again.

"Oh well." He sighed.

Just as nature replenished itself with spring, such had history. Whether they would do something about it, well time would tell.

"Are you listening to me!" Weasel continued to screech.

Measly snapped to attention. No matter how Weasel looked, Measly knew one thing. "Oh you're gorgeous when you're angry!" He gushed.

Weasel merely rolled her eyes. Some things would never change.

A/N And so we end "Weasel's Winter Survival Guide". To be honest I am not sure if this was the best written ending. But I didn't know how else to end it. I certainly hope those who have read enjoyed this. On the subject of Weasel loosing weight, I will leave that up in the air. Will Weasel loose it like last time? Or will her family just accept things the way they are? Up to you to decide, that's what open ended endings are for.