The slick black '67 Impala looked out of place as it pulled into the parking lot of a rundown motel, one that possibly charged by the hour. Never the less, Dean felt the need to stay there for the night, mostly because of what he saw parked outside one of the rooms. It was beautiful. A 'black '69 Trans Am with, as far as he could tell, the original decal. It was gleaming in the sunlight with the hood popped. Almost as intriguing as the car was what he saw sticking out from under the hood. Scanning from top to bottom he saw the bare, tanned back of a girl, possibly a woman?, leading into very short denim shorts filled with slender toned legs ending in rainbow flip flops. As he parked his baby and got out of the car with his brother, Sam, she stood up and wiped the sweat of her brow. Now he could tell she was wearing a swimsuit top, and an unusual amount of jewelry, holding an oily rag and a wrench.

"You having some car troubles? Need a hand?" Dean asked, attempting to be polite, as they approached her.

She wiped the oil off her hands and shut the hood of her car. She gave them both a once over and put the wrench back in her toolbox on the ground.

"Have you seen my car? She's running perfectly now, but thanks anyway," she said and started getting her things together to put away.

"Yeah she sure is a beaut, where'd you find her?" Dean was way too intrigued to just walk away from this one.

"Find her? Please, this baby's been in the family since she was made. My mom bought her brand new," she paused to look them both over again before sticking out her slightly greasy hand, "I'm ah… You can call me Rhiann, nice to meet you… I think."

Dean shook her hand first. "I'm Dean, this is my brother Sam. We just got in town, know of any good eats around here?"

She shook Dean's hand then Sam's, "Yeah there's a great little hole in the wall bar and grill up the road a ways. It's mostly a bar really, but their cheeseburgers are freakin' to DIE for. If you guys want to wait around a bit, I'll show you up there in a little while."

"Sounds great, we'll go get our room while we wait," Sam responded before Dean could.

"Yeah, let me get cleaned up. I'm in room 713, call me when you get yours so I know how to get a hold of you, yeah?" She picked up her toolbox and put it on the floor of the backseat of her car. When she came back around to the side the brothers were waiting on she had a hula-hoop on her shoulder and a bottle of water in her hand.

"Or if you want I could just give you my cell number?" Dean threw the suggestion out trying to be coy, but judging by the look on her face, she was seeing straight through him.

"Ah sure, hold on," she said as she dug her cell phone out of her pocket. She exchanged numbers with both of them and headed back to her room for a nice hot shower.

Sam and Dean got their room and dropped all their bags in it.

"You know Dean, we're here on a case, we don't really have time to be… fraternizing with the locals," Sam said, not really sounding too annoyed, but still…

"Nonsense Sammy, she's not a local, she's in a motel!"

"Still, all the same Dean, there are five dead already…"

"So, what we don't have time to eat? We've been on the road for seven hours, don't tell me you're not hungry," Dean retorted, taking off his t-shirt to slide on one that was a bit tighter.

"No, I mean, I guess this is fine. Just… don't get too distracted alright?" Sam on the other hand wasn't really trying to impress anyone today, so he stayed in the clothes he was wearing, but he did spray just a little cologne when Dean wasn't looking.

"No worries Sammy, I'll make quick work of this one. Who knows? Maybe she knows something. Girl with a car like that has to know something…" Dean's mind began to wander as he remembered Rhiann and her car. "Now that I think about it, what kind of a name is Rhiann for a girl?"

Sam shrugged, "I don't know, maybe it's short for something. Seriously Dean, there are five dead; they've all been in parks. No one has been able to find any of them in any kind of database; no dental records, no birth certificates, no fingerprint matches, nothing. It's like these people didn't exist before they were killed.."

"Well did you call the morgue? Find out if there was anything off about their autopsies?"

Sam shut his laptop as he pulled out his cell phone. "No, not yet, I just found the number, hold on." He plopped down on his bed and dialed the morgue. He lied and said he was with the FBI, but didn't manage to get much information out of the girl; apparently she thought it best if they came and took a look for themselves.

Dean's phone rang and he nearly jumped to answer it.

"Hello? Oh hey Rhiann, yeah we're in 607, Oh, yeah Sam's on the phone, guess that's why he didn't answer. You ready? Yeah, no we can just take my ca- Oh yeah I understand wanting to drive something like that. Yeah we'll just follow you." And with that he hung up.

A few seconds later Sam hung up too, "Yeah I think we should go down and take a look for ourselves in the morning. The girl there didn't seem to know what the hell she was dealing with; didn't sound like she cared either."

"Sounds like a plan Sammy, but in the mean time, I'm famished. You ready to go?" Dean threw his leather jacket over his shoulder; it was nice and warm now but by the time he planned on getting back in it would be late and probably cold.

"Yeah I'm ready," Sam responded as he loaded up his pockets with his phone wallet, well wallets, and various "badges".

"And no funny business Sammy, you know she called you first?"

Sam checked his phone; sure enough he had missed a call while on the other line with the morgue. "Huh, go figure, maybe this time the girl likes me more than you." Sam was almost inclined to stick his tongue out, but decided not to, this wasn't going to turn into some who-gets-the-girl contest.

"Yeah well, you're not very stiff competition Sammy, I'll turn her around," Dean retorted with a chuckle.

"Go for it dude, I've got bigger things to worry about," Sam sighed as they walked out of their motel room and shut the door.

They met Rhiann in the parking lot between their cars, giving Sam the feeling of being dragged to one of those classic car shows that his father and brother loved so much. She mentioned that the bar they were headed for, a Podunk little place called Champs, had had apple pie the other night and she hoped tonight was pumpkin, and Dean hopped in his Impala so fast it damn near made her head spin. So she slid into her driver's seat and led them about 5 miles down the road to Champs.

Rhiann licked the chilli cheese from her fries off her fingers as Dean ordered a slice of pie (blueberry) and Sam ordered a beer.

"So was that really a hula-hoop in the backseat of your car?" Dean asked as he swilled down the last of his beer, wishing he had ordered another one too.

"Mm, yup, it's good for the soul. Plus if anyone gets too close they get smacked in the face with it, and believe me it hurts," she said as she shoveled her last 4 fries in her mouth.

Sam sputtered slightly, "In the face?"

"Hell yeah, I don't do that little kid just around the waist crap,"

Their waitress came back with Sam's beer and Dean's pie; Dean asked her for another beer and Rhiann ordered a jack and coke, "And make it stiff sweetheart."

"Well you're going to have to show me that some time," Dean grinned slyly and attacked his pie.

"Yeah, we'll see, I don't plan on being in town much longer, least I hope not."

"We never stay in one spot much ourselves either," said Sam with a bit of a sigh to his voice as he swilled his beer.

"I wouldn't either with an Impy like that. So what are you guys, like salesmen or are you just a gay couple on the run pretending to be brothers?" she asked, her eyes almost fixed on Sam.

Dean laughed, "Yes that's it, and we've run away from our strict Christian parents in an attempt to find a town that will accept us and let us marry and have 2.5 children," he jokingly put his arm around Sam.

"Aw, well that's sweet. I think you'd be all right in what, Connecticut or Massachusetts or one of those dinky Eastern states. California is way too overpopulated with vegetarians and uppity douche bags."

"Damn vegetarians," Dean muttered as he finished off his pie.

"So what about you Rhiann? What brings you all the way down here to South Carolina?" Sam asked as the waitress brought over more drinks.

"Actually it's not really all the way down here, it's all the way up here, I'm from Louisiana. Couldn't you tell?"

"Well I had a hunch but I couldn't pin down a state..." Sam trailed off, feeling like she was dodging the real question. Something felt not quite normal about this girl to him; she seemed to wander without a purpose, just like them…

"So does that mean you do voodoo?" Dean asked, Sam wondered if he was joking or not.

"Hah! No, that's not the kind of magick I work," she grinned and winked at the boys as she downed the rest of her drink.

Dean looked intrigued, she was a coy one, "And what kind of magick do you work?"

"Oh Dean, Dean, it's one of those things you just have to be there to get, and I don't think you'll ever get to see it," she sighed and shook her head. Sam wondered if Dean realized he had essentially just gotten rejected. "Anyway boys, my drink is gone, my belly is full, I'm ready to head back and get some sleep, what about you?"

"Well I think I'm ready to head back," Dean snickered.

"Yeah, I've got some stuff I wanted to look up tonight anyway," said Sam.

"Anything I can help with? I've got a lot of random information up here," Rhiann tapped her temple as she said this.

"As a matter of fact yes, it was hula-hooping tricks, I was hoping to learn, maybe you could show me," Sam said, an innocent smile playing on his face.

"Oh of course, anytime Sammy," she scooped up her coat and dropped $15 on the table for a tip.

After they returned to the motel they said their goodbyes to each other for the night.

"Well if y'all are still in town tomorrow and you get bored, you can try to hit me up if you want, I might be free," Rhiann offered as she dug through her backseat.

"Yeah, I might take you up on that. Well goodnight, it was nice meeting you," Dean said as he headed back for his room.

"Yeah, for a random girl we met in the parking lot, I'd say you're pretty alright," Sam joked and headed for the vending machines.

When Sam started wandering back to his room, delighted with his Dr. Pepper, he noticed Rhiann sitting on the sidewalk, smoking.

"Hey, still out here?"

"Yeah, I can't smoke…anything… in the rooms, so I'm stuck out here," she drew her knees up to her chest and wrapped her arms around them. "I know it's not really that cold out but, damn, I just hate the cold weather. I wish it was 8o all the time," she said and took another drag off her cigarette. Was it a cigarette? Sam wasn't so sure.

"Yeah that's understandable, being from the Deep South and all," Sam chuckled a bit. "So can I ask you something?"

"Sure, good luck getting an answer though," she took another drag and held it out to Sam.

"No thanks, I don't smoke… So is Rhiann short for something?"

She nodded and inhaled another drag off what Sam was now sure was a joint. "Yeah it's short for Rhiannon. My ma was big on Celtic stuff, ya know?"

"Yeah actually I do know. Wasn't she like the goddess of the hunt? Like the maiden in their trinity?"

Her eyes popped a bit "Yeah, maiden, matron, and crone. How do you know all that?"

"Heh, let's just say that…ah… lore is fascination of mine. I know a little about a lot of things."

"I know a lot about very little things," she smirked, took one last drag off her joint and flicked the butt, or roach of it as Sam thought it was called, across the parking lot. "So you're brother, he's quite a character."

"Yeah tell me about it. He thinks he's quite the charmer."

"Oh I'm sure he is a charmer, but charmers really aren't my type. I'm not the sort of girl that enjoys a shag and dash. Well, it was nice talking to you, but I'm drained and I have to get up early. Goodnight Sammy,"

"Did you just call me Sammy?"

"Er, yeah guess I did. Sorry?"

Sam paused for a moment when he realized it didn't really bother him like it usually did when anyone but Dean called him that. "It's okay, I'm just not used to it. Hope I see you around Rhiannon."

And with that she shut her door and was fully ready for a very long night of rest. After all she had to go to the gun store in the morning for more ammo before she went to the park.