Rating: K+

Summary: Dimitri has to go through his retrials after being saved from his strigoi form.

POV: Rose

Word Count: 566


This was hell, I felt bad for Dimitri even though I was the one currently tied up in ropes hovering above the ground. He was going through his retrials and they were one of the hardest things to pass. Usually only guardians who were either bad or had a charge die on them had to go through the hell of retrials. Dimitri's case was special though because he was going through retrials because he had been a strigoi and they needed to test his regained dhampir body.

Since our relationship went public they were using me as his test subject. I was supposed to just stay in my situation and listen to what Dimitri told me to do. Currently though I was waiting for Dimitri to find me and rescue me from the rope restraints.

From what I had gathered as they had dragged my sleeping form from my bed I was in an elaborate maze which consisted of some metal and the area where I hovered. I watched the narrow doorway in front of me and waited for my knight in shining armor.

I squealed a bit as he approached me from behind.

"Roza, "he cooed. "I'm sorry you got involved in this," he began untying my ropes and helped me down.

"Shut up and get your head in the game comrade you can apologize tomorrow morning by making breakfast."

"Yes ma'am," Dimitri took my hand and began going through the course. He had to neutralize five other guardians before he found his way out with me. He sat nervously outside a large meeting room where the guardians, some royal mori, and council members were inside debating on if he would be allowed to keep his guardian status.

"It's ok Dimitri," I took his hand in mine suppressing a yawn. "You did great, I wasn't injured ever you were always between me and the other guardians. There's nothing they can claim you did wrong."

"Except be a strigoi for a few months and try and recruit you," he groaned miserably.

"Dimitri it's not like you choose that," I said looking at him with pity. He had never quiet forgiven himself for that. It was frustrating for me because I couldn't help him at all.

So instead of trying to help I laid my head on his shoulder and kissed his cheek. "Don't worry, everything will be ok."

He was quiet for a long time before he took my hand in his and whispered, "Rose will you still love me if I'm not a guardian?"

My head jolted up from his shoulder and I looked at him. "Dimitri Belikov I should slap you right now," I glared. "I love you because you read westerns, because you always think about me, and because I was made for you."

He let out a soft sigh of relief and leant over to capture my lips.

"Guardian Belikov we're ready for you now," a girl opened the door open for him and he stood up kissing me lightly before going in. I smiled while I waited for him to come out.

"Rose!" he said excited as he exited the room. I stood up and let him envelop me in his arms, "they said I can keep my job," he exclaimed.

"I told you they would," I buried my face in his neck. "Good job Dimka," I kissed his neck softly.