After the Blood: Chapter 1

This story is the sequel to Meet the Winchesters (True Blood/Supernatural cross), story ID # 5804586. In order to understand this story you really need to read the other one first. Also, Meet the Winchesters was written using charactors I created for another story of mine called Meet the Ancients(True Blood only), story ID # 5727832 . If you want to get the full understanding of the Erik/Magan/Wolfram dynamic you need to read it first as it was set a month ahead of the Winchester stories.

I have alot of ideas for these new stories, and have a folder in my computer dedicated to all the ideas I have for them so that when I get around to writing them I will not have to rely on memory.

Currently all of my stories use charactors I created in Meet the Ancients. I have plans to write more stories along the same lines, some of which will be different crossovers. Below I have listed the stories in what is or will be the timeline for when they are supposed to happen.

I am also thinking about writing a prequel to Meet the Ancients on this site's sister site (fictionpress(dot)net) which would be about Magan and Wolfram only, plus add some of the other Ancients. It would be set years before Magan meets Erik.

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From the end of Meet the Winchesters: story ID # 5804586

When I was done with Dean I used one of my fangs to slice open my tongue before standing and deeply kissing my mate – making sure I left some of my blood in her mouth.

You know what I would like for you to do for me My Lover.

Love, I don't understand why you want me to do this.

I thought I might reward him; he will most likely want to be able to go again, now he can.

And you will always know where he is – among other things. Or are you forgetting that?

There is that, Lover. I am counting on it.

I left the bedside as swiftly as I had approached, and turned to watch one last time as she fell forward to kiss him deeply. I smirked and laughed softly to myself as I let myself out.


Still chuckling to myself, I closed the door to the bedroom. Dean may have thought it a good idea to physically mark my mate – but now I have him marked as mine. My good mood evaporated when I turned to find an anxious Sam watching Pam and Wolfram – surprisingly, Bobby was silent. A low growl escaped from me – causing Sam to look in my direction, and I noticed that my return seemed to relieve him. So, what mischief has Wolf been up to so far, and what does he have planned? I do wish I did not have to put up with him for Magan's sake.

Pam rolled her eyes and informed me, "He insisted on coming down even after I warned him that we were not to interrupt you for the rest of the night Master."

Knowing Wolfram, there is no way Pam could have stopped him once he made up his mind. There is also no way I am going to be able to do any further hunting tonight; and I need to finish feeding somehow.

"Pam, could you go and bring some donor blood down from the bar for me – B positive if we have it."

Then, I turned my attention to Wolfram. "So Wolf, to what do I owe the pleasure of your visit?" I asked sarcastically, "As you can see I am busy here."

Wolf walked over to the chairs and sat down, "This one is not your dinner tonight? Mind if I have a bite, I have not eaten for a couple weeks now and could do with a snack."

"No, he is not. That would be his brother … in the bedroom … with Magan." I informed him with a grin, glad to see that I had gotten a reaction out of him with the last bit of news. That felt good, showing him how he no longer has any say in her life. "They are both under my protection – you may not touch either of them. I gave them my word." I heard a sigh of relief from over the phone and saw the tenseness leave Sam –though I did not say that for them, I said it because it is true.

"You are allowing a human to fuck Magan alone? Why, Erik … I am surprised by you." Probably because I know he never let Magan screw anyone alone when she was with him.

"I liked the idea of having a willing Hunter for a meal, and Magan found him attractive." I explained to him.

Wolf seemed amazed by that statement. "You had a Hunter enter Fangtasia … and you allowed him to end up in bed with your mate? How did that happen?"

"They are both Hunters. It is a long story – I will tell it to you at a later date." I told him firmly.

"Ahhhemmmm, is Dean okay then?" I heard from the phone; Wolf started and stared at the phone. I guess Bobby could not contain himself any longer. Very well, he seems to be a father figure to the two boys. I best assure him they are safe.

"And that is a third Hunter Wolf." I informed him.

I addressed Bobby over the phone. "Yes, Dean is more than fine Bobby - now that I am done with him; and he was delicious. He is still … occupied with my mate and quite enjoying himself. I doubt he even noticed when I took him blood, she is using her telepathic skills to intensify what he feels and dampen any thoughts of me. I need to hang up with you for now. Do not worry, they are both still under my protection and may leave when they chose to, completely unharmed by any vampire in my area."

"That is just too much information. I didn't need or want to hear details about Dean's shenanigans. However, I will hold you to that vampire. I know where you are." Bobby told me. "Sam –call me after you and Dean leave and let me know that you are both okay."

"Will do Bobby." Sam said - and I heard the line go dead.

Since both Wolf and Sam were looking at each other curiously – I decided that introductions were in order.

"Wolf, this is Sam Winchester. Sam, this is Wolfram, he is Magan's previous vampire lover."

Sam looked at me curiously and asked, "Is this who you were referring to earlier?"

At the same time Wolf asked, "You were talking about me?"

"Both Magan and I mentioned you at various times in the course of the night Wolf – for various reasons." I informed him – and quite enjoyed his discomfort at the news.

"So, what do you know about me Sam?" Wolf asked him, using that low drawn out voice of his I hated.

"Well, Magan told Dean and I that you were her first vampire and that you are much older than Erik. Erik said that the vampire who made you and the vampire who made his Maker are the same vampire, which resulted in an unbreakable bond between Magan and Erik. Oh, and he also told me she used to hunt with you, and was with you for 16 years before the Great Revelation"

"They told you quite a lot about me – considering Erik does not plan to turn you."

Damn him, now he is trying to scare Sam despite the fact he heard I have pledged my word, my honor, to allow the boys safe passage through my territory.

Sammy shot a worried glance at me, I shook my head to reassure him, then he continued, "I just don't see how it's possible though. She had to have met you at least nineteen years ago if that is true, and she looks to be 25 years old max."

Wolf started to answer him, but I interrupted saying, "I told him that it was Magan's information to reveal if she chose to; you know how she is Wolf." I warned him. At least he should considering that behavior is one of the main reasons she left him.

"That I do." He conceded.

Sam changed the subject and asked, "So, when do you think Dean will be ready to leave? He must be almost done by now."

I allowed my mind to connect to my mate's. Hmm, he is still going strong … I doubt he will be done soon, and if he does not stop soon he is going to have questions that I do not want to answer. Magan opened her mind up fully to me, allowing me to experience what she presently was. I felt every stroke, every touch, every kiss and nip. Her pleasure lapped over me in waves, and my resulting pleasure returned to her – intensifying her feelings, which in turn she poured into him. He seems to be skilled for a human. Pulling back I asked, how many times so far My Lover?

This is three, going on four.

I am going to have to find some way to end this before he gets curious as to just what happened.

In the background I heard Sam ask, "Ahem Erik, what are you doing?"

Wolf answered with, "I imagine he is linked into Magan's mind right now. He is not going to respond to you."

Pam returned then, carrying a container of ½ dozen blood packets. "This is the last of the B positive, where do you want them Erik?"

Shifting my attention back to her, I considered my options before telling her to place them in the fridge; then I had an idea. "Pam I would like for you to go in with Magan and Dean to heal the bitemarks on him. He was too uncomfortable with the idea of me doing so - and Pam, just heal the marks."

She rolled her eyes before putting the blood away and then headed into the bedroom muttering about human close-mindedness and prudishness.

Wow, I'm a sex god tonight. Didn't think I had it in me to be able to last this long. And the intensity is unbelievable. At least Magan is allowing me to lead this time. Though she sure knows what she is doing, I've even learned a few new tricks. Screwing vampires sure seems to have had its advantages for her. I slowly slid into Magan again. After fully sheathing myself in her, I began to rhythmically pump into her as she clenched her muscles around my length. She reached around my back and pulled herself up to lick along my jaw-line before scraping her teeth over first one and then my other nipple. I shuddered with pleasure as I increased my strokes and she pulled me down to her so that she could lick and then suck on the puncture marks Erik left on my chest. That felt sooo good – I groaned and exploded in her as the door to the room opened. I was too far gone into what I was experiencing, so I ignored it. Magan gripped me tighter and flipped me onto my back. I ran my hands up her arms and pulled her mouth to mine hungrily while she bit into my lip and ground her hips against me to bring forth her own passionate release. Opening my eyes, I saw the blonde from the door staring down at my chest with her fangs run out.

"Hey … Pam", Magan commented, "What are you doing in here."

Pam rolled her eyes, "Erik did not tell you yet?"

"No Pam, he didn't." She answered with a strained smile. "That's why I asked you."

"He told me to come in and heal the bitemarks on this one." She said as she waved her hand in my direction. "He felt that a female would be more acceptable for him."

This situation could get interesting I thought. I smiled and spread my arms out wide. "Well, have at it then." Did I just say that to a vampire? When did I start trusting these vamps?

Magan curled up along side of me – but for some reason she looked concerned. Pam started slowly, sensually licking around the marks, before scraping her fangs, followed by her tongue, across them. I could hardly believe how turned on it made me. No wonder so many people are having sex with vampires. Reaching down, I guided one of Pam's hands onto my cock before reaching up under her shirt. When I looked into her face though I realized that – despite the fact she was expertly giving me a hand job – her eyes were locked on Magan. What is going on here? I wondered.

"Pam prefers women Dean."

I looked over at Magan, "How did …"

"Since Erik told your brother I may as well tell you, among other things, I'm a telepath – I can read your mind."

She reached over, lifted Pam's head up and gently kissed her full on the lips. I noticed then that Erik's bitemarks had disappeared; it was as if they had never existed. That is a useful fact to know, vampire spit heals wounds fast. As I lay beneath them, I watched Pam use her other hand to pull Magan closer to her and deepen the kiss – with tongue. I responded as any red-blooded guy would – I got rock hard instantly. As things began to heat up between the two of them I thought to myself this is better than porn. Busty Asian Beauties has nothing on this. Suddenly there was a blur and I realized that Pam was feeding from Magan's wrist – and with that pained look on her face, I don't think it is doing anything for Magan – I'm glad it wasn't me though.

"Dean …Go. Unlock. The Door. Now." She enunciated.

I paused – wondering what was going on.

"Go. Now."

As I began to saunter over to do as she requested she said, "Hurry." In a low calm voice.

I unlooked the doors – they suddenly flew open and my eyes registered two blurs streaking by. Pam tumbled across the room and slammed into the wall, cracking it, while an unknown vampire took up position between Magan and me. I observed Erik move menacingly in Pam's direction, then freeze and return to his mates' side when she called him to her. After a brief exchange he bit into his own wrist and held it to her mouth; I watched her place her mouth over the wound and begin drinking. That is just so wrong on so many different levels, how can a human even consider doing that?

"I do not care that she is my child – I am going to kill her!" I heard Erik roar. He looked and sounded more dangerous than anything I would care to deal with.

"No you're not." Magan contradicted him in a calm voice. "It's as much your fault as it is hers. You know she rarely feeds before Fangtasia closes. If you had made sure she ate before coming in there would have been no problem. Besides, she meant to bite Dean – you gave his brother your word that you would limit how much blood was taken from him, and that he can leave unharmed when he chooses. I had a bad feeling about your great idea from the start, so I watched and made sure you kept your word by placing my arm between them."

Feeling exposed, I snagged my pants and pulled them on under the watchful eyes of the strange vampire. Glancing back at the door, I saw that Sammy was now standing there. I strode over. "What's goin' on Sammy?"

"I'm not exactly sure. The two of them suddenly became frantic to get in here, and I heard Erik say something about the doors automatically locking when closed from the inside. Then, all of a sudden, they got in. That's all I know."

"That must be why Magan told me to unlock the doors. Who's the dude?"

Sammy smiled at this, "Evidently he is Magan's first vampire lover; name's Wolfram … and Erik doesn't seem to like him very much."

Until that moment, Wolfram had been focusing his attention on Magan, then he was staring intently at me. I do not like the scrutiny he is placing me under. Suddenly, I heard Wolfram ask, "You bonded him Erik?"

What the fuck does that mean?

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