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Chapter 7: AtB

I felt Magan enter the parking lot at Fangtasia and quickly finished what I was working on. From there I went to the door and opened it for her just as I reached it.

"Perfect timing as usual, My Love", she said by way of greeting.

"So how went your tryst with Dean, Lover?" I asked her as she walked through the door.

"You were there – or might have well have been, what do you think?" she replied saucily.

"I think you quite enjoyed yourself", I answered with a smirk.

I pulled Magan roughly to me and bit her lower lip; I know she is in no mood for any extended foreplay right now. As I sucked the blood from it, her response was to undo my belt, and then start to do the same to my pants. I hiked her skirt up and she groaned as I slid my fingers slowly under her underwear. Pushing her wet core against my hand, she whispered to me, "I want you, here and now My Love – fuck me."

I was more than willing to comply with her wishes. As she freed me from the restriction of my pants I reciprocated, ripping her underwear off in a fluid movement. With no further pause, I lifted her, plunging deep inside her waiting sex and slamming her up against the wall. Plunging savagely into her again and again, I growled, "Mine", in time to my thrusts – echoing her repeated cries of, "Yes." I moved faster and faster until she could no longer do any more than pant and moan. I felt thru our bond that she was almost ready when she released one last pleasure filled moan and exposed her neck. Accepting her invitation, I triggered her release – and as her pleasure tinged blood slid down my throat, I followed her over the edge.

Leaning against her against the wall, I can feel sunrise swiftly approaching. I gently removed my fangs from her carotid. As I licked at the wounds to close them, I whispered in her ear – "Wrap your legs around my waist." As she did so I bent over her lips – she licked her blood off my lip as I seized hers, I still feel the need to dominate and claim her, and did so with my kiss. Pulling back, I commanded her to wrap her arms around my neck. When she complied, I told her, "Hold on." Quickly as possible, I took her down to our bedroom, leaving a line of shredded clothing behind us.

Tossing her onto my huge hand carved bed, I crawled on top of her and began marking her body as mine using teeth and hands and lips. All that I felt was a primal and raw need to own her. The bedposts carved to resemble Viking prows never seemed more appropriate. When she reached to pull my head down to hers – I seized hold of her wrists and pinned them to the bed. Rising up on my arms, I looked down into her face and told her, "You are mine!"

She pulled against me half-heartedly a few times – then gave in, "I yield, claim me."

Without restraint, I fell on her again: she pressed her body against me – entwining her legs with mine. I redoubled my attention, using every scrap of knowledge about her I possessed to make her scream out my name over and over in release. When finally she lay panting and exhausted I asked her, "Whose are you?"

"Yours", she whispered.

"Who do you belong to?" I demanded.


"Who do you belong to?" I reiterated.

"My Lover"

She knows how I want her to answer. If it is games she wants – it is games she will get. Instantly I was off the bed and had her at the edge on her knees. Holding her hips firmly, I slipped only the head of my huge cock inside her quivering entrance. Again I purred,"Who do you belong to?"

"My Viking Lover."

I pulled out, leaving only the very tip resting against her wetness. I heard her moan out, "No", as she attempted to push back – but I held her immobile.

I growled, "Who do you belong to?"

"You, Erik Northman, you", she finally relented.

As I plunged deep inside her, I heard her cry out, "Oh … yes Erik … yes … more …" as I permitted her to move in time to my ever-increasing thrusts.

When I knew she was ready, I slowed and asked her, "What do you want Lover?"

"This Erik … I want you in me, ravaging me … proving I am yours!"

I intensified my ministrations grinding my hips against her as I drove into her and withdrew. I pulled her upright against me, roughly playing with her breasts and squeezing her nipples. She was incoherent by now, only able to moan and sigh as I pleasured myself and her. Allowing one hand to travel farther south, while holding her tightly next to me with the other, I caressed and stroked her nub. As the waves of her orgasm overtook both of us – I sank my fangs into her neck to enjoy her delicious blood offering.

As her spasms subsided, I clicked my fangs away out of her skin – turning her and lifting her in my arms. She was exhausted and limp as I pulled back the silk covers and lay her on the bed. Sliding in next to her, I held her cradled against me, snicking my fangs back out I bit into my wrist and fed her my blood. With the blood she lost earlier tonight, I should not have bitten her these last two times – but my primal need to possess and hold sway over her would not be denied. As she tiredly sucked at the wound, I lazily ran the fingers of my other hand over her back and arms; she snuggled up closer to me. Just before I planned to stop her, she pushed my arm away. Always nice not to have to worry about giving her too much – she seems to instinctively know the limit to what she can take.

I am rapidly approaching my limit for how long I can stay up. I pulled her down to lay next to me on the bed, reaching to pull the luxurious covers over us. She stretched and smiled sensually. I curled up and gathered her up spoon style with her back to me. She feels so warm – I have found I enjoy feeling her warmth against me. I asked, "What are you thinking My Lover?"

"That possessive sex is the best sex we've had." She responded with a smile.

I chuckled at her reply. "Oh really … how was it any different than when we take someone else into our bed?"

Her amazement spilled over to me. "One – we usually take another female into our bed. Two – this was just me, alone, with another male. Three – I was with someone else, whom I felt a strong attraction to. I think the last reason is why you acted so very possessive."

Pondering her answer, I asked only half jokingly, "Is there anything I should worry about?"

She snuggled closer. "A vampire with self-confidence issues? Of course you don't … not any more than I need to worry about any of the vermin you take alone into our bed to feed from."

I thought about what she said. I must admit she is right; no one I take for my meals has any chance of replacing her. That explains why I find Dean to be confusing also. Normally anyone who dared touch my mate the way he has would be risking their life; but since our feelings are linked, and she is not indifferent to him, it makes sense that I would not be able to harm him.

She looked around at me, "So My Love, what are you thinking about?"

"I was thinking your attraction must be why I am so confused about whether or not to kill him – I do not believe that I could." I pulled her closer, "And I was thinking about how much I like to savor your warmth. I find it very comforting and relaxing to lay like we are and absorb the heat you radiate."

She yawned, "Hhmmm … I prefer feeling the coolness of your skin rather than the heat of a living being against me when I sleep. I end up overheated otherwise, kicking away the bedcovers to cool myself off … what will you do when I turn?"

"I have not thought about it – I suppose that is part of why I am in no hurry for you to do so."

She yawned again, "How long till you die for the day, because I don't think I can stay awake any longer."

"Soon Lover, go to sleep." I need not have said anything for I sensed her breathing change as she relaxed and fell into a deep slumber. Loosening my hold on her to make it easier for her to extricate herself from my death grip later, I found myself continue lightly stroking her skin. I know she is going to screw Dean at least once more before Alric arrives. I wonder if she knows where he is and what he is doing; I forgot to ask her earlier. It is odd that he is unavailable for so long. Suddenly darkness overtook me and all went black.

I awoke to the sound of voices downstairs. Looking around, I remembered the previous night and all the craziness that had taken place. Of course, the sex was absolutely awesome. I looked at my watch, 1:30 PM – if anyone had told me or Sammy 24 hours ago we would be the guests of a vampire Sherriff and his mate, or that said vampire sanctioned our killing something we hunted, we would never have believed them. Rolling out of bed, I quickly showered, dressed and headed downstairs.

"You're doing what Tuesday night?" I heard Sammy ask uneasily.

Calmly, Magan responded, "I'm having a large get together here. Don't worry, I've a catering company that I've used before which specializes in mixed gatherings."

"In other words – you are throwing a party for a group which includes humans and vampires." Sammy retorted, "Why does it have to be here?"

"Someone is having a party?" I asked.

Sammy replied, "Yeah … she is … while we are here." He paused before adding "Good to see you up bro."

"And why are you having this party?" I countered.

Magan merely explained, "Alric asked me to when he comes to break your bond. Moreover, it has to be here because this is the only location that isn't a lair. None of them want to give away the location of a daytime resting place."

I posed, "What if we don't want to be surrounded by vampires?"

Magan clarified, "Actually there should be more humans than vampires present. Ought to be 14 humans, 13 vamps – plus the catering staff is human and the donors are human."

"Donors?" Sammy questioned.

"Yes – for the vampires." She spelled out, "There will most likely be 20 of them."

"You mean there are people who volunteer to allow vampires to drink their blood just as if they are food?" I asked skeptically.

"Yes – and they are very well paid for it." Magan explained,"It's just for blood, no sex or anything more. It's not Erik's preferred source, but in mixed social situations it's either donors or True Blood."

"Whoa … okay, too much information. So me, Sammy and Bobby don't have to worry about being bitten?"

"No one will feed from you even if you wanted it – too soon after you have been fed on. Sammy and Bobby will only be bitten if they ask to be bitten. They won't be mistaken for donors as they all wear a gold bracelet with a tag engraved with their blood type. No bracelet means off limits."

Sam asked, "I suppose we don't have a choice …"

Magan interrupted, "Nope, sorry, as I said Alric wants it."

Sam inquired, "So who will be the human guests?"

Magan explained, "The two people Erik used to have a bond with as well as some friends of theirs. The rest are the human companions of vampires. I only have met two of them before. Any more questions?"

Sammy and I looked at each other, he shrugged and I answered, "Not right now."

The oven timer went off and Magan went over to the stove, turned it off and reset the timer.

"Isn't that done?" I questioned her.

"The roasts still need to sit in there for two hours. It's a method I found that's foolproof." She told me.

"So you're staying here for another couple of hours then?" I queried her.

Magan laughed, "No – your brother volunteered to take them out, slice them and put them in the fridge for me."

That doesn't sound like Sammy, so I inquired, "Sammy?"

Sammy blushed but said, "I didn't want you to do anything stupid if she stayed here." He addressed Magan, "Not to be rude – but aren't you leaving now?"

"In a moment, I just have a question for Dean."

"What?" I asked her.

"How were your dreams last night?"

I had flashes of dream memories. Erik pushing me up against the wall in the bedroom upstairs – whispering in my ear and preparing to enter me, while I quivered in anticipation. The two of us entwined on the bed at Fangtasia, tongues dueling – the feel of our rock hard cocks throbbing pressed between us. Feeling disturbed, I shook my head and answered, "Patchy … I don't remember much."

There was a knowing look on her face as she informed me, "They get more intense and realistic after a night or two."

Chagrined, I exclaimed, "Oh, hell no!"

She merely answered, "Oh, hell yes."

Sam watched me carefully, "What did you dream about dude?"

I was not about to tell him anything, "Never mind Sammy. Remember when you walked in on me and the Doublemint twins, when you wanted to gouge your eyes out with my knife?"

"Yeah", he said cautiously.

"I want to gouge my brain out."

Magan interrupted, "I'm sure the two of you have plenty to talk about before your friend gets here, I'll be going now." With that, she turned and walked out the door.

A note to all, the Viking helm carved bedposts idea came from a real bed I saw at the Nordic Heritage Museum in Ballard WA.