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Prologue: What Did You Do Rosalie?


"55,"she cried out, as the tears pour out of her bloodshot eyes.

Her hair was disheveled and she could feel the pain in her finger tips, but she wouldn't quit. She didn't quit when it hurt before, and she won't quit now. The pain in her lower abdomen had taken a sharp turn, but she ignored it. It felt as if someone was taking a knife to her backside, but she put on a iron, blank mask, and hid her hurt.

Fifty five hits from the 2 x 4 from both men and women and she was still standing. She was proud of herself, but she didn't know that her body wouldn't be able to take more. It was slowly but surely failing her. Drop by drop, her body began to show the signs of failure.

No one knew her body wouldn't be able to take another round of wood

. The room was so dark, no one noticed the small spot on the back of her jeans.

"She's taking this like a champ," some-one said, proudly.

"Not for long," another person sneered.

Before anyone could say a word, a blonde picked up the long, large, piece of decorated lumber, and pulled it in the air, preparing for the strike that would knock the freshmen out cold.

"I won't let her stand for much longer, everyone breaks, Isabella, will be no exception. Isn't that right you disgusting fat bitch?" she shouted.

"Yes, Ma'am," she said, as she began to feel faint. Her vision was doubling and it didn't take long for someone to see her body sway slightly.

"Say something Bella, say something," her line sister pleaded softly, but there was no response.

"Did I tell you to talk?" Rosalie screamed.


A stiff hard blow landed on the back of the girl's neck. Her head jerked forward so fast she lost her balance and broke the cut.

Her position shifted, her arm fell down and she slumped to the ground on one knee, trying her best to catch her breathe after having it knocked out of her by a large powerful hand.

It felt as if someone slammed a brick right onto Lauren's neck. But she would take that and more if it meant they left Bella alone. Her good intentions, had caused harsh consequences. The necking she just received was only the bit of it.

Tyler tied a blind fold over Bella's eyes, and walked over to Lauren, pulling her up to her shaky feet.

He pulled the back of her shirt up and lifted it so it covered the top portion over Lauren's head.

He caressed her side and she whimpered in discomfort.

"Stop!" a strong voice commanded. "We don't do shit like that Tyler, stop it."

Tyler let out a low growl in the direction the command came from, but obliged. He rubbed the sides of her body with his hands softly, as if the situation were innocent.

He chuckled as Lauren continued to tremble, knowing what was coming next.

"Relax baby," he cooed. "This will only hurt for a second," he said, as he pulled his massive hand back and slapped the skin underneath her ribs.

Her body shook and she tried her best to be quiet for Bella. She didn't want her to blame herself. But Tyler was intent on making her break.

He hit her harder and harder until her legs buckled under her and she groaned. He didn't bother to pick her up, he just followed her down and continued his attack on her sides.

Bella could hear the loud slaps and groans echoing across the room but she couldn't dwell on it.

She had her own pain to deal with. She could feel the muscle in her lower stomach contract and she was on the verge of passing out.

Her eyes rolled into the back of her head and her body shifted her weight forward, causing her to stumble a bit.

"All I ask is that you don't move, and you can't even do that. With all of that weight, you'd think you'd be more grounded," Rosalie spat.

She grabbed Bella by the shoulder and situated her back into the right position. The move quickly brought Bella back to the present.

"This little piggy went to market," Rosalie sang as she swung the wood so hard it connected with Bella's body with a loud snap.

Bella stayed put, earning cheers from around the apartment for her determination.

Rosalie was none too happy.

Rosalie swung hard, once,



And that's when it happened.

Everything seemed to go into slow motion.

The wood slowly connected with Bella's behind again and her body went stiff.

The blood drain from her face, her eyes rolled into the back of her head, and her body convulse as she unconsciously expelled contents from her belly.

The smell hit everyone in the room as they collectively gasped at the site of blood and vomit on the white carpeted floor and furniture.

Fear soon turned into panic, as Bella's body fell torso first, onto a glass table covered by her bloody bile.

The table cracked and broke under her weight, eliciting more harm to her fragile body from the cut glass.

Darkness and pain overtook her, and even though she was strong by spirit, the weariness of hunger, the pain of the tighten ups, the harsh bite of the board, all caught up with her. It only took that one last staggering hit, to bring everything down on her in that instant.

Her body was traumatized and beaten. It simply could go on no longer. Her body had shut down right in the middle, of a hazing initiation.

Screams and curses erupted as everyone rushed to help her. Tyler had let go of Lauren to see what the hell was going on. Lauren weakly turned around and stifled a sob, as she saw Rosalie standing slack jawed, wide eye, and frightened, with her eyes locked on the fresh blood on the 2 x 4.

"Rosalie….What have you done?"…..

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