Welcome to Mengsk's rendition of The Duck Knight Returns. To be honest, I've had this plot bunny bottled up for a number of years now, adding to it over time. I didn't quite have the story straightened out yet; however recent announcements have forced my hand.

The Duck Knight will return this June in a four part comic book series by Boom Comics. I understand the masked Mallard shall be returning to crime fighting after a one year absence and, frankly, I want to beat Boom to the punch.

I would also like to thank and acknowledge a fellow Fan Fiction author, Scyphi. He was truly the first to bring back the Duck Knight in his tale, "Darkwing Duck Returns," and I have to admit a great deal of this plot was inspired by his work, albeit with one crucial plot difference.

I've let Scyphi in on one twist I have planned. Here's hoping I can deliver a few more.

I would also like to raise a possibility I have in mind. May eventuate, may not. Like Disney, I am considering also arranging this story into four parts, each turning the entire story on its head. I'm still ironing out some details so we'll see how I do. You can be the judges.

Disclaimer: I do not own Darkwing Duck™ or any character, location or event from that said show. I did have a Darkwing novel when I was younger but I guess you could say that it was loved beyond repair.

The Duck Knight rated T for language and violence. I like to have a tad more leeway.

The Duck Knight Returns

Ch 1: Negaduck Rising

S.H.U.S.H. High Security Storage Facility, Codename: Rabbit Hole

1347 hrs

The Director's motorcade roared along the simple dirt road at high speed. Three SUVs with air support. This deep in the badlands of America, only the buzzards and rattlesnakes were disturbed by their passing.

But they did not pass unobserved. Rabbit Hole Command was operating at high alert due to the snap inspection tour. The warden intended for Deputy Director Vladimir Grizzlikof to report nothing but praise when he returned to St Canard and was watching unfolding events closely. He was hovering in the security booth, eyeing the security monitors when the motorcade pulled up to the outer perimeter checks. The guards at the first checkpoint asked for and received the relevant paperwork proving the inspection team had authority to enter.

The first booth was designed to appear innocent, warning of a military firing range beyond. Interior checkpoints would be increasingly strenuous.

The motorcade was allowed to continue. Director Grizzlikof glared at the duck opposite him. Tucking forged pass document into his suit jacket pocket. When the tinted bulletproof window closed, Grizzlikof asked snidely, "So. What I call you?"

The duck, smartly dressed in the grey suit, black neck tie and black shoes of an agent of SHUSH, smirked and exchanged knowing glances with the similarly dressed young woman across from him. Sitting next to Vladimir. Cosying up close to him. Straightening his neck tie. Subtly sticking a gun in his side. Jabbing him with the barrel.

"Oh, I'm generally fine with bastard, son of a bitch, monster, please don't hurt me, various forms of screaming," the duck answered slyly. "Negaduck will do fine. In private." He held a finger to his lips. Indicating a shush.

Grizzlikof snuffed at the assertion, turning away in a huff.

"Ah. Neegaduck, eh?" He managed to utter the title with all the venom and bile the term deserved. "We never meet, though I hear you as almost annoying than Daarkwing Duck. His eevil doppelganger from neega-dimension. I read you file."

The duck wished he had read Grizzlikof's file. His rise to chief S.H.U.S.H. agent during the final years of Cold War, despite his heavy Russian accent, suggested there was quite a tale to tell.

"I almost take that as a complement, fur ball."

"You should not, pathetic copy. How you hope to get away with thiss? No museum or bank you target. Thiss is high security SHUUSH facility."

"We already have gotten away with it," the young women remarked. She flicked her long mane of fiery red hair in a flirtatious manner. But her green eyes, possibly quite beautiful under different circumstances, were marked only with contempt. "In our world. The Negaverse. Only, you were more inclined to rash acts of violence. And you were smellier."

"That was a different world…. "

"Which works in my favour. Grrr-izz-likof," the duck imitated the director's accent.

The Russian bear took it personally. He always did have a temper, despite his absolute commitment to discipline. "When this over, I will mobilise all of SHUUSH against you. We see how long you have to laugh with my claws around throat."

"Warden," a communications technician signalled from across the command room. He held a landline against his shoulder. "I'm on the horn with Nellis. Several unidentified light aircraft are inbound at high speed. They are refusing to break radio silence and are ignoring all calls to evacuate the area."

"Are they heading for Nellis or…?"

"Us sir.

Two unscheduled, exciting events in one day. It was enough to make a jailor nervous. In this business a good day was a nice, quiet boring one where all procedures were followed to the letter. Nice, calming procedures like, "Launch the alert gunships, and request air support from Nellis."

The technician confirmed, "Nellis has already scrambled."

"Hang on sir," another operator interrupted. "Profile now suggests unmanned aerial vehicles."

"Damn it, if this is those numb-nuts at Creech having a go I'll…."

"No warden. We have confirmation. They did not originate from Creech Air force Base."

"Aggressor Squadron intercepting now," the first communications technician reported.

The room went quiet as they waited for Nellis to confirm a kill. The warden tried to make the best of it, requesting his aide retrieve last's months review and update on security procedures when handling super-powered inmates. It wouldn't hurt to study the document one last time before the Deputy Director's arrival. The bear also had a reputation of following procedure to the letter. The warden also requested a cup of tea. There was no need to stress in front of his men now. Either Nellis would handle it or they wouldn't. A fact of life beyond his ability to control.

"Confirmed kill on all targets…."

Sirens sounded. The lighting flashed red. Every man and in the room tensed.

"We are detecting weapons tracking. Bandits launched before they were destroyed."

"Sound general alert. I want everyone at their posts. Were we within range?"

"Weapons targeting the deputy director's motorcade."

"Oh my God. It's an assassination attempt."

Two missiles were released before the drones were destroyed, streaking across the sky toward their defenceless target. F-16s fired their afterburners to max in a race to close the gap and target this new threat. It was a race they were destined to lose.

Forewarned of the danger, the drivers of the motorcade made the decision to break formation. They took their SUVs off road in three split directions while the escorting helicopters divided. Two missiles, five targets. Four of which were ultimately expendable. Good tactics. Fair odds all things considered.

No one had to die for the deputy director this day, however. The missiles continued aimlessly past, seemingly directionless now their respective carriers had been destroyed. Possibly they had not received proper targeting information before they were launched, or were not independent of their carriers at all. They slammed into the road further ahead and created twin impressive craters.

The crew working Rabbit Hole command released their collectively held breath.

"Ask the F-16s to continue flying cover for V.I.P. I want the deputy director in this bunker surrounded by a crack security team right now. Permission to bypass security checkpoints granted."

The Warden's orders were relayed immediately.

"Inform S.H.U.S.H. headquarters of the attack and request a team of air crash investigators. Organise a squad to secure every piece of wreckage. Director Hooter is going to want to know the origin of every bolt recovered from the downed drones."

A technician supervising the security monitors informed the warden, "The deputy director's motorcade just passed through the inner checkpoint."

"Excellent. I'm going to down to greet him. Captain Doberman, take over." He added to his aide, "Well hey. We keep telling people it's a firing range. A few craters here and there aren't going to hurt that perception."

"Yes warden."

"This could have been a lot worse."

The motorcade skidded to a halt inside the bunkers underground parking garage. An agent, judging by his standard of dress, called for a medic. "The director needs medical attention!"

"Sir," an anonymous black garbed warrior waved forward a second anonymous black garbed warrior. The only difference being the second's medical kit was bigger than his weapon.

"What do we have?" No time for bedside manner.

"Suspected heart attack," the red-headed female agent informed them. "His heart and breathing both stopped. We managed to revive him using a deliberator pack but he's still unconscious."

"We need to get the director to the medical wing immediately," the medic declared. "Bring in a gurney!"

The duck agent turned to his junior partner. "Stay with Grizzlikof," he ordered her. "Have eyes on him one hundred percent of the time. Let no one stop you."


The warden entered the garage, privy to the last statements.

"Who's injured?"

"The director. Suspected heart attack."

To his aide the warden ordered, "Clear the way. Conduct the director and Agent…?"

"Muddlefoot," the junior agent informed him.

"Agent Muddlefoot to the medical wing post haste."

His aide complied immediately, whisking the medic, the director and the junior agent through the garage security entrance.

"If you wouldn't mind warden," the senior agent said, "I would like assistance sweeping these vehicles for any sort of tracking device or devices suspicious in nature. I don't feel comfortable when our enemies are aware of a snap inspection of Rabbit base by the Director Grizzlikof before we are.

"We'll also need to investigate, maybe even quarantine everyone who knew or might have known about this inspection tour. Including you and me I'm afraid."

"No half measures," the warden agreed. "Consider this facility under lockdown."

"I would also appreciate it you showed me just what the hell hit us. They've been dealt to, I take it?"

The duck appeared relieved when the warden informed him that they had.

"Five drone aircraft, all shot down. One managed to launch two missiles of unknown model before it was destroyed. Thank God they never acquired a target."

The duck agent, identifying himself as Fenton Crackshell, was conducted to the command and control room by the warden to view all data on the attack.

"You know, I think it's appropriate they coined this place Rabbit Hole. I feel like Alice right about now."

An agreeable, "hmm," was his answer.

They were both stopped outside the sealed command room by two more black garbed warriors armed to the teeth.

"Weapons check gentlemen."

They were surprised and impressed when Agent Crackshell removed a cut down grenade launcher the size of an oversized pistol firearm from his jacket pocket and a weapons belt loaded with colour coded canisters and disk shaped charges. The weapon itself was painted black with customised sights and purple recoil absorbers ringing the mid barrel. He also laid out a collapsible grapple attachment and an unidentifiable blue cube.

The warden was shocked by the arsenal. "Not exactly standard issue!"

"Not that you know of."

Holding a hand to a communication device in his ear, one of the guards said, "Agent Crackshell, our facial and voice recognition software is not recognising you. I need you to show us your I.D. again."

Agent Crackshell gladly handed over the standard black identification jacket. Inside there was no badge. There was no picture. Merely a message.

It read,

"I am the most fiendish terror

that flaps in the darkest night."

St Canard, 'Old Haunt' district.

"Hey! Batter, batter, batter. Swing! Batter, batter, batter. Miss! Batter, batter, batter."

"Tank. You're meant to do that to the other team!" an irritated Gosalyn reminded her partner in crime, yelling from the plate.

"Strike one!"

"Oh bull…! I'm trying to deal with this clown here!"

"Strike one," the umpire repeated.

Gosalyn silently cursed. She hadn't meant to take her eye of the pitcher. It was a mark of how Tank Muddlefoot could irritate her. Not that is was particularly difficult. Gosalyn Mallard had the spirit to match her mischievous green eyes and fiery red hair, cut short and uneven to belie her natural beauty. The desired attention only encouraged Tank. He added an Egyptian walk to his chant, pacing up and down the sideline.

Muttering angrily under her breath, Gosalyn swung at the second incoming ball.

"Strike two!"

"I don't want to see that!" she yelled at Tank,

"You'll be seeing a lot more of it if you strikeout," he said, swinging his tail feathers.

Gosalyn shock herself to loosen tense muscles. Gripping the steel pipe in her hands firmly she prepared for the next pitch.


The pitcher let fly. The ball came slightly low, screamingly along faster than before. Gosalyn swung in low semi-circle, clipping the ball and sending it spinning out of control high and to the right. To the dismay of the fielding team it impacted off a tower of crushed cars and ricocheted, reversing direction to strike Tank's tender nether-feathers.

No home run, but enough for Gosalyn to reach second base: a stolen doormat from a quiet suburban home. Two of her compatriots managed to come home off her swing.

The laughter and cheers from both teams was uproarious. Tank was down, rolling in the dirt. Gosalyn Mallard never managed to disappoint. The noise echoed through the corridors of piles of crushed vehicles and mountains of rusted steel. She imagined the salvage yard was in fact a stadium and the echoes were the cheers an awesome crowd.

"I don't strikeout," Gosalyn reminded Tank later as she jogged home for a run.

His fake S.H.U.S.H. I.D. sparked and sizzled. The guard handling it was instantly stunned. Using the momentary distraction, Negaduck jumped the second guard, jabbing a spot under his chin to incapacitate him and render him unconscious. The warden, his mind still catching up to events, instinctively reached for the sidearm he carried as a younger security operative. When it failed to materialise on his belt his mind switched targets. The grenade launcher the fake agent had handed over.

Uncertain of the probable results, the warden snatched the weapon, raised it to the imposter's beak and pulled the trigger. Unfortunate for him the weapon had been unloaded as per regulations when handing a sidearm over to weapons check.

His conscious mind barely had time to register it was miffed when Negaduck snatched the weapon from his hands, reversed it and used it to club the warden over the head.

Extra security would be on their way. Negaduck loaded a canister into his grenade launcher and fired down the corridor. An air-contact mix of expanding, doughy, foam blocked the path of any rescuer. Another canister, another possible blind spot blocked.

The technicians within the command room had watched in horror as Negaduck attacked the warden. Totally unable to respond. They were unarmed and under strict orders never to intervene in event of an intruder. Keeping this heart of the facility secure was to be their only concern. So they could any watch through the glass door, constructed to repel all manner of explosive devices, and make repeated calls for backup no longer capable of reaching them.

They could only watch and call for backup as Negaduck removed a disk device from his recovered ammo belt. They could only watch and call for backup as he affixed it to the glass. They could only watch and call for backup as the sonic charge shattered the hardened, explosive proof barrier.

Alarms shrilled throughout the facility. S.H.U.S.H. staff realised the danger had far from past. In the medical wing doctors and nurses ignored the alert and focused on Director Grizzlikof who was in their care. Not so the wardens aide or the (false) agent standing next to him.

"Intruder alert. Intruder alert. Central control is under attack. Security and medical teams respond."

"No! This is more daring than anything F.O.W.L. attempted during the darkest days of the War on Terror. I thought we finally crushed them."

"This is Captain Doberman. Detain all members of the Director Grizzlikof's motorcade. Lethal force is authorised."

The aide's eyes bulged as he locked them with the false agent. Recognition of how they had been duped was instant. He reached for his side-arm.

The intruder was faster on the draw, zapping him with a futuristic stun ray. Extra security personal approached from down the corridor. She slid on her knees into an open supply room. Bullets puncturing the doorframe an inch behind her. The security team believed they had her trapped and advanced to finish. They never realised who was predator and who was prey.

The woman removed a large canister from her belt; grenade shaped, and sized. She judged when to toss it by the uniform beat of advancing footfalls.

She threw it. Not directly at the security team, this would expose her to return fire. But at the corridor wall, relying on the ricochet to place it where needed. Then she closed the supply room door.

The canister bounced and struck the security operative on point in his tender nether feathers. His surprise caused him to halt and loosen his grip on his assault rifle. Even wearing a cup, it stung.

But not as much as the white flash and high pitched bang to follow.

The woman used this moment of disorientation; tossing attack teeth to gnaw at the blinded, deafened guards and finally hitting them with a stun bolt each as they tried to defend exposed flesh.

For the remaining S.H.U.S.H personal an ominous alert sounded over the base comm.

"Central Control is breached. Central Control…."

Negaduck removed a re-breather from his beak, exchanging it for a black cloth to mask his eyes. He striped himself of the agent suit. Underneath he wore clothing he was infinitely more comfortable with. The yellow pea-jacket. The black cape. Not his customary red turtleneck sweater; it would have been too difficult to disguise under the collar of a white shirt. So just a v-neck sweater. Nonetheless, as he stood in the centre of the command and control room, lording over the numerous unconscious technicians he reflected to himself, "It's good to be back."

He got to work. Using the command consoles he shut down every piece of security equipment from patriot missile batteries to cameras. Then he opened every door, every ventilation shaft; every barrier everywhere.

Over the radio came the transmission, "Rabbit base. Rabbit base, this is Nellis. Respond!"

A wicked idea came to Negaduck. He never could resist an opportunity to show off. "Why hello there Nellis. Boy, I hope you gave you mother hell for that. Nellis. Could be the worst name I've ever heard."

"Who is this? Identify yourself."

"I am the lecturous liar, the erroneous executor of evil, the callous corrupter, the scandalous scourge known as Negaduck! That's one word. No hyphen."

Ignoring further, increasingly demanding calls from Nellis to reveal his true identity, objective and fate of S.H.U.S.H. personal, Negaduck instead planted his mysterious blue cube on top of the control console and pressed his thumb feathers to it. The cube began to glow blue.

As Negaduck left the room the computers behind him sparked, sputtered and shutdown. Even the lighting. The EMP detonation prevented anyone from reversing his actions.

The female assailant kicked open a grate in the ventilation system. From a small container at her waist she tossed in a clump of soil containing a seedling. Next she added water, pouring the life giving liquid from a glass she found in the kitchenette.

Great, angry vines emerged behind her as she kicked in a medical waste disposal unit.


The kids playing ball dropped steel pipe bats and scattered. The lookout jumped down from atop a digger and ran. A patrol car had just pulled up to the salvage yard and the owner of the yard was with them, unlocking the gate and commanding they prosecute all trespassers.

"Come on Tank."

But Tank was still pained by his aching nether feathers. "It hurts to run!"

Gosalyn forcefully tugged him into a run. "Move it you dope!"

Between corridors of crushed cars and minced metal mountains they ran, navigating the maze of a yard to the break in the barbed wire fence.

The siren of the patrol car howled as it plunged into the maze after them. Calls over the loudspeaker for the kids to desist resisting arrest were ignored. Too many kids running in too many directions, cops could never round them all up. So it was every kid for themselves. Leave the stragglers to be cornered. While the owner of the lot….

The owner entered his office and retrieved his shotgun and released his vicious guard dogs.

It was a bad day to be in the employee of S.H.U.S.H.

All power was down. The corridors and rabbit base were plunged into darkness. Vines spilled out of vents and shoots, pinning down anyone they could reach. Attack teeth and miniature tin soldiers roamed the corridors.

In the garage things were worse. Agents accompanying the Director Grizzlikof revealed their true colours, attacking the guards pre-emptively. Underneath their suits and ties were the uniforms of the infamous F.O.W.L Eggmen and a great deal of conventional firepower.

In the erupting fire fight the guards protecting the entrance to Rabbit base managed to hold their own. Until the Eggmen activated their ace to advance down the hole.

The three SUVs split open and began to reconfigure themselves. Taking on a more humanoid shape. Transforming. They became suits of armour around their pilots with hydraulic muscles and steel limbs. Weaponry unmatched by those attempting to fend off the invaders. Their only options were to surrender or flee and pray the mechanised monsters were too large to pursue down tight, underground spaces.

Negaduck kicked a vent grill free from the inside. Sweeping the dark corridor with his grenade launcher and a pair of Night Vision goggles he determined it was clear.

He entered a high security storehouse, the heart of and purpose of Rabbit base. Inside was the stuff of conspiracy theories. The various confiscated gizmos and weird science inventions S.H.U.S.H. had acquired over the years. Everything S.H.U.S.H. wanted buried. Buried deep.

His partner in this capper was waiting for him.

"It's just like in the Negaverse, only worse. The S.H.U.S.H. types in this world run a tighter ship. Power and defences in the recently added super villain incarceration levels run on a separate grid. They also have greater numbers, higher morale and better tactics."

She stopped beside a large ray device, not dissimilar to her own little ray gun only on a grander scale. This ray gun was distinctive due its three green bulbous markings and a colour coded control mechanism.

"Hello grandpa."

Negaduck climbed the railing. As if singing a child's nursery melody, Negaduck recited the hymn, "Yellow, blue, red, blue, purple too, blue, purple, green and yellow," punching in the corresponding colours on the command console as he did so.

The green bulbs glowed. The Waddlemeyer Ramrod came to life.

Dr Reginald Bushroot obeyed the prison guards and stood with his leaves planted against the wall for the duration of this crisis. He didn't like all this gunfire. Plants did not enjoy loud noises and he feared for his safety should the fighting approach his cell block.

He wondered who the guards were shooting at and prayed they would just go away. The clicking of Quackerjack's signature attack teeth raised the possibility of a jailbreak. Probably Quackerjack's rehabilitation therapy wasn't going so well. How could it when the individual in question considered wackiness his personal super power.

Ha! What therapy? Reginald had been denied visitation to Dr Nathan Swan for a period of fourteen months. Not since he had been transferred here, away from Blackwing Island Penitentiary and his beloved fruit garden. Here Reggie was kept in the dark to limit his strength. He was kept in isolation if you discounted the mockery of the guards or the scientists taking samples. Reggie accepted he had harmed innocent people. It had not been his intent, but he had. Yet he did not deserve this. All he ever wanted was a little dignity, a little love, and the right to conduct his experiments for the betterment of mankind. At least during his stretch at Blackwing Dr Swan had managed to award him a fruit garden. Now. Here….

His garden would be flowing this season, he knew.

He heard the guards yell, "Vine!"

"Take it down, take it down!"

"Cut it in half."

"We're pushing them back! Hit those vents."

"Grenade! Fire in the hole!"

"Mine those vents. I want to be ready for the next wave."

Reggie heard and recognised the plant creature's pain as a hail of bullets cut it in half. Five years ago would have been outraged. Now he wept both in gratitude of the vine's sacrifice and the hopelessness of it. A brave root was clearly risking its stalk to rescue him. And while he longed to feel the warm sun against his green skin again, to photosynthesis, Reginald knew he was no longer the same Bushroot interred here. What a disappointment he must be to the noble vine.

He also wept because, "They are so going to blame me."

Sure enough….

The cell door and a guard captain entered. He wore a flamethrower and a nasty glower.

"I burned your little fruit garden to cinders the day you arrived here, Bushy. I enjoyed it. Now call off your pet or I'll do the same to you."

"No," now Reggie truly cried, such was his pain. "They were innocent. I didn't do this."

The guard raised the gas nozzle. "Last chance Bushy. I fry you; your telepathic link to the beanstalk is broken. It stops. My men won't be plant food today so call it off."

Reggie wasn't even listening, His grief caused him to block out the words. He fell to his root-ish knees and waited for the end.

It would not come today. Reginald was granted a reprieve.

The entire facility began to shake. A terrible rumble and the screech of twisting metal were overpowering. The ceiling began to open out like an invisible force was drilling through.

Or not invisible. There was definitely a rainbow glow to the expanding hole.

"What the hell?"

"This place is coming down around us!"

"The Liquidator's loose!"

"Fall back, fall… agh!

"The flush system isn't working!"

"Get to the taser rifles; they're the only way to stop him!"

A great flood rushed through the corridors, engulfing men and sweeping them along with it. The guard captain turned his flamethrower on Liqi, burning off a ton of steam. But nothing could stop this tide. Liqi just kept coming, dousing the flames and submerging the man in water. Drowning him like a rat.

"On top of liberty, call now and we'll throw in murder and revenge as our free gift to you," the slippery mutt commented to Reggie. His voice was distorted as if under water.

"Let them go."

The order came from Negaduck. Negaduck in the flesh. After five years Reginald never believed he would see the cruel, psychotic, criminal mastermind again and he had been thankful for it! Now the rainbow glow levitated him gently down into his cell. A divine saviour. A demon in masquerading as an angel.

"I'm running a tight schedule," Negaduck commented. "You can go free Megavolt and Quackerjack or you can slosh around the facility, offing everyone you meet until they finally organise against you. Then where will you be?"

The villain laid out Liqi's options. Coolly. As if scarcely mattered which Liqi chose. Reggie didn't think Liqi knew Negaduck holding was a Gas Gun behind his back. Lightly fingering the trigger.

"They kept me in a goldfish bowl! They did things to me!"

"They did things to me too. And I'm going to deliver to you the monster responsible. I'm going to deliver him, and I'm going to lay out an assortment of sharp objects, and I'm turn my back, and I'm going to chill out to a little classic rock on my iPod and bear no witness to - whatever it is that should happen next. But first I want to him know - that I want him to know we're coming. Which tends to work best when the witnesses are alive."

He took Reggie by his leafy palm and pulled him into the rainbow light. The feeling of free-floating disorientated him some and he ended up head over heels.

"It's a limited time offer, Liquidator." Negaduck managed to sound bored.

Liqi relented. "Is the Liquidator willing to take on the bonus round? Does the potential prize out way the risk of losing the winning accumulated thus far? We'll find out after Negaduck deliverers our tormentor and a word from our sponsors."

He let the men trapped inside his watery body go. Two were in need of CPR preformed by their mates. They were all still alive. Just barely.

"Thank you," the guard captain muttered weakly.

"My pleasure," Negaduck pulled a canister off his ammo belt, pulled the pin and tossed it down. A harsh red gas cloud of fear gas overcame their senses. Men started screaming when they saw Negaduck floating above. They screamed when the saw each other. They screamed when they saw their hands!

While Liqi scoured the prison for the unaccounted Fearsome Two, Reggie asked, "Why do you have Darkwing's Gas Gun?"

Negaduck eyed the weapon and grunted. "Spoils of War, kid. Darkwing Duck didn't need it anymore."

Gosalyn and Tank were almost to break in the fence when they heard the cry.

"Help! Help me! Get them away from me!"

"Sound's like the cops got…."

He stopped when he realised the cries were accompanied by the barking and snarling of a dogs. Both of them looked back.

Gosalyn turned back and ran to help.

"Aw nuts," Tank muttered, giving freedom one last glance before following.

Gosalyn and Tank rounded a rusty metal mountain and spotted them. One of the younger delinquent boys, on his own and backed into a corner by five bullish dogs. He tried to fend them dogs with a piece of scrap metal but the pack managed to flank him and knock him to the ground. Defenceless, he could only curl into ball as the dogs tore into him.

Tank took up a heavy iron bar and surged forward but Gosalyn restrained him. Instead she took up a hub cap and a light pipe, banging them against each other yelling at the top of her voice. Approaching steadily and making as much noise as possible. Tank followed her lead. The packs' attention turned. The dogs were weary of this new threat and backed away from them to regroup. Attempts to flank them failed as Gosalyn and Tank kept their backs to scrap steel walls or to each other. They advanced to stand over the injured boy, urging him to stand and yell if he could. He did so.

The pack lined up and barked. Each side formed ranks and tried to intimidate the other. Each side searched for an advantage, a weakness to exploit.

The dogs were called off with a whistle.

The scrap yard owner approached casually. He was a large boar with tattoos etching his pink, bald scalp. Dogs running around his patched jeans. He reached into the pocket of his reflective yellow safety jacket with a red strip across it, taking out a handful of shells. Making a show of loading them into his shotgun.

"You punks just stay right there. We'll see what the cops make a' you"

The attraction/repulsion ray generated by the Waddlemeyer Ramrod, the rainbow glow, raised Negaduck and his Fearsome Five like a hand ascending the faithful. The Eggmen were assembled and waiting for them and, judging by the hopes in the reinforced bunker wall, the SUV armoured suits had not a problem navigating the tight underground areas.

Quackerjack admired the armour. "Nice toys! Who built them?"

"You did," Negaduck said aside.

"I that I would remember think! Wait…."

Negaduck's spirited partner in this dastardly caper set the Ramrod to stand by and jumped down from the controls.

"We found it."

She led the assembled horde of scum and villainy to a large ring structure. After tying it the activation sequence the ring began to hum and energise. A green glow emanated from it and illuminated the room. In the rings centre, previously void, a pink vortex was generated.

Even unsure as to the nature of the device, recently freed Reggie Bushroot, the Liquidator and Megavolt were awed.

It was Quackerjack who offered, "Oh! It's either a StarGate knock-off or a dimensional portal!" and promptly started fidgeting with his prison uniform pockets. Jumping on the spot. Going red in the face.

Megavolt first noted he was acting odd, or odder.

"What? What is it?"

Quackerjack hopped from foot to foot. It looked like he was holding something in. Holding it in until it was ready to explode. He signed the cause of his discomfort with a hand gesture. Making a chat, chat, chat motion.

"Oh right."

Megavolt acted as a stand in for Quackerjack's sidekick, Mr Banana Brain, whom the prison guards had thrown away. Even allowing Quakers to move his jaw in sync to his ventriloquism.

"But why would S.H.U.S.H. have one of them? Oh, that feels so good. You know the heavenly relief you feel when you haven't used a restroom in a very long time. I've been bottling this in for over a year, you have no idea how the relief to just relax and let it flow."

One of the armoured Eggmen nudged his buddy. "He is not riding in my car on the home."

"We'll take the vital components for building a new dimensional portal and destroy this one behind you. The Negaverse will finally be beyond the reach of J. Gander Hooter."

"No it won't," the young woman stated.

"It will be. When I burn S.H.U.S.H. to the ground."

"Make Gander pay. Make him pay for everything." Tears welled in her eyes. It was a painful topic for the young girl who was once all sweetness. "Don't let what happened to our world happen here too. Do it for me. Dad."

"DAD?!" the Fearsome Five repeated.

Negaduck stood with Nega-Gosalyn on the verge of the vortex. Each of them tried and failed to maintain a strong façade. Finally, Nega-Gosalyn relented and hugged her father.

"Hey, hey, hey! I said no mushy stuff in front of the guys. I have to protect my evil image."

"There you go. Always thinking with your ego."

"I'll be alright, kid. You're the one jumping into the fire. Quackerjack is going to need your help to keeping the Negaverse from finally tearing itself apart."

"I will?" Quackerjack tapped Megavolt on the shoulder. The electric rat sighed, but allowed it.

"The Negaverse you, you dummy."

"Don't make a habit of this," Megavolt warned.

"Go on. Misbehave, or I'll ground you," Negaduck winked.

"Ugh! Alright Daddy. If you say so."

The yard owner kicked an old crate vertical and sat down on it. Shotgun resting on his lap. Eyeing the kids. Waiting for the cops to, "get off their arse," as he put it. The dogs stayed close to him.

Gosalyn studied him. Studied the dogs. Studied the mountains of scrap enclosing this dead end.



Gosalyn pointed crumpled pipe leading up to an twisted railway car. her head to the scrap behind them. There were obstacles. Jagged pieces of metal and wire, but, "We can climb this."

"He has a gun."

"I'll take care of it."

Tank began to climb, helping the boy they rescued. "I knew you were going to say that. I hope you got your tetanus shot, kid. "

Gosalyn followed, taking a slightly altered path. Jumping to grab the leading edge of a rail container and using her strong arms to pull her body up.

The man stood, knocking his crate over. Angered the trespassers would try to escape. He and his dogs ran forward to stop them.

"Hey! You stay right there! Stop! Damn punks are gonna' inflate my health insurance premiums."

Gosalyn surveyed the junk within reach, identifying what might be useful. A length of rusty chain caught her attention but it was stuck under a heavy pile of refuge. It would not be tugged free.

"Stop right there little girl!"

Gosalyn turned and used the hub cap, flicking it from at her wrist like Frisbee down at the man. Pancake-ing his pink snout. He cursed and sputtered.

"A shwear A'll ake' ou' pay!"

Gosalyn threw more items at him and his dogs. A propane tank, large industrial nuts and bolts, a drive shaft, a train wheel; the man had to retreat back a few steps under the onslaught. With Gosalyn throwing away the base it rested on, the junk pile shifted and caused a slight avalanche. Gosalyn heard the shift, looked up and gasped. Falling junk threatened to crush her.

She leapt and rolled out of the way. A tide of knickknacks showered the container, followed by an iron girder riding the wave. It punched the spot Gosalyn had been standing, indenting the steel container.

The man saw Gosalyn's trouble and smirked. "Got you now girly." He climbed up to fetch her, leading with the barrel of the shotgun.

"Hold it right…."

Gosalyn slapped the barrel away using the pipe she picked up earlier, rapping the man across the knuckles in a dirty hockey trick. He didn't drop the weapon, but his hand stung badly enough he did not immediately raise it again either. While he was momentarily disabled, Gosalyn picked a discarded coil of wire and dropped it over his head. The coil stuck fast around his shoulders, preventing him raising his arms. A simple push and he fell off the container onto the waiting dogs below.

The shotgun accidently went off when he landed. The dogs yelped and scrambled, those he landed on limping away. The blast injured no one but it did attract some attention unwanted by either of them.

Gosalyn jumped down and kicked the weapon out of the mans hands. He swore and struggled to rise with the coil holding his arms. He was a turtle on its back.

"Keen gear! Take that, punk."

The patrol car pulled into the dead end. Gosalyn sprinted but knew it was pointless when the loudspeaker called, "Don't bother Gosalyn Mallard. We know where you live."

Two officers got out of the car. One, a rabbit, helped the yard operator who had managed to rise to his knees. The second, an spotted orange cat, marvelled at Gosalyn's handiwork. "Darn it, Gos! Now we're gonna' have to take a ride to see Morgana. I don't wanna' go see Morgana. Don't nobody wanna' go see Morgana."

"You could take me to see Launchpad."

"You're too smart for Launchpad. Where's your partner in crime, Tank?"

"I want her charged with assault!" the yard operator squealed.

"Shut up!" the rabbit ordered. "I told you not to grab your shotgun, you twit!"

"I ought to charge you for firearm offences," the cat added. "I would have if I didn't think tangling with Gos here was punishment enough."

Nega-Gosalyn stepped through the vortex and Negaduck shut it down. He shoved a set of the portal blueprints into the hands of Quackerjack and directed Megavolt and he strip any tough to replicate gizmo.

"You can reduce carbon emissions by switching of the light when you leave."

Reggie agreed with Liqi. "Yeah, how are we getting out of here?"

"Oh," Negaduck smirked. "That's the dangerous part."

Author's Note: I have no idea they got out. Hey, it took me a two months to figure a plausible way in! I wouldn't mind a few suggestions for a news bulletin. Crazy is alright.