Author's Note: Some of you were skeptical over whether this would come out or not because Complex Simplicity's epilogue hasn't been put out yet, but I would like to assure you that the only reason it isn't out is because I'm not very good at writing straight smut. Especially since I'm not driven to do it. But I already have Tseng/Vincent, Sephiroth/Cloud, Reeve/Rufus, & half if Jackary/Adrian finished if you readers of Complex Simplicity would like me to just finish that pairing & put it out.

Disclaimer: Hmmm… Maybe, maybe not.

Warning: Language. Violence. Slash. Non-slash. (Male/Female)

(***Cloud Strife***)

"I can't believe it's finally over." Cloud leaned back against Sephiroth's chest with a completely relaxed form.

"I still don't completely understand what happened." Cloud felt Sephiroth's chest move slightly more than before smiled as he waited for Sephiroth to explain the details to Zack.

"When Cloud could no longer take the strain that Hojo's experiments put on his body, he stopped unconsciously controlling his healing powers, keeping them to himself, and let them out. They spread out around him, taking his life force and giving it to others. That is how my body was restored. None of yours were really harmed in your deaths, so they did not really have as much of an effect. Either way, Mother Gaia wished to personally retrieve Cloud's soul from his body, but she cannot leave the Lifestream. Therefore, she brought him, and us with him, to the Lifestream. It was because of my willingness to let him go that she let him stay, but just as she told us, when something enters the Lifestream, something must stay in the Lifestream—" Zack took that moment to interrupt.

"Tseng, Hojo, and that creepy nurse?" It was partially a statement and partially a question.

"Correct." Sephiroth said no more.

"You realize that you've just challenged everything I've ever believed in, right?" Reeve didn't look very happy. Sephiroth just gave one of his not-quite-shrugs.

"And?" The larger man clearly didn't care.

"And nothing. I'm glad everything's back to normal." Angeal cut in with a smile. Genesis scoffed.

"Normal? Where the fuck is this shit considered normal?" Sephiroth's arm tightened around Cloud as those words were said and the ex-General stood, making sure Cloud didn't topple to the floor before releasing his grip.

"Here. In my home." It was a clear dismissal. No one moved.

"You know, if you want Cloud alone, you can just say so, yo." Reno was just as cheeky as ever, and Cloud felt the blood rush to his cheeks.

"I want Cloud alone." Sephiroth held a straight face and his voice didn't waver. The blush got darker. Zack grinned and hopped up from his chair.

"Good enough for me!" And then he ripped Cloud out of Sephiroth's grip and swung him around in a hug, as he had become accustomed to doing ever since Cloud had informed them about his sudden normalcy. Well, almost normalcy. He was still stronger and tougher than most, he just didn't immediately heal or see into people's minds. As soon as Cloud was set down, feeling quite a bit dizzier than when he had been picked up, Zack grabbed Angeal's hand and darted out the door. The rest followed, and Sephiroth and Cloud were alone in minutes.

"When we first started this, you told me that you wouldn't have sex with someone you didn't love, who didn't love you back. Correct?" Cloud turned towards Sephiroth with a small smile.

"Yes. That's correct." Sephiroth was over Cloud, pinning him against the wall in the process.

"Then you're officially mine." And before Cloud could respond, lips were upon his.

Not that he would rather respond than kiss Sephiroth, but still. Large, warm hands slid up under a bright blue shirt to explore the skin beneath.

"S-Sephiroth-!" Everything else was lost to the deep moan which slipped out of Cloud's throat as Sephiroth pulled away from his lips and attacked his throat.

"Hm?" It was only a noise of question as Sephiroth paused for a split second to pull the shirt over Cloud's head, but that split second was all Cloud got as a reprieve from the assault on his senses. After that, both of Sephiroth's hands gripped Cloud's hips and lifted him, forcing the blonde to wrap his legs around the ex-General's waist. His back was immediately pressed against the wall again and they were suddenly grinding together. Cloud threw his head back, banging it on the wall, and suddenly it was Sephiroth's entire arm hugging his hips and the other hand curled into blonde locks. Cloud barely noticed when they started moving, it only really hitting him when he felt the mattress beneath him and Sephiroth remove himself.

"Wh—" Cloud stopped to take a breath. "What are you doing?" But Sephiroth's only answer was to bend over and begin undoing Cloud's trousers. Two sun-kissed hands stopped pale, perfect hands from their work. "Let me help." Let him touch; explore; pleasure Sephiroth like the man had done to him.

"No." The golden hands were moved so that Sephiroth could continue. "Not this time. This time is mine to show you the pleasures of life. Life with me." And then the pants and boxers were gone. Cloud was powerless to do anything but enjoy as a warm cavern covered his twitching cock, sucking only enough to put Cloud on edge before releasing him to the cold, uncaring air, at the same time penetrating his entrance with a long, elegant finger. Cloud stiffened involuntarily, but Sephiroth's soft whispers easily calmed him. Another finger was added while Sephiroth's other hand began taunting Cloud's hard member.

When a third digit joined the first two, Cloud came, splashing cum across Sephiroth's chest.

"S-sorry! I didn't mean to…" Cloud trailed off as Sephiroth ran a hand up his chest, collecting some of the cum and licking it off of his digits, simultaneously curling his fingers to hit a bundle of nerves inside of Cloud. A loud moan scratched its way up his throat.


Sephiroth felt his cock harden further, if possible, and kept scissoring the blinde beneath hi, silently cursing how tight his pants were.

"I'm ready." It was breathless, and Sephiroth couldn't resist enough to argue, simply removed his fingers and took some of the cum off of his chest to use as lubrication for his dick.

The penetration was fast and left both without breath, but Sephiroth didn't move until Cloud had fully adjusted and told him so, even though it killed him. Military training was probably the only thing keeping him still.

"M-move." It was an order. It was a plea.

Sephiroth conceded.

Their bodies moved perfectly in time with one another for seconds, for hours, forever. Ecstasy flowed through them in a single channel, and every movement was felt by both. They were one, if only for a while. And then Cloud tightened around Sephiroth and they both knew the climax was coming. The young blonde held his orgasm for a second longer before releasing, and Sephiroth rode it out before feeling a tightening in his lower abdomen and joining Cloud in the pleasure of release. They didn't separate immediately.

"Cloud, I want you to make me a deal." Hazy blue eyes connected with lusty, loving green. "Love me forever, and I'll do the same in return. Their lips touched.