On the Line



Part One

Author's Note:

Okay this is during the Satan Slayer plotline and let's say Bianca and Maggie didn't leave. Reese is a F.B.I profiler who found out it was Alexander and Kendall is with Zach…You want the dream triangle…Do you want it? Zoe has left…..Babe is going to be the outlet for Bianca..

This is going to be Glee version of it…The first song is from Paramore and Misery Business…

Bianca was getting Miranda settled in and then there was a knock on the door. There was the well-reserved Reese standing at the door-way. Bianca was happy to let the woman who had saved her family in and what she noticed that Reese wasn't a stereotypical F.B.I agent she was actually very positive woman…

"So your still going?" Reese asked and Bianca responded, "I'm going to stay." "I've been offered a job as a cop." Reese said and Bianca was happy to hear that because she likes Reese around. "What made you want to stay." Bianca said and Reese told her about the profiles she has to match on a day to day basis. She wants a changed and Pine Valley offers a good change. "And you're here.. I want you and I think I should have made this clear, I'm really gay.." Reese said and then looked really serious…Maggie walked in and slammed the door.. "You are not stealing her from me…" Maggie said