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Author's Note: This story takes place before Piper.

Bethany Anne was getting more frustrated by the minute. She had graduated through a training program that was supposed to help find you a job but where she lived no one was hiring. So she moved to Santa Cruz hoping to find at least one job that fit her resume. Now she was getting desperate. Since the move she didn't have that much money left and tried getting a job at a fast food place but with the way the job market was right now it was hopeless. She put her hand on her stomach when she heard it growl. A couple of people looked at her while passing by.

"Guess I better eat something," She said stopping when she saw a local sandwich shop with a HELP WANTED sign in the window and grinned.

The sign also read 'normal people need not apply' but who the hell was normal these days?

She pushed a strand of hair behind her ear and opened the door.

"Be with you in just a minute," A man said in his 40's. "Short handed today."

"That's okay," She said looking at the menu.

Well she was trying to look at the menu but her eyes kept traveling to the cook at the grill and tried not to laugh when she saw the back of his shirt which read "EAT SHIT'

"I hope that's not on the menu," She said making the guy with the Mohawk look at her surprised.

"What's not on the menu," He asked.

"Shit," She said with a smirk.

He smiled. "You read my shirt."

"It's kind of hard not to," She said. "Love the hair. It's my favorite color," She added.

The guys eyes looked up towards his hair which happened to be blue at the moment.

"Thanks," He said.

"Sorry about the wait. What can I get you," The older man asked holding a pen and a pad of paper.

"Um, I'll have the chicken sandwich and a coke," She said.

"Anything else," He asked.

"A job," She said knowing it sounded lame and desperate.

"That depends. Are you normal," He asked.

"Who is normal these days," She said with a smile.

"Elvis," The guy said. "Dead or alive."

"Alive," She said thinking this was the interview which was a whole knew one for her.

"Mariah Carey," He quizzed.

"If your asking about her singing alive acting dead," She said.

"Courtney Love?"

Bethany made a face. "Dead after she made Curt Cobain kill himself."

The guys smiled and looked at the older man. "I think she passed the interview Trucker."

"When can you start," Trucker asked.

"Tomorrow," She said happy.

"What's your name," The guy asked.

"Bethany Anne," She said with a smile.

"I'm Priestly," he said offering his hand which she shook.

Bethany smiled. I got a job!

It's short I know but the next chapter will be longer.