The sun shone down over Lake Hylia, glinting off the sheen of sweat that covered the backs of the two Heroes of Hyrule. The journey was over and the two young lovers had each other, and it seemed like happily ever after had finally arrived. Finally there was no looking around for monsters, no threat that always demanded attention. Link and Dark could just lay back and enjoy the weather.

"It's strange to think that everything all started here, isn't it?" Link asked, absently running a hand through the long black hair next to him. That was one thing he'd learned recently; Dark's hair was phenomenal. In spite of the lack of consistent available bathing, it never ceased to be the softest thing he'd ever felt. It was one of the things that occupied Link's mind during their bonding.

For some reason, after "surrendering" down in the Water Temple, it was as though part of his mind had opened up and now had a constant awareness of his alter ego. He could feel over in the right side of his chest, a faint pulse that beat to the same rhythm of Dark's heart. Thinking on it, the best explanation he could come up with was that his wish to the Goddesses was coming true.

"Yeah. I want you even more now then I did then," Dark teased, pulling closer. "I've got your blood flowing through my veins. When do I get the rest of you, hmm? Don't you love me?"

Dark's voice was suddenly in full seduction mode as he flipped over to straddle his boyfriend's hips and pin him to the ground. "O-of course I do," Link stammered, blushing and looking to the side. "I-I just…give me a chance to grow up a little? I don't think I could submit to you again if I wanted to. This body is not…d-developed enough for…" gritting his teeth, his voice trailed off into nothing as heat suffused his face.

"Well that's alright. As long as I can say you're mine," Dark piped happily, flopping back down to finish his nap. How his mood could change so quickly was still a mystery, but Link didn't mind. He was safe and everything he cared about was laying right next to him.

-Three Months Later-

Link and Dark strolled through the Lost Woods on the way back from the Goron City. The towering trees swayed in every errant breeze, releasing dead leaves and pine needles that carpeted the forest floor in every clearing between the tunnel like stretches between the roots of the giant trees.

"Hey Dark. Do you know what today is?" Link hopped up on a nearby boulder, drumming his heels against the weathered grey stone while his boyfriend pondered the question.

"Uhm…Tuesday?" It was just a guess of course. Hell if Dark knew; he had better things to think about than what day of the week it might be at any given time. Link laughed as a crisp breeze blew through the clearing to stir up a small tornado of leaves.

"Actually it's Friday."

About to ask why he cared what day it was a sudden flush of color staining the blond's cheeks held his question. "It's also our birthday." Seeing the blank look on Dark's face, he explained further. "Today, I have been alive for exactly twelve years and I figure, since we don't know when your birthday is, you could borrow mine."

Ignoring how cute his shadow's confused head tilt looked, he hopped down off the boulder and stepped up to wrap his arms around Dark's neck. The icy bite of cold metal on his warm skin made the black haired swordsman flinch before curiously inspecting a simple silver medallion hanging on a chain around his neck. The medallion itself was a slightly smaller copy of the Water Medallion that Link wore around his neck.

The cool metal against his skin had a sudden offset with the warm kiss pressed against his cheek. "Happy Birthday, Dark."

Pale hands grabbed Link's shoulders, pulling him into a tight embrace as Dark felt his eyes welling up. "But I…don't have anything for you."

Why did no one tell him about things like this? It made him feel inferior somehow, as though he should have known and been suitably prepared. "But I don't want anything from you besides what you already give me."

However, in spite of Link's assurance that it was fine, the day was carved into Dark's memory as he swore not to be caught off guard by this again.

-One Year Later-

Link trudged down the stone passageways of Hyrule Castle to his room. The messenger of the Royal Family ended up being a much more labor intensive job than he'd anticipated when Zelda offered it to him. Still, Link was one of the few people in the country who'd earned the respect of all the different races so it only made sense for him to do it. At least today Zelda had given him the day off. It was his birthday after all and he was just getting back from the Mages 'Guild with his prize in a carved wooden box under his arm.

Finally, at the very end of the hallway the heavy wooden door for his own personal quarters. And Dark. The room itself was nothing special but it was one of the many things he and his partner shared. At the moment, Dark was making full use of the four poster bed, laying spread eagle right in the middle and snoring lightly.

Smirking, Link kicked his shoes off and walked silently over to the dresser to set the box down and sit on the bed next to Dark. With a gentle sigh he trailed his fingers along the thick scar, looking white against the boy's pallid skin. Not that he minded, he actually liked Dark's coloring, or rather the lack thereof.

Murmuring quietly, Dark's crimson eyes cracked open to see Link sitting there and immediately he sprang up and pulled the boy into a tight hug. "Welcome back! I missed you!"

Link smiled and hugged back. The enthusiastic greetings always made him feel warm inside, like Dark was always happy to see him. And he was. When Link wasn't around, Dark spent his time training the Palace Guard. He was actually something of a oddity. None of the normal guard were happy about the fact that Dark was so much better than any of them.

"I was out with the Guards all morning, cleaning up the usual challengers. They get so pissed off thinking about how they can't scratch a twelve-year-old kid. What about you?" Dark propped himself up on an elbow and Link grabbed the box to present to his partner.

"Not twelve any more. Thirteen. Just got back from getting your gift."

Dark took the box, turning it over curiously. A light wood with simple carvings and a basic clasp to keep it shut, the box was nice, but when he opened it Dark's breath caught in his throat. Glittering up at him from a nest of red velvet lay an ornately crafted silver bracelet of delicately worked vines curling around rubies and garnets. "Red and silver look good on you. Happy birthday Dark."

He stared at the bracelet speechlessly. The silver alone must have cost an arm but to add gems? To top it all off, as soon as he fastened it around his wrist, a sudden surge of power flowed through his body. "You enchanted it too? Link, how much did all this cost?"

"Mmm… 1,200 Rupees if I recall correctly." Dark's jaw dropped considering all that money. That was roughly nine months of salary working with the guards but Link shrugged it off like it was nothing. "Nayru almighty, just how much does the princess pay you?" Underneath the initial shock, Dark's eyes flicked to the dresser drawer where his own gift was waiting but after seeing this, he was almost embarrassed to show it.

Noticing the silence, Link frowned. "What's wrong? Do you not like it?"

"No no, it's nothing like that, I just…" Sighing, he pulled open the draw to take out and intricately braided bracelet of laced leather and hanging from one of the cords dangled a carved wooden horse in striking likeness to Epona.

"You made this yourself?" Dark nodded, abashed over having his handiwork put under the slightest bit sof scrutiny. "I love it."

He didn't understand… That was a genuine smile but… "But you give me silver and rubies and I have leather and wood to give back. How'm I supposed to think its anywhere close to comparable?"

As soon as Link finished fastening on his bracelet he lunged forward, pinning Dark to the bed. "I am so sorry. I didn't expect you to have anything. I didn't mean to make you feel bad. I just wanted to have something nice. I haven't been around lately so I wanted to give you something worthwhile. And…" He tilted Dark's chin up to look into his eyes, "The thought is the most important thing. It doesn't really matter what the gift is so long as you're thinking about them."

Dark considered this for a moment, hugging his knees to his chest before rolling onto his back. "Well, if that's how it is, know what I would really love to get from you."

Of course he did. The seductive purr spoke volumes and had blood rushing to heat the blond's face. "Yes I do, and I still…can you wait just one more year?"

Damn, just a look and a whisper had Link's heart thumping in his chest and he hated being so impressionable, especially since his answer had Dark crossing his arms and pouting.

"T-tell me something Dark. Why do you want this so much?"

"Cause I love you."

"Is that all?"

Dark nodded, confused. "Then, it doesn't matter how it happens so long that it does, correct?"

Again, Dark nodded slowly and Link sighed. "It will hurt, wont it?" Sighing again, he hung his head before finally conceding, "I'll…think about it."

"Mmm… Thanks love"

-Almost a year later-

Of the many powers Link held as the Chosen of the Gods, the first he'd discored was that of prophetic dreams to warn of impending danger. They were back.

He was walking down a simple dirt path with nothing else around in the middle of the day. Nothing else anywhere when suddenly the clouds overhead part and the sun flashes out, bright and fierce and everywhere. The grass shrinks down until nothing remains but sand all around and his shadow shrinks down till it vanishes along with the beating in his chest. That part at the end was worse to feel it fading, the physical bond he held to Dark. The beating of his heart fading away until it was gone; nothing but a hollow shell left over.


Link's scream echoed through the cold stone room and he bolt upright in a cold sweat drenching his entire body.

"Nn, whaswrong?" Dark's sleep heavy eyes cracked open and he sat up, looking around for whatever it was that he needed to wake up for. Seeing the messy black hair and bleary red eyes moving next to him, Link buried his face in the pale shoulder to take some comfort in the strong protective arms that wrapped around him. "Just a dream huh? S'alright babe, calm down."

For a long time Link just lay there, letting the gentle motion of Dark's hands rubbing down his back steady his beating heart and console his troubled spirit.

The next day Dark made a travel to shop around the various bustling market stalls of the Town Square to spend a healthy sum for the birthday present he wanted to give. Sadly though, he wouldn't have the chance, for that night when Link awoke in the cold grip of terror, his first instinct was to cuddle up to the warmth of his partner. But the bed next to him was empty and cold, as though no one had lain in it for some time.

A wave of dizziness swept over the blond. His nightmare had come true. The Goddesses had warned him and now thier work was finished. Dark was gone.

In the land of Hyrule there echoes a legend. A legend held dearly by the Royal Family that tells of a boy… A boy who after battling evil and saving Hyrule, crept away from the land that had made him a legend. Done with the battles he'd once waged across Time, he embarked on a journey. A secret and personal journey. A journey in search of a beloved and invaluable friend…

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