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"CHRIS!!! MOM IS GONNA KILL YOU AFTER SHE SEES YOUR RESULTS! FAILING MATH ISN'T EXACTLY THE BEST THING TO DO!" I yelled up the staircase. I had just gotten home after a typical day at school, and Chris, my twin brother had ditched me and went ahead while I stayed back to pick up my little sister, Callie from school.

Instead of replying, my brother slowly walked down the steps. "Mom's not gonna do anything. Mom's not here."

"Dude, I know mom's not here. She's at work. You better not try to hide the paper again, mom is gonna throw a fit like last time," I replied, while dumping my bag on the couch.

"No, cam, you don't get it. Mom left." Chris said his voice like the dead.

"Seriously, don't mess with me," I said nervously. Chris was known for his made-up stories, and he was excellent at fooling people. But something told me that it was no joke this time.

"Chris, honestly." I said my voice monotonous. Instead of answering me, he trudged towards me and opened up a folded piece of paper, which he passed to me. I silently opened it up.

Dear Cam, Chris and Callie,

We are extremely sorry about this. Your mother desperately needs help. Her condition has worsened and so I have taken her in search of some professional help. However, the rehabitation center is far away and it is best that we temporarily move there however, I do not wish you to come with us. There are some horrors children aren't allowed to see. We shall be back as soon as possible, and you will receive money from me weekly. If you need more, just ask. Any forms you need my permission for, just fax them over, I will give you all the contact details soon.

Again, I am sorry for this, I know that it is horrible of me to leave you hanging like this. But I cannot risk your mother and you three kids. Though I am often at work, you four mean the world to me. I am confident that you three, bright, smart and wise kids will be able to manage just fine. You are old enough to start taking responsibility for your own welfare. I will be back as soon as your mother is better. Don't worry, you can always call your grandmother, I'm sure that she'll look out for all of you. I have sent a letter to Whitney too; she will be with you as soon as she finishes college.

Your loving parents,

Frank and Emma

Ps. Please don't get into too much trouble. Especially Chris. Also, Chris, I got a call this afternoon from your teacher and I already know that you have failed your math test. We will talk about this when I get back. Meanwhile you are grounded for a week. Cam, you are in charge. No wild parties, no fights and also, no alcohol and no guys or girls at the house after 7 pm. Curfew is 8pm. Also, refer to the fridge door, a list of chores you need to do while we are gone. I have left some money on the counter and stocked up the fridge. Again, no getting into trouble.

Wait. Hold up. Dad had left. With mom. Like woah. And the letter made it seem like he was just on vacation or something...

"I can't believe I'm grounded!" Chris said. I rolled my eyes. Sure, mom and dad had vanished for who knows how long, and all Chris can worry about is that he is grounded. Callie ran towards me. She didn't know what had happened. Yet.

"Um callie sweetie, we need to have a small family meeting later, okay?" I said, winking. "With daddy and mommy?" she asked, in that sweet childish voice of hers. "Um... no. It's a secret meeting. Ssshhh" I said. Her eyebrows furrowed, but she agreed and skipped off to the kitchen.

"You're gonna tell her? Seriously?" Chris asked, in a disbelieving tone. I glared at him. "Oh yeah, so we make up a lie, like an alien came and kidnapped mom and dad," I said with sarcastically.

"No, that's stupid. Everyone knows that adults can only be adult napped, not kidnapped!" Chris said, jokingly. Trust my annoying brother to make a joke out of a terrible situation. Noticing my glare, he continued. "Well, maybe this is a good thing, I mean now mom isn't here, so she can't hit us, and maybe she will get better and stop being drunk. Plus, think about the freedom!" he said, as he mentally ran through all the possibilities.

That stopped me. Freedom. That would rock. Maybe, this would not be that bad...

That night, at dinner which I had microwaved, Callie asked me a disturbing question. "Cam, where's mommy and daddy?" The fork stopped midway to my mouth. "Yeah, that's what we're gonna talk about later." I said, nervously.

"Oh. Is mommy running late at work?" Callie asked me innocently. "Yeah. Something like that." Content with my answer, Callie continued eating. Chris gave me a meaningful look, but I ignored him and continued eating.

After dinner, we all sat on the couch and broke the bad news to Callie. Well, bad-ish. Her lower lip trembled, and she said "oh. Mommy's gone? Forever? " I reassured her that our mother would be back, and so would our father, just not today. As usual, Chris was no help at all. He just sat there, staring into blank space.

A few weeks passed and i was basically doing all the work. Like slaving over the kitchen, making all the food, and chris was eating all the food. My dad employed someone to come over every Sunday to monitor our behaviour and supposedly help out. Well, i was still doing all the work. And this time, Whitney was there to help chris eat. Man, that girl eats too much.

She was also so girly. She was like, what 25? And all she cared about was "am i too fat?" i felt like yelling at her "YES YOU ARE FREAKING FAT. NOW GO BE A SLAG SOMEWHERE ELSE!" but of course, i'm too nice to say that. where did my dad find this girl?

So, between shopping for food, yelling at Chris to turn off the television, picking up Callie after school, cooking, cleaning, it was a wonder that i had a social life at all. And doing my homework. Which i rarely did anyway.

One day, we received another letter from my dad. Ugh. I felt like chucking it in the bin, but I knew that I needed to read it.

Dear children,

Hello, things have been going well, your mother's condition is improving and it has getting better day by day. Soon, she will be fully recovered, the doctors tell me. Whitney has been keeping me updated about what is happening and I'm pleased and glad to hear that you are doing fine.

I am with your mother in Seattle. It is too dangerous for you to live with us anymore, so your mother and I have decided that you kids should move to La push, so that we can keep a closer eye on you. I have arranged it with your school, and you will leave on next Monday. You may go to school for one last day to clear out all your things and then say your last goodbyes. Your plane will leave at 8 pm sharp, please be on time, not late.

Your loving father,


p.s I have hired movers to help you and whitney will help with the packing and such. See you soon

"I cant believe this! He just up and leaves, and then he expects us to still listen to him? This is unfair! I am not leaving here, leaving all my friends, practically my whole life behind, because some guy who leaves us behind, asks me to! In fact, he didn't ask me! He ordered me!" I said indignantly. How could he expect us to up and leave like him? Well, he was certainly a good example, now wasn't he?

Chris stared at me, with a dumbfounded expression, his jaw dropping. "what?" I demanded.

"Woah. I always thought that you were the rational one. But apparently you're pretty irrational too. I mean, come on. We have to go. We don't have a choice!" I opened my mouth to protest, but closed it immediately. Dang, he was right.

"Fine. But don't you think that you are over-playing the shocked part a bit too much?" I asked.

"Hell yeah. But that makes..." he said, and just before he could finish I cut in with "A RETARD!" he glared at me, and I cracked up laughing at his expression.

The next day at school was full of tears. And sad ones. I had to say goodbye to all my close friends, and also carry a full bag back home. It just keeps getting better and better.

As Chris, Callie and I trudged home, we lived extremely near the school, we were for once silent. Then my phone buzzed.

"Hello?" I said.

"CAM!!! I MISS YOU ALREADY!!!" a voice yelled from the other line. It was my kinda weird best friend Elizabeth.

"I MISS YOU TOO! I DON'T WANNA MOVE!" I yelled back.

"YEAH I HATE YOUR DAD! No offence though"

"None taken, haha. Tell Callie I'll miss her too. Chris, not so much"

I laughed and conveyed the message to them. Chris snatched my phone and started talking into it.

"Yo I won't miss you too," he said.

"Whatever, I knew that. Is that all that you wanted to say?"

"Yeah pretty much." Glaring at my irritating twin brother, I grabbed my phone and started chatting with Elizabeth.

The next week was full of packing. Packing up everything. We had to fly everything over first, our dad said that he had hired some movers to unpack everything. Why couldn't he have hired movers to pack everything?

We had to throw away a lot of things. I didn't even know that we had that much junk! It was creepy in a way. Whitney didn't even help! She even stole some stuff. But what was I to do?

Callie was exceptionally quiet throughout the whole packing period. I was too busy packing and sealing and yelling at Chris to take notice.

We approached the airport in the taxi. Our luggage had been flown over earlier that day, now we were just carrying a small bag each. The plane ride took forever. Ugh.

When we reached, we climbed off the plane in a daze. It was raining. Ugh. At the airport, I expected to see at least someone there, like my dad or someone. But what a false hope. He had hired a cab to bring us to our new house.

As we left the airport in La push, I squeezed Callie's hand as a sign of encouragement. And together, we stepped out into our new life. Oh, yeah, with Chris too. I didn't know they let dogs on the plane. Until now.

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