Strong Enough to Break



Disclaimer: I dont own the Twilight Saga Stephenie Meyers does.

Summary: Growing up in foster homes isnt the easiest thing in the world, Bella being part of the foster care system since she was 5 has finally found a protector in Emmett. When unforeseen circumstances pull them apart, will Bella ever see her protector again? AU/AH

Strong Enough to Break

Chapter 1: A New Foster Home

Bella bit her lower lip as she sat in the social worker's car. Her stuff was sitting in a duffle bag at her feet. "Please be good for this couple, they have taken in three other children and you're lucky they opened their home to you," the social worker told her. Bella lowered her head, pulling on her sleeves.

They pulled up to a small one story house, getting out of the car. Bella got out of the car, the twelve-year-old reaching for her duffle, slinging it over her shoulder as they walked up to the house. The social worker knocked on the door. Seconds later the door opened, revealing another a young man not much older than Bella. "Yeah?" he asked.

"Are Anita and Don Mitchell here?" the social worker asked.

"Anita's here," he replied.

Bella bit her lower lip as she followed the boy inside. She looked around, the house was beautiful, many collections of paintings and statues. "Introduce yourself," the social worker told her as she went to find the foster parents.

"I'm Bella," she informed.

The guy smiled. "Emmett," he answered. He reached for her duffel bag. "Here I can take it to your room," he told her.

"Um…thanks," she answered.

She followed Emmett up to her room, biting her lower lip. "So where are you from?" he asked as he put her stuff on the bed.

"Um…just arrived from Phoenix," she replied.

"Wow long way from Tennessee," he commented.

"Yeah, guess you an say that," she answered.

She cleared her throat. "How long have you lived here?" she asked.

"Ten years now, mother passed away, dad became a drunk social services took me away and they placed me with Anita and Don. I've been here ever since," he replied.

She rubbed her arms a little, biting her lower lip. "Well, Anita and Don are cool people," he commented.

"Do you get like…anyone visiting to see if they're going to be your parents?" she asked.

Emmett shrugged. "A few times, but it's not something we hang on every moment for though because well…people want to adopt babies not thirteen-year-old boys," he replied. She nodded her head slowly. "What about you?" he asked.

"What about me?" she asked.

"How many foster homes have you been in?" he asked curiously.

"Too many," she replied.

They looked up when a girl stood in the doorway. "Anita and Don want to see you," she informed before walking away.

"That's Tara, ignore her she thinks she's the hottest thing in the world," he told Bella.

She smiled a little before following him downstairs.

Anita and Don smiled when they saw the young woman following Emmett down the stairs. "Well aren't you prettier than the pictures," Anita commented. The girl's face flushed deep red, clearing her throat.

"Thanks," she murmured.

"I'm Anita and this is Don, I see you have met Emmett," Anita stated.

Nodding her head slowly, Bella kept feeling the butterflies in her stomach fly around in her stomach. "This is our foster daughter, Tara, and our other foster son, Shawn," Don explained. Bella nodded to them. They both looked like they were fifteen or sixteen.

"Nice to meet all of you," she answered.

"If you have any problems call and I'll come get her," the social worker informed.

Bella bit her lower lip nervously, her eyes staring at the floor as the social worker left. "Well, are you hungry? I was about to get dinner started," Anita informed. She nodded her head slowly.

While Anita was standing in the kitchen making dinner, Bella was standing around the corner watching her, chewing on her bottom lip. Realizing she was being watched, the woman looked over at Bella, smiling kindly. "Would you like to help?" she asked.

"I don't want to bother you," Bella replied.

"Nonsense," Anita told her smiling.

Smiling, Bella washed her hands before standing next to Anita. "What are you making?" she asked curiously.

"I was making some steak stir fry," Anita replied.

"Wow…fancy," Bella commented.

Anita chuckled lightly before placing the cook book in front of her. "Have you cooked before?" she asked.

"Yeah, I used to cook for my last foster parents in Phoenix," Bella replied, her voice growing quiet.

The woman stroked the hair from Bella's face as she started cooking the dinner herself. "You're not a bad kid Bella, just a little lost," Anita commented. Biting her lower lip she stirred the food in the pan.

"I won't try to be bad," she said quietly.

Anita hugged her gently, rubbing her arm. "Don't you worry about a thing, you are well taken care of here," she assured her. Bella smiled a little while she finished cooking dinner.

When dinner was ready, they were sitting at the table enjoying the dinner that Bella had made. "Wow Bella this is real good," Emmett commented.

"Thanks," Bella answered.

She reached to grab her glass, but the moisture on the side of her glass made the cup slippery and it fell from her hand, dropping to the floor with a loud crash. Emmett saw Bella's eyes widen in horror. "I'm…I'm so sorry, so, so sorry," she told them as she hurriedly got up from her chair to clean the mess.

"Bella it's okay it was an accident," Anita answered as she tried to help Bella clean up the mess.

"That was one of the crystal glasses!" Tara exclaimed.

"Shut up Tara," Emmett answered.

"Emmett we don't say 'shut up'," Don reminded him.

Bella let out a small shriek of pain, pulling her hand back to see that a sliver of glass cut her hand. "You're okay Bella," Anita assured her. She checked the girl's hand. "It's not too deep so there won't be a need for a trip to the emergency room," she commented smiling.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to break it," Bella answered.

"Sweetheart don't get yourself worried sick, it's alright," she assured her.

Bella swallowed hard. "Tara could you get the broom and sweep the rest of this up please?" she asked.

"Why? I didn't break it," Tara answered.

"Tara," Anita said in a scolding voice.

Tara scoffed before she got up from her chair and went to get the broom while Anita got Bella to the bathroom.

Having the girl sit on the counter, Anita started cleaning the cut out. "Raising all these kids I've seen it all," the woman commented smiling.

"You've had all of them for awhile?" Bella asked.

"Yes, we don't put the children back into the system because there's a problem," she replied.

She put a bandage around the girl's hand after putting a large band aid on the injury. "Is she okay?" Emmett asked.

"She's just fine," Anita replied smiling.

Bella smiled a little. "Thank you," she murmured before getting down from the counter.

"Talk about first impressions," Emmett quipped.

"Emmett the poor girl is already mortified," Anita answered.

Emmett winked at Bella before leaving the bathroom. "How old is Emmett? He looks like he could be fifteen or something," Bella commented. Anita laughed a little.

"He's only thirteen Bella," she answered.

"But he's so…" Bella started.

"That's all muscle and he's hitting a growth spurt," Anita replied.

Putting away her first aid kit, the woman let out a sigh. "He is large for his age, but he is a teddy bear and this family just adores him," she commented. Bella bit her lower lip, letting out a sigh. "Let's finish dinner hm?" Anita suggested. Nodding her head slowly, the girl followed her new foster mother out of the bathroom.

Night fell and Bella was lying awake in her new bed. She was staring at the dark wall, her heart was beating so loud she could hear it. Tears pressed against her eyes as she tried to keep her nerves calm, but the longer night drug on, the more she started thinking of the worse things possible that could happen. She tried to force herself to sleep, but nothing would work. She was feeling nothing but the horrible fear rushing through her system. She started crying into her pillow when she heard the door open. "Please don't hurt me I'm sorry I'm trying to fall asleep," she sobbed.

"Bella, you're okay," Emmett told her.

He stroked her hair gently, making her jump. She bit her lower lip with tears pressing against her eyes. "You're safe," he told her. Bella suddenly reached up, grabbing onto his arm.

"I'm scared…could you stay with me?" she asked quietly.

"Um…sure," he replied.

"Just until I fall asleep?" she asked.

Emmett nodded before getting into the bed, lying next to her. Bella turned around, her head resting on his arm as she was able to finally fall asleep. He felt the tears on his arm, making him look over at the girl who was crying on his arm. He stroked her hair gently, making a silent promise that he would never let anything happen to this young girl. He watched her sleep before he started falling asleep.