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"Naruto? Naruto!"

Naruto gasped, he almost fell on the river before completely controlling the mana on his feet and standing straight again. "Ah, sorry about that" Naruto uttered, before looking back at his own- but there were two sets of bloody eyes that resembled a cat's that looked back at him, then he knew no more.

Chapter 1

Mystic Weapons

"The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire"

- Ferdinand Foch

He woke up with a jolt, gasping for air and sweating bullets around his body. Without a moment of thinking, he grabbed the part of his clothes near his chest and heaved deep breaths. His eyes spun around the room and he was enlightened by the white shade that enveloped him.

There was a door on his front and beside him stood a beeping machine. Above him was a lonely fluorescent light that was turned off. Already, he understood where he was. He looked down and saw that he was indeed in a patient's clothing.

The door opened and he stared wide eye at the two comers that came. He knew his professor Kakashi, but he certainly didn't recognize the other one. He was old with obvious wrinkles on his face. He wore a long hat that was paired with a white robe that covered his whole body. For some reason, Naruto felt afraid.

"Hello, Naruto. I hope you're feeling well?" Kakashi started. He had a concerned but still glad appearance.

Naruto wasn't able to speak so he just nodded. The other figure in the room was too frightening that he was shaking badly underneath the fabrics that roofed half of his frame.

"Good" Kakashi muttered then turned his head to his side where the old man was positioned.

He was smiling and it made Naruto's nerves ease out for a little bit. "Good morning, Naruto. I am the High Master of the Konoha, Hiruzen Sarutobi"

Naruto's jaw nearly fell out on the bed but it was no doubt that he was gaping like a fish now. What in the world was the High Master of the Konoha doing here? With him?

The old man chuckled, clearly amused with the reaction. Suddenly, Naruto was no longer sitting comfortably on the bed but was standing on the floor with his head bowed down. "Ah! Good morning, High Master, I-m, eh, Naruto Uzumaki!"

"Now, now, no need to stand up, my child. I'm certain you're still feeling a little bit exhausted" He heard the high master said and he realized that he was indeed feeling quite hazy hence of his abrupt movement. But still, he couldn't just sit around when there's a very important person in the room.

"Ah, I'm ok, sir" Yet, he felt the world spinning fast.

"It's all right, you can sit down" Naruto was once again flabbergasted when he felt two hands touched his shoulders. He flinched but realizing that it was the old man that was holding him, he let the hands guide him on the bed. He suddenly felt conscious and very nervous.

"T-thanks" He looked up and showed a tiny smile.

The old man nodded and sat beside him.

"Naruto, do you remember what happened?"

Naruto looked at him, quite confused at first but understood what the question meant. Closing his eyes he tried to recollect all the fragments of memories that had underwent before he fell into oblivion.

He remembered the river, Sasuke being a dark knight, Sakura- a frontier, and then, him- ah! The red eyes!


Naruto glanced back at the High Master, feeling very worried. He could still see it- those eyes, those fearsome eyes. They were like the sign of death. The eyes of the devil himself. At that moment, he felt as if though he was going to be eaten alive but good thing he awoke up in a hospital and not in someone's tummy.

"Yes, I, I saw eyes- ah, red glowing eyes that were alike a cat's. It was looking back at me" He whispered but the sound of tremor in his voice could be heard as if it was being shouted.

The high master nodded waiting for the boy to continue but when no words followed the boy's sentence he realized it was already the end of it. Sighing, he begun, "Naruto, I have to tell you something"

The boy looked at him in confusion, not actually having any idea on what he was about to say. But oh dear, he really has no choice but to give it away.

"-but you have to promise me, that you will not tell anyone about this secret. No one can know" The boy gulped, his heart started to throb insanely.

"I cannot really tell you the whole idea but I can definitely say this, Naruto- you are special" But in the end, the high master failed to tell the truth.


"All right, my dear students. Today you're going to have your own witch craft items" Kakashi chirped. His eye was bent that showed he was beyond laughing inside his head.

The three students looked at each other before looking back at their professor.

"To begin- magicians have their own individual weaponry- a sword, an axe, a spear etc. But there are the strong ones who can wield their magic without having a medium"

"You mean we need to have a weapon as a medium of our magic?" Sakura asked.


"But we can cast the spells without even breaking a sweat!" Sasuke spoke. His whole demeanor filled with exasperation.

"Basic spells or also called academic spells, that's the only reason you're not breaking a sweat"

Sasuke huffed while Sakura stared down on the ground grasping the idea that they were still weak.

"You see, kids- there are different kinds of magic. One is the basic spells which everyone can learn however, basic spells can still vary from different levels; after all, there are those basic spells that can only be used by experienced magicians such as me"

"Like what?" Naruto inquired tilting his head on his right.

Instead of answering, Kakashi suddenly vanished from their existence as a puff of smoke appeared on his wake.

"Teleportation magic"

The three almost swiveled directly to the ground when a voice from behind their backs appeared.

"-and a whole lot more" Kakashi finished grinning like a lunatic aggravating his students more.

"So when can we learn it?" Sasuke asked, now more than annoyed than ever. He was still very weak.

"Soon, later, I don't know. But we're going to focus right now on weaponry" Kakashi answered, placing his right hand on his waist.

"What are the other kinds of magic, professor?" Naruto questioned again. Sasuke and Sakura looked at him with total disbelief. They never really knew Naruto was so interested in these kinds of things. On school, he was just a loud mouth but having him near now, he proves to be quite different. Oh well, he did mention he wanted to be the greatest magician ever.

"Another is the natural magic which can be found on the natural entities that surrounds our land"

"Just like the water fairies!" Sakura exclaimed.

"Indeed, but! Natural magic can still be learned by humans; nonetheless, it is still a rare occasion. Wielding natural magic is very dangerous because the natural mana is very hard to control. Unlike the personal mana- natural mana is infinite and having that large reservoir is no good for a body that cannot handle it."

"On the other hand, there also exists the field magic, which should be really obvious by its name"

The three sighed in resignation. Their professor is one lazy ass.

"Well, now that we're clear on the kinds of magic- let's go to the main topic. Having a weapon is very important for a magician because it gives us a better control for wielding the mana that is casted upon a spell. The larger the mana- the more dangerous to the body. The more concentrated the mana- the more deadly on the opponent. Our body is full of holes, thus giving us a hard time controlling the mana that's inside of us. If we try to concentrate the mana on our finger- we might endanger ourselves by over exerting the mana on the finger and therefore having an unwanted blast. The weapon is just like a hose, a one point entry for the mana from the body to the weapon and a one point exit from the weapon to the outside world"


"Yep, that's why I'm asking you three to go back to your houses and pick something you would definitely want to be your weapon"

"Eh, can it really be anything?" Naruto asked.

"Of course. It can be a frying pan, a carpet or even a door knob. A weapon is for you to decide, just make sure you won't regret it. Meet me again here and we will go to the best witch here on Konoha"

"Yes, sir!" Then the three were gone.


"Ah, fresh meats! Are they for me, Kakashi?"

The three almost cowed in fear as the man in the black robe stood up and greeted them with a creepy smile with his darken teeth. On his hand, was a staff with a bone of a dog atop. There was a fire that illuminated the dim room on the center. Vines were crawling on every wall.

"Fortunately no, Matsugana, we're here for their weapons"

The man looked at Kakashi in raised brow before surveying again the three who were slowly backing away. In their thoughts were "Where the hell did Professor Kakashi brought us?"

"Of course, of course, come sit!" He waved his hand towards the rag that was under their feet. Then, sitting down on his own place, he placed his staff on his lap.

Kakashi sat without a complaint while the others seemed very reluctant in doing so- if the man noticed it, he may just didn't care or he just kept it to himself all the amusement.

"Very well, who shall be first?"

Sasuke looked at Sakura who looked at Naruto who looked at the both of them and scowled, realizing that he has no choice but to obey. Why can't it be Sasuke just like the first time, anyway? Naruto whined on his head.

Sasuke smirked as if reading the blonde's head. He really didn't want to go first this time, after all, he's not sure what to expect- the man in the robe seemed crazy as already it is.

Naruto gulped before revealing the two green fans that had red swirls embedded onto them. Those were his very first precious gift to himself. When he was kid, Naruto was early thrown out of the orphanage, hence, the necessity to live by his own. From many stores, he became a part-time employee and from them, he was able to gather enough money to let him live until now. Naruto, fortunate enough, was able to live in a house- not that the place actually looked like a fine house.

It was old, with no people around or even neighbors. The place was absolutely empty. It was placed near the woods thus the peaceful silence that surrounded the area. It was big enough for him so he didn't wish for more. He was after all able to fix the entire needed repair on the house by himself.

"Ah, a very interesting choice of weapon. Without you uttering a word I can clearly say with absolute conviction that you are a wind whisperer to be exact" The odd man named Matsunaga grinned as the students in front of him showed great surprise from his words.

"Now, now, no need to be surprise there, children. It was just obvious that you'd use a fan to control the air, yes?"

The three scowled as they realized that he was right. Matsunaga simply chuckled roughly as he picked the fans from the blonde's hands.

Naruto looked very anxious watching the whole ordeal with his own two eyes. The man's smile turned straight and he no longer held the atmosphere of insanity but rather the posture of an old wise hermit but still, it didn't ease the tension that played under Naruto's heart as he watched helplessly onto the scene whereas his fans were being examined in every detail.

"Turning ordinary weapon into a magician weapon requires the use of witch craft" Matsunaga paused, raising the fans above the fire that glowed beautifully on the center. "Witch craft is the magic of invention- of creation- of manipulation. Witches do not have direct assault on opponents but rather we use our skills to produce our needed equipment to defeat an opponent"

The fire begun to dance wildly and three children held their breaths backing away a little bit as they felt the heat of it.

"The magician chooses the weapon and the witch binds the weapon to the magician. To bind the weapon- there must be a contract formed by the mana inside the magician's body and pushed towards the weapon so that it prevents others from using the weapon. However, a mystic weapon with no wielder can choose its own holder. Yes, mystic weapons have lives brought upon as the mana passed through a body of a living to it. However, you can also give away your weapon if you desire to- but just the same- the weapon needs to choose him or her- Now, give me your hand and I shall start the ritual"

Relucantly, Naruto lent his hand to the man who held it around with his own whilst the other still holding the two fans, then Matsunaga started, "Manus!"

A blue light appeared inside the two encircled hands and all wondered what was happening inside. Naruto on the other hand felt as if part of his soul was being taken apart but at the same time, it was kind of soothing.

The bright blue light continued to dance for a whole minute before it dispersed completely. Matsunaga removed his hand from the blond and showed his audience of what was actually the light was about.

In his hand, a pearl-like sapphire stone was formed and everyone was mesmerized by the beauty of it.

"My, my- you have such gorgeous mana, my dear child" Naruto looked back at the man without being able to say anything. He can't believe that was his mana. It was very beautiful.

"Let's continue, shall we?" Matsunaga cradled the stone and brought it to the mouth of the dog bone on his staff. He raised his staff above as he put down the fans onto the floor. Then, he casted another spell, "Bind!"

The blue stone started to melt into blue smokes. It slowly swayed into the air before lying completely atop the fans. Then, it surrounded them and after some moments- the smokes were completely gone and everyone knew what had transpired. Naruto had now his first mystic weapons.

Matsunaga reached out to the fans and gave them to the blond who was astonished yet at the same time mesmerized by what he can tell from the expression of the blonde's face. He fought back a grin that almost seeped into his face.

"I'm next" Everyone turned to look at the source of the voice and found out Sasuke who was clutching the katana on his side eagerly.

He was absolutely fascinated by what he had witnessed. At first, he had his doubts, but now- he was sure.

The old ragged man looked at him with a smirk before reaching out. "Very well, hand it over"

Sasuke nodded but first gave a tight grip to the one of the most precious treasure of the Uchiha clan before sending it away.

The katana- or rather- the blade of inferno has always been in the possession of his family. It was said to be an heirloom from his ancestors. It was the blade that had defended the Uchiha clan from centuries of war. It was said to be have contained the blazing fire storm called Phoenix that had almost destroyed the lands across the world. No one knew what it was but some believed it was a magic that was sent to rule over all but so strong it became uncontrollable. Others thought it was just a nature's wrath but for why? No one can define.

Both what happened earlier ensued once more as Sasuke let the man touch his hand but instead of the blue light that illuminated it was a thick red hue.

Sasuke felt as if his hands were on fire. It was so hot as if his body was burning and yet- he can't seem to pull out. It was power, his mind called. His own power.

But just as it came it vanished so fast that he almost wanted to whine out loud. But knowing that others were with him he just gave out a scowl.

"Ah, fiery color, I must say" The old man whispered.

Then, the binding occurred and soon the blade was lying completely on the Uchiha's hands. His mind was creating all sorts of chaos. His feelings were a mixture of awe and joy. Finally, he is one step nearer to avenging his clan.

"And last?"

Sakura broke out from her reverie. Hurriedly, she showed a bracelet filled with shimmering stones with one diamond on the center. The old man took it and performed the things he did before on the two boys. Sakura's mana was a color of rose that she squealed as she saw it.


As the trio walked out of the old hut, each were on their own set of thoughts- even Sakura who was every time going for the Uchiha's attention was now silent as she cradled the bracelet on her hands, gliding her fingers around the emerald gems as she did so.

"All right, students. Tomorrow, meet me back at the bridge and we shall proceed with our next lesson"

"Yes, sir!" The three answered eagerly that Kakashi can't help but smile under his mask.


"So-" he blew and clouds of smoke appeared from his lips. "What were their choices?"

The sun was cascading slowly on the background. The wintry feel of the night was coming and the birds had now become silent as the sounds of cicadas started to appear.

"All had chosen their family heirloom" The other person answered with soft chuckle.

"Albeit not all knew about it, hm?"


- To be continued