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D. Gray Man

The Movie


The camera shows the whole earth and an eerie voice says, "The year is 1908, and already, the human existance is being threatened. Almost no one knows of this, except the few, chosen by god himself, that are fighting for its survival.

"They are called," The voice hesitates as the camera zooms into Europe, then England, then London, and finally lands on a boy with a pentagram scar over his left eye and has white hair.

"Exorcists..." The voice finally says.

"Allen, we have to keep moving." A finder with bandages hiding the bottom of his face says.

"Coming!" Allen says as he turns around, but takes one last glance over his shoulder.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Time SKip~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Tadaimas!" A girl with green hair, about shoulder length, sais as she walked into the head scientist's office.

The head scientist looked up and exclaimed, "Lenalee!"

Lenalee dropped her suitcase and was immediatly hugged by the scientist.

"Good to see you too Komui." Lenalee said with a smile.

"Le-na-leeee, it's Onii-san!" Komui whined.

Lenalee giggled at her brother's childish behaviour and asked, "So what's the urgent news?"

Komui immediatly became serious and said, "There have been... Certain developments that could mean the difference between us winning or losing this war."

Lenalee instantly becomes curious and asks, "What developements?"

Komui cleared his throat and said, "You will be informed of the mission as soon as Lavi, Allen, and Kanda get back."

"Actually, I'm already back." A red headed boy said from the doorway as he leaned on the frame of it.

"Ah, Lavi, that's good. Now we only have to wait for Kanda and Allen." Komui said, only slightly relieved.

"Yu's in the sparring room. He said it was a waste of his time to come inform you he was here." Lavi said with a goofy smile.

"So that means Allen is the only one that isn't back yet..." Lenalee stated, a little saddened by the news.

"Don't worry Lena-chan, he'll be back soon." Lavi says as he walked over and puts his left hand on her right shoulder. "You'll see, he'll be in the cafeteria scarfing down anything and everything in no time!" Lavi said to cheer her up.

"You're right, I'm just worrying too much." Lenalee said, even though it was obvious that she was still worried. Lavi removed his hand from her shoulder and sighed. He frowned and knew nothing he says will get her to stop worrying.

"I know he'll return home safely..." Lenalee said aloud, catching Komui's and Lavi's attention, "I just have this... this weird feeling that something... bad is going to happen..."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Time Skip~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

In the canals under the exorcist headquarters, Allen was sitting in one of the gondolas as the finder steered them along.

"I wonder what the urgent news is..." Allen wondered aloud.

The finder looked back at him, then sighed and said, "I've heard a little bit of what's happening, but I don't know if I should tell you."

Allen stared at the finder in disbelief, then asked, "Really? Can you please tell me?!"

Allen did his best puppy dog face and the finder cracked. "Fine, fine."

"Yay!" Allen cheered.

The finder started explaining as he steered the gondola along. "Apparently, there's a town in the states where broken innocence is amassing at." The finder states.

"Eh? You mean like how my innocence stayed near me?" Allen asked.

The finder nodded his head and says, "But that's not all, people from that town are leaving and won't tell us why; And when finders try to enter, they can't. The innocence forms a barrier."

Allen stared off into space, thinking about what he had just been told. "Have you tried getting any Exorcists to enter?" He asked.

The finder shook his head and said, "That's probably why you were called back."

"Makes sense." Allen said as he nodded his head. The gondola was steered up next to the stone ledge and Allen stepped off the Gondola onto it. He turnned expectantly towards the finder, but he shook his head side to side.

"Sorry, but I have another mission to attend to. This is where we part ways, Allen Walker." The finder explained.

Allen nodded his head and said, "Stay safe and call if you run into an Akuma."

"Will do." The finder said with a slight nod of his head, then he pushed the gondola away from the ledge and started steering it away. Allen turned and walked over to the elevator and entered it. He then pressed the button for the top floor, since that's all the higher the elevator can go and that the top floor is actually the bottom floor of the headquarters.

When the doors closed, Allen started thinking about the strange anomoly.

Allen became so engrossed in thought, he jumped when the elevator dings and the doors opened. He stepped out into the hallway, then headed straight for the cafeteria.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Time Skip~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Lenalee was aimlessly wandering the halls while Lavi studied in the library and Kanda trained with Mugen.

She sighed, then headed for the cafeteria; Deciding it's the best place to wait for Allen.

As soon as she entered, she saw a familiar sight; Over a hundred bowls and plates stacked up precariously high and more dishes being added to the already dangerously high pile. She rushed over and looked behind the wall of dishes and saw Allen and it took him a moment to notice her.

"Oh, Lenalee! I was going to go to Komui, but I was so hungry..." Allen said in a childishly cute and innocent voice.

Lenalee sighed out of annoyance, then smiled and said, "Well please hurry! I'm really curious to know what the mission is!"

Allen looked at her and said, "I have a guess."

Lenalee thought about whether she should ask him or not, and decided on the former. "And it would be?"

Allen stopped eating and set his plate down, then looked at her. "Toma told me it had something to do with broken innocence amassing in a certain area."

Lenalee stared at him in disbelief, then says, "We might as well ask Komui, so come on!" She grabbed his arm and started pulling him with her towards Komui's office.

"Le-Lenalee! I wasn't done eating!" Allen whined.

"You're done." Lenalee stated in a cold, bone chilling voice. Allen immediatly shut his mouth and knew better than to argue with Lenalee when she was like that.

Lenalee opened Komui's door and saw Kanda and Lavi already inside.

"Ah, Allen's back!" Lavi exclaimed happily.

"Tadaimas." Allen said. Kanda 'che'-ed and turned his head away.

"Don't be like that Yuu~" Lavi said in a sing-song voice.

Mugen was at Lavi's throat in a second and Kanda said, "I'll kill you the next time you use my first name."

Komui cleared his throiat loudly to get everyone's attention. As soon as he had it, he said, "Now that everyone's here, it's time for all of you to be briefed on your mission."

"I have a quick question," Lavi said, "Why all four of us? Why not the normal two?"

"Because you are the strongest exorcists we could get on short-notice. You see," Komui said as he dimmed the lights and had a golem show a map of the U.S.A. The map had the colors blue, green, yellow, orange, and red. Although, the only red was in a spot in Texas and orange was around it, followed by yellow, then green, then blue. It looked like a thermal hurricane.

"This is a map of the innocence fragments that have floated through the atmosphere after being destroyed. There's usually only enough to show a blueish-green, sometimes plain green, but all the broken fragments from around the world are amassing in Dallas, Texas." Komui stated, completely serious.

"So you want us to find out what's happening?" Lavi asked.

"That's a finder's job." Kanda said, irritated.

"You're right, that is a finder's job, that is, if the innocence fragments weren't making an impassible barrier." Komui said.

"Do you think it could be the same as when we went to find Miranda?" Lenalee asked.

"Precisely. We think that only exorcists will be able to enter." Komui said.

"What are we supposed to do when we get inside?" Allen asked.

"Your job is to find out what's happening. We suspect the Earl is trying to make an, 'Artificial Heart', but it's just a guess. We won't know for sure until you investigate." Komui said.

The room suddenly got tense; Everyone was agitated by the thought of the Earl destroying all the innocence.

"Then we should start leaving." Allen stated.

Everyone, except Kanda, nodded their head. Lavi, Allen, Lenalee, and Kanda left to start packing, leaving Komui behind in his office. Komui slumped into his chair and covered his eyes with his left hand.

"Lenalee... come home safely..." He whispered to himself.

"Uhh, Komui?..." Reever said from the doorway.

"Yes?" Komui asked quickly snapping back to his 'normal' self.

Reever seemed real pissed at that moment, then carried in a huge stack of papers and said, "What the hell are your papers doing in my work folder?!"

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~End Chappy~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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