Okay, constructive criticism? Never done this pairing before.

This was for Week 55 at sortinghatdrabs.

George slid his fingers between hers and looked over at his beautifully crazy girlfriend, "How are we going to tell Ickle Ronniekins?"

Luna sighed and looked around the room slowly, "The nargals think that we should bide our time, and not tell him just yet."

George had a suspicion that this wasn't the nargals talking, "Why don't you want to tell him just yet?"

"The spindelswoopers aren't in season for a month, and they are a sign of truth, honesty and forgiveness. Don't you think we should wait for that? It has to be a sign."

"A sign or not, we're going to have to tell him soon, or he'll find out. How about we just talk to him next Sunday at dinner?"

The pair shared a loaded look and Luna pursed her lips.

"Maybe not…," Luna suggested.

There were a few minutes of silence and both George and Luna were deep in thought.

"I think we're going to need a Plan B."

So, who likes?