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-Story is set after Bella gets pregnant.

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-Story is written in third person POV.

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The Birth

Jacob jumped out of the window, shifting just before he hit the ground.

I need to see Bella was his only thought, as he tore through the forest at top speed, aching to get there and know that she was still alive, somehow.

After just a few minutes, Jacob reached the Cullen's house, in what might have been record time. After shifting back to put his clothes on, Jacob walked in without so much as a knock, entering the living room, getting a shock when he saw the whole family gathered together.

"Hello Jacob, it's good to see you again." Esme greeted him sweetly, while Rosalie scrunched up her nose, "Who let the dog in?"

Edward chuckled when he heard Jacob's thoughts, full of nasty blond jokes which were almost out of his mouth, only to be interrupted by Carlisle's words. "It is great that you're here, Jacob. Our family has to hunt, but we were worried about leaving only Edward to look after Bella, I hope you could give us a hand and help with taking care of Bella? We will only be gone for 4 hours." The Doctor smiled kindly, it was hard to refuse someone like Carlisle.

"Uh, sure." Jacob shrugged, looking around, he heard the thumping of Bella's heart; it seemed stronger than yesterday.

"Yes, she's getting stronger, but she has to deliver soon, the baby's getting too big for her to carry anymore, so everyone has to hunt before we prepare to let her deliver tomorrow." Edward said softly.

"Tomorrow?" Jacob was sure everyone could hear the panic in his voice. "What about you, aren't you going to hunt?" his question obviously directed at Edward.

"I'll be fine, and I can't leave her." Edward whispered softly so that only his family and Jacob could hear, not wanting Bella to start arguing that she would be fine.

"Are you sure? What if-"

"Jacob, I'm sure Edward will be fine, you do understand he can't bear to leave her alone, don't you?" Esme said gently, she looked as if she was going to cry.

"Oh, uh, right. OK, so I'll just stay here till you guys get back? That's fine." Jacob grunted, looking at Bella. She was resting in the bed, looking at him and the vampires.

"Thank you, Jacob, and see you later." Carlisle thanked him, and within half a second, they were all gone except for him and Edward.

"Hey Jake." Bella smiled, finally getting her chance to say hi to her best friend. He walked over, receiving a big hug from her.

"Hey Bells, how ya doing?" Jacob grinned, squeezing her gently, making sure not to hurt her. She seemed so fragile now; the bags under her eyes darker, and her face just didn't have that 'Bella' shine anymore.

Bella lay in Edward's arms as she rested, "I'm fine, just getting too big." She stuck out her tongue happily, her two favourite people were here, and they didn't blame her for making the choices that she made. Especially Jake, she'd hurt him so much, yet he was still here for her when she needed him.

"So I can see." Jacob chuckled, not very happy that it was Edward's arms around her, not his.

"Ugh, Edward..." Bella made a face.

"Oh, again? I'll carry you there, and wait outside?" Edward chuckled, helping her up.

"What?" a confused Jacob asked.

"I've been drinking so much; I have to go to the bathroom almost every other hour." Bella explained. She got up, stretching a little, as she was so sore.

There was the strangest, muffled tearing sound from the center of Bella's body. Her eyes went wide, and she fell, as Edward caught her.

"Bells?" Jacob whispered, just as Bella starting screaming. Then, her scream was cut off by a fountain of blood poured out from her mouth.

"What's going on?"

"The placenta detached! The baby's suffocating!"

"Get him out! He's dying!" Bella screeched, another fountain of blood erupting from her mouth, splattering on the floor. She was starting to turn blue, eyes wide.

"CPR?" Edward growled, looking at me as he laid Bella on the table.

Jacob nodded, pressing his lips against Bella's blood-stained ones, blowing mouthfuls of air into her lungs.

"Don't let her stop breathing! I have to get the baby out before-" The loudest, shattering crack then ran through the room, shocking everyone in the house. "Bella... her spine..." Edward choked in horror.

"Get it out! She won't be able to feel anything!" Jacob snarled, throwing the scalpel into Edward's hands. He bent over Bella again, struggling to get her to breathe, pumping her weak heart.

You promised, Bella, don't die on me. Keep your heart beating, you'll be fine

Edward could hear Jacob's desperate thoughts as he worked the scalpel across her stomach, spilling more crimson blood onto the floor. He pressed his face to the bulge, his lips pulling back. A sickening rip could be heard, sending a jolt through Jacob. He looked over, shuddering when he saw what was happening. He blew more air into Bella, willing her heart to stay strong.

Edward pulled away from Bella three seconds later, a creature tucked in his arms. "Renesmee." he whispered. So Bella was wrong, it was a baby girl. Jacob watched for a quick moment as Edward tucked the baby into a blanket in a crib.

Then they both heard a faint ga-lump of a heart's struggle to beat.

"Come on Bella, breathe, you promised! You promised you'll live through this. For me, please!" Jacob sobbed frantically, trying to blow air into Bella's lungs, pumping her heart. Once, twice, thrice. More air, once, twice, thrice. He couldn't see anymore, tears clouded his vision, as he sobbed softly.

With a last faint ga-lump, Bella's heart faltered, going silent.

"No... Bella..." Jacob choked out, tears pouring down his cheeks. "Don't... you can still make it..." his hands were still pumping her heart, her now silent and still heart.

"Move over." came Edward's strained voice. He pushed Jacob aside, shoving a needle straight into her heart. "Venom." he answered the question in Jacob's head, pushing the plunger down. Edward bent over Bella, his lips sweeping across her skin, biting, and then sweeping his tongue over the gashes, forcing his venom to stay in the girl's body.

There's nothing left, just me and him working over Bella body, corpse... Bella's gone, how could she? How could leave us, leave me? Jacob could not control the fresh wave of tears that poured down again.

"She'll be fine, Bella's stronger than she looks, and she'll pull through this." Edward said his voice harsh, as if he was forcing himself to believe that. "I know that she will. She will. She has to..." he ended in a strangled whisper, pressing his hands into her cold, if not colder than his, hands.

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