I'm truly sorry if you all expected a chapter and see this instead.

For those who haven't seen my profile and the message on it, here it is.

I'm making a major decision that everyone is going to HATE me for. I'm putting all my stories on HIATUS and I will NOT be continuing them until I have rewritten the stories. I'm not happy with the standards of my stories currently, and only the one-shots will be left as they are, because those I think are fine. Go on, yell at me, scream at me, punch me, hex me, but I WILL be sticking to this decision.

For those who have added my multi-chapter stories on alert, please put me on author alert if you want to still want to see the stories after this rewrite. I will be posting the stories under a new title and everything else. I will also be posting a note on the stories themselves.

I'm really really sorry about this, and I hope you'll all be able to forgive me at one point or another if you get mad at me. I PROMISE the rewritten stories will be BETTER than how it is now, LONGER, and definitely MORE ORGANISED. I'm also working on new stories because whenever I read something new, I have the urge to write one on the pairing myself. I'll try to write as much as I can for each story I am doing/ going to do before I post/ repost them.

So, there you have it. I'll try my best to do everything quickly and not post on impulse like I've been doing for A Better Tomorrow (I'm really not satisfied with that story now!)

And, something else to make up for this, I'll tell you. I'll have a Glee story, a Harry Potter story and a few more one-shots by the end of this year. (I won't take THAT long to start posting again, I hope, but I will take at least a month or so to rewrite my current stories)

Well, there it is then. Please don't kill me, and I will be under a rock for a while to get things done.

If anyone wants to scream at me, please so send me an email or PM. I won't mind.