Angel Beats!

An Angel's Tale

Note: This is my first anime Fanfic, and I decided to do it for my favorite new anime, Angel Beats! Reviews and suggestions are appreciated, and I hope you enjoy it! I plan for this story to have about 15-20 chapters or so, so check in for more whenever you can!

Chapter One


I wake up with a start, finding myself looking up at a partially clouded night sky. Slowly, I sit up to observe my surroundings. Nothing looks familiar around me.

I try to think of a reason for me being out in front of what appears to be a school, but my mind is blank.

Why can't I remember anything? I think to myself, standing up quickly and looking around for somebody who could tell me where I was, but I find nobody.

It isn't until I look down at the field below that I find a girl standing there, her long white hair and tan-colored uniform sticking out in the surrounding concrete.

Without hesitation, I briskly head down the steps and I walk towards her. When she hears my steps and turns towards me, I notice that her face has a blank expression in it, her dull-yellow eyes gleaming in the starlight.

"Um...Excuse me, do you mind telling me where I am?" I ask her, rubbing the back of my head in slight embaressment.

"This place has no name." she answers with an emotionless voice, staring stare ahead, unmoving in the stillness of the night.

I tilt my head in confusion. "What do you mean this place doesn't have a name? Do you know why I'm here, and why I can't remember anything?"

She continues to stare at me, and I gulp, beginning to get nervous under by her gaze. "Memory loss is a common thing here." she answers.

"Memory loss?" I ask confused. She nods slightly, and says, "You are dead."

"Dead?" I mutter, feeling it's unreasonableness as it slips over my tongue. However, the girl's stern and serious expression causes me to shiver slightly.

She simply nods once again. "Who are you?" I ask. She tilts her head slightly, as if I had asked an idiotic question. "My name is Tachibana Kanade, I am the Student Council President."

Tachibana...I think, It's a beautiful name. However, the mentioning of being Student Council President seemed so out of place at that moment.

I notice that she is still staring at me, and I quickly say, "Oh, my name is..." My words drift off as I begin to search for my name.

"Sorry, I can't remember my name." I state, hoping she would understand. She simply nods, then turns and begins to walk away. "Wait!" I say, walking up to her.

She turns towards me again. "I was wondering if you could-" I begin to say, but I suddenly realise she's not looking at me.

Turning around, I see nothing. "What are you-" I try to ask, but I suddenly hear a loud bang, followed by a flash of light. Something zips past me at lightning speed, and I quickly turn towards Tachi...

...Just as something pierces through her heart, entering and leaving her body, leaving a bleeding hole. "Tachibana!" I shout, taking a step towards her. However, I see her expression and I stop.

She seems unaffected by it, although I can see slight pain in her blank face. Tachi continues to stare out in the distance to where the shot was fired.

"Guard Skill: Distortion." she mutters, and I move back in disbelief as a blue glow moves over her, then leaves. Another shot is fired, but it simply moves around her body, and shoots out behind her.

"Wh-What's going on?" I ask, looking at Tachi, confused. "You should leave." she simply states, moving past me and walking towards the source of the shots.

I stand there for a few moments, watching as she walks away. There's no way I can just leave her! I think.

With a gulp, I quickly run to catch up with her. When I get to her, I begin tell her, "Tachibana, I can help you with-"

She turns around suddenly, and, as I see her face, my blood goes cold. Her eyes appear to be full of a deep rage from inside of her. "Hand Sonic." she mutters, and, to my surprise, a blade appears seemingly out of nowhere onto her hand, giving off a gleaming light as it comes out.

Tachi points the blade at me, and I quickly take a step back, surprised at her sudden ferocity. "I told you that you should leave." she says to me.

"But-" I begin to say, but she thrusts the blade towards me, and I quickly jump back. Looking at Tachi now, I can tell that she isn't in much of a talking mood.

After a few moments, I turn and I begin to briskly walk away, eventually getting into a run. When I reach the other side of the field, I turn and I look back.

Loud bangs begin to sound, and bullets begin to fly in every direction. For a few moments, I stand there, watching the shower of bullets cover the night sky.

Suddenly, a bullet flies by me, inches away from my head, and I suddenly realise that I'm still in danger here. I quickly begin to make my way up the stairs, as bullets begin to zoom past me one by one.

When I reach the top of the stairs, I feel a sharp pain go through my left shoulder. Looking at it, I see a mark where a bullet had hit me.

I grit my teeth in pain, holding onto the wound, feeling the blood ooze onto my hand. I turn once again to face the bright show of bullets, when I hear footsteps coming at me rapidly from the left.

Turning, all I have time to see is the shining metal of a large axe as it falls upon me.

I wake up suddenly, gasping and fumbling my hands over my body. After a few moments, I begin to calm down, and my breath starts to slow.

Looking around, I realise that I'm in a bed in some kind of hospital, the bright sunlight pouring through the windows. Besides me, I could see nobody else in the room.

Standing, I notice that my dark green uniform I had been wearing before was gone, and was replaced with a simple white t-shirt.

I begin to walk towards the door to the room, but I jump back when it's suddenly opened. I give a sigh of relief when I see that it is only Tachi.

She closes the door behind her, and begins to stare at me as she had done before. Now, it's hard to imagine her doing anything out of the ordinary of any kind, or even being the target of a bad group of people.

As the sunlight hits Tachi, she seemingly begins to shine, and I realise just how beautiful the girl in front of me is.

"How are you feeling?" she asks in her still emotionless voice. I begin to pat my shoulder, then my stomach, where I had felt the pain before I had blacked out, then I nod.

Tachi nods back, then walks up to me and holds her hand out. In the palm of her hand is a small, silver object of some kind. "I think you dropped this." she says, and I take it out of her hand to examine it.

Now that I look at it, it's a coin of some sort, with specific words on each side. It reads, "Itobana High School 2009." Something inside me makes me believe it is mine, but I'm not exactly sure.

"I must have had this in my pocket when I..." I begin to say, then I feel myself shiver a little as I say, "Died."

Tachi nods, then turns and walks towards the door. Opening it, she begins to step out into the hall. Suddenly, I feel a flash of memory come across my mind. "Wait!" I say, and she turns towards me.

"My name...Is Tomoshibi Kawara." I say, realising finally what my name was. Angel nods, then mumbles, "Tomoshibi..." before walking out into the hall and disappearing.

To Be Continued...

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