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"They are coming." Angel told me. I smiled at her. This girl was amazing I had missed her so much. Let me explain. One day many years ago the flock and I were in the same crates. My dad 'Jeb' got everyone out except me. He had told me that he would be back for me. Many years later he was, and then he left again. Jeb had made sure that I did what I wanted though. I got whatever I wanted.

"Angel, sweetie." I heard Max whisper. Then she looked at me. "Skyler……"

"Hey sis, long time no see." I smiled.

"Listen I wanted to come back for you, Jeb wouldn't let me, wouldn't let us. He said we would meet again in the future."

"Looks like it's the future," I said crawling out of the box. "Hi guys." I said to the rest of the flock. "Miss me?"

Max and Iggy rushed forward to hug me, Nudge gave me a death grip and Gazzy looked like he wanted to kiss me. I smiled…..again. Where was Fang, who was the guy hanging back? I voiced my concerns.

The guy in the back stepped forward. "I'm Dylan and Fang has his own flock now." He paused and looked at Max. "I was wrong, it isn't you, it is her."

Max's mouth fell open and she growled. "If you think I'm going to let my little sister…"

I quickly interrupted them."As much as I would love to know what you guys are talking about, I think we should get out of here…NOW!"

I scream the last part as giant dogs with wings rounded the corners. They were a lot like erasers but just weren't them. I jumped up flapping my black and white speckled wings and lead the flock out a tiny window, letting my wings flap in the air. Everyone seemed extremely happy, I could tell because it was one my gifts to know peoples moods.

Max flew ahead of everyone to be level with me. "We have a house nearby." Then she plunged to the ground. I laughed and followed keeping my wings tucked in until I was right above the ground. Landing I smiled. Life would be awesome, especially when I got Fang to come back. He was like my brother so long ago. He and Max were over protective asses, they probably still are.

"Aren't you coming in?" The gorgeous blonde, I think his name was Dylan, asked.

"Of course." I said pushing open the doors.

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