A/N: Ok guys I have decided to keep going where I left off. I want to answer one question I have been receiving though. The question is 'why did Jeb leave Skyler and take the rest of the flock?'. The answer is that Jeb new that Sky wasn't ready yet and that she would have a role in the future, he knew the kind of person Sky would have to be and so he made sure to give her what she wanted and to help her along also. So basically, Sky wasn't as much as a prisoner as everyone else, and she knew she was Jeb's daughter she didn't have to find out like Max did.(Sky is Max's sister not Fangs' she just seems to be more like Fang's sister)

I woke up the next morning with a major ache in my chest, and it wasn't just because I had gotten shot. After I had told everyone that I couldn't explain why I knew about the voice, who the voice was or how I was supposed to help save the world Fang stomped out of the room without a backwards glance and slammed the door.

Max told me just to forget about it and move on but Fang had never done that before, he was never mad at me, no one was ever mad at me. I guess that sort of pins me as a selfish brat, but its true.

Shortly after that fiasco everyone left and a nurse came in to sedate me. Before long I was asleep and then I woke up here. No one was in the room, and the only noise I could hear was the beeping of the machine next to my bed. The room was dark, so I knew that It was either really late, or really early. I hoped that the flock had gotten some sleep threw the night and wasn't worried about me.

My heart was heavy, I was no longer in the life I was used to. No more books, no more guitar, no more combat training, no more food served when ever I wanted, no more comfort, no nothing. I knew I was treated differently No one else from the flock knew what it was like to go threw what I didn't and I didn't know how much they went threw. If this was going to work we would all have to have a very serious talk.

We needed to discuss what was going to happen. They still didn't know that I had a fully loaded credit card in my pocket, or that I had my driver license. They didn't know anything about me. Jeb had made sure that I was of great use to the flock, and that the needed me.

More discussion was going to develop on each others personalities and their gifts. My gift…. I really didn't want to say that at the moment. Would they think I was freakish? Would they send me away? Did they even need to know? Could I get away with faking I didn't have one? All questions that went threw my head as I slowly faded back into sleep.

A/N: I know it is short but I felt like I should leave off there. Next chapter should be longer. I will post in about a week. Thanks for reading.