Chapter one

Older Brother

Harry potter was not the potters first child no he had an older brother who his parents named Simon Kris Potter, Harry was born 11 mouths after making him and his triplet brother and sister (names being Godric Rick and Rose Lilly) able to go to school with their older brother. Most siblings around the same age are close to one another the triplets where very close as most people had expected. It was a happy time except for the prophesy hanging over their head it was prophesied that Harry was born to fight Voldemort to the death but when Dumbledore was interrupted that day he had mistaken what the old seer had said instead of Oldest of three he was thinking it was older to three and she never mentioned the date of birth but Simon was the only boy who fit the profile so as soon as the potter triplets where born they rushed in to hiding not wasting a moment. When Simon was two and the triplets where one Voldemort attacked

LILLY RUN IT'S HIM LILLY TAKE THE CHILDREN RUN! With four children Lilly tried but couldn't take them all she had not the heart to leave one behind grabbed the Triplets in one arm and Simon in the other, he grip was weak and she stumbled trying to hold on.

James was guarding the door she had left in.

"Move aside POTTER! You and your wife do not have to die… I may even spear your other offspring if you hand over the oldest BRAT!"


"Do you know how true that is?"

A Yellow spell hit Voldemort in the shoulder leaving a deep cut behind, for James effort he was blasted in to the wall behind him leaving half awake and in terrible pain his version blurred, he was helpless, Voldemort sent a blasting curse in his general direction. The wall was blown apart and James was trapped under the fallen rubble, and left unconscious, unable to defend his family.

Lilly had spun around and raced for her Husband dropping Harry a few feet a from away from them she kneeled in front of Simon three out of four children behind her "please don't kill them kill me kill me and let them live please I beg of you not James spare him Spare my Babies! KILL ME! ME!"

"Move girl, Move you silly Girl you shall not Die," Voldemort said a sadistic, cold dead tone as he cast a quick Stunner.

He turned towards the three children siting behind her "I think I will let you two live to let your grief consume you. AVERA KAVADA!" a bolt of green light when flying towards Rose he was intending to kill them one by one. Harry, standing a few feet away was old enough to understand that the light would hurt his sister and he loved his sister and brothers and didn't want them hurt.

Harry ran to protect his sister jumping in front the bright light just before it hit Voldemort had no idea which child he had gotten not that it mattered, the bright light engulf all four children with Harry at the front but it backfired and hit him, the last thing he saw was the four potter children with red glowing marks on their bodies he realised his mistake and now he was going to pay for his foolishness.

James was awaking groggy and sour but he was awake "god no" he whispered "their dead they are all gone I know it he killed them it's my fault I should have protected them my fault… Peter I'm going to kill you mark my words…"

James looked up from where he lay to see his whole family just laying there at first believing them to be dead he began searching for the madman who took his family but his eyes soon stopped when he noticed that his wife breathing and then her knew all of them where alive he ran up to Lilly first

"Lilly? O god Lilly wake up you must wake up" James was hopeful yet down cast all at once who knew what the dark lord could have done

"James? How did we survive…? O my the children!" Fear ridden Lilly bolted up looking frantically

"You wont believe it Lilly we all survived we are alive all of us"

At this they went over to their children and gasp at their scars still angry and inflamed stood out on their pale skin. Harry's was on his forehead Roses was under her left ear Godric's was under his right and Simons was as clear as day running down his neck impossible to hide without being obvious.

The triplets where huddled up in the corner holding each other, well Harry was in the middle and Rose and Godric was holding on to him for dear life, on the other hand Simon was laying a feet of two in front of them curled in to a little ball. To the unknowing it looked like Simon had stood in front of his brothers and sister, protecting them and after being hit they all had collapse and that is how they took it. The Potters picked up Simon forgetting the others and waking him gently. They left leaving three sets of eyes watching them leave through the floo…

In the Headmasters office not ten second latter James, Lilly and Simon arrived in a flash of green light the headmaster looked up and when he saw the state they where in rushed to their aid.

"James! Lilly what happened?" Dumbledore gave the a quick look and notice the missing three potter's

"He attacked Voldemort. He came to our place…"

"Sirius told on you I can't…"

"No not Sirius, Peter the rat we switched hoping to throw the spy off, only we made the spy our KEEPER!" yelled James in frustration

"It alright James we didn't know but we're safe now it ok" Lilly said soothingly

"How did you escape and where are the triplets? Don't tell me he got them?"

"No nothing of the sort but to tell the truth I have no idea why we are still alive, last thing we remember was being knocked out then coming to, Voldemort was gone the triplets where cuddled in the corner and Simon lay unconscious in front of them. The most wired thing is their scars" Lilly explained and then she lifted Simon to show off his neck

O_O "Do they all have one?"

"Yes but all in different places"

"Where are the triplets now? I need to have a look before I can tell you exactly what this means?"

"Their back at the house"

"Let's go then"

James and Lilly looked worried and kept giving each other nervous glances "What wrong?"

Lilly stepped forwards and spoke "We did the most stupid terrible worse thing parents can do"

"What are you talking about Lilly? James what is she talking about?" an worried tone streaked the headmasters voice

James stepped forwards next to Lilly and spoke "we just left them in the rubble we never even touched them…"

"They may have been hurt scared in pain or DIYING AND WE JUST LEFT THEM THERE, THEY PROBALY THING WE DOT CARE ABOUT THEM WE ARE SO STUPID!" Lilly broke down crying clutching to Simon like life itself

"It's ok Lilly I'm sure they don't think that. Their most likely to still be asleep they will never know… but you better never leave them alone again" said Dumbledore


"Tell you latter let's go"

They stepped into the fire one at a time Lilly going last just in case some thing was wrong if so she was told to floo back to keep Simon safe

Lilly stepped out of the fire to stop in shock they had failed for standing over there three baby's was a dark clocked figure his body was shaking most likely from anger he turned around at the same time Lilly went for the fireplace not going to take the chance that this was ally


"JAMES" Sirius jumped on James crying, "O James I thought you to be dead Peter he told on you I was about to go kill him. Let's go kill him"

"No we have some thing else to do first Peter probably thinks we're dead he will be easy to find we will get Remus to get him seeing as he know nothing of the switch"

"What did happen?"

"Simon saved us he saved us all we did not see but he was asleep in front of the triplets with this" Lilly said showing off his scar

"He did?" Sirius went and took Simon from her arms "thank you thank you thank you, you're a beautiful child I'm in you dept you saved my only family I owe you my life and freedom" Tears where falling freely he held the small child light shaking him.

Dumbledore had long ago stoped listening sure he love the potters and Sirius like grand children he never had but he had other things he needed to do and this was important he was closely looking at the marks on the other potter children

"Their exactly the same all four of them" All heads turned his way "different places but still there the same all of them"

"What dose this all mean Albus?" asked a confused Lilly

"I can only think of one thing…" The old man sighed "take a seat this may be a while" finding a comfy part on the floor they waited it did not seem necessary to the Potters to take the other children in they're arms. They just held Simon between the two of them. "There are many ruins all over the world but few magic ones, long ago a ruins was found that Muggle's never where able to enter it was protected because it held magic secrets, inside walls and walls where covered with symbols some we knew of others we had never seen before, it told of history the symbols we found out represented all known spells at the time the runes where made, we could not figure out witch symbol belonged to witch spell" Dumbledore stoped trying to think how to phrase what he was saying "the one day a room was found in side where four walls, three walls where covered with the symbols of spells the last wall across from the door only had three symbols much bigger then the others. In the middle of room where three books, one had a cover of gold, the next a cover of bronze, the last a cover of black meatal we never could find out what it was and we never found more of it." He paused and rubbed is temples stress was indeed evident

"Albus? Would I be better if you skipped to the important Part?" Lilly was worried she had never seen the old wizard look so… so Old!

" No Lilly its best you knew the full story" He stoped again where was he? "…The first book of gold was a dictionary of the spell they found could be used only for good, the black book was spells where they could only find evil ways of using them and the bronze book was much bigger and told of spells that could be used for both-and I must to tell truth the gold book was the smallest… but none told of the three on the last wall we had been there for a year by now and where close to leaving when on our last day we did the only thing we had yet to do, to find the meaning to the last symbols, we searched the wall that they had been carved into we found a square cut under each of them, we could not pull them out so we pushed them in and from the wall fell one white plank each, it turned out to be human bone, we never found out how they got three planks of bone that big, they told of the last three spell, ones we all know well. One told of if used the victim was controlled into doing what ever the attacker wanted its symbol was an eye, the next told of if used the victim would scream till death or until the curse was lifted is symbol was fire the last told of green light that killed anyone it touched all of these spells had a smaller rune on their bone tablet a small x meaning forbidden yes these where the forbidden curses" leaning back he waited for the Question he knew they would ask

"Sir w… wh… what was the symbol of the last curse?" asked Lilly all three where looking nervously at the triplets

"Look at Simon or one of the triplets scars and you will see it" Silence "I believe that they where hit with it all at once and I don't know how but I believe it back fired it may be that sacrifice you tried to make for them was so powerful that it protected them…"

"Are you telling me that our children killed the darkness being alive?"

"No I believe it was only Simon I think that he tried to save his brothers and sister and with both his love and that witch you gave him wen you refused to hand him over protected him. As for the triplets they where close and I think a very small amount off the curse got them so small that it did no kill them but left them with the same scar… Also he did not kill but defeat Voldemort for the time being he will be back so you must train Simon."

"We will"

"When I say train don't make him train a lot like a Amy would try and make it fun like swords boys love sword fighting and if he has a way of getting a sword say magically link one to him if he ever need it he can get it and games that have to do with running and or hiding even make special games that will train him to survive if he needs to you can do that?"

"Yea train him make it fun and still let him have a proper life as much as we can its cool" James though shocked was slowly become him self a very small smile appeared upon his lips it only now came to him THEY WHERE ALIVE AND HEALTHY!

"O also include training for the triplets maybe not as much I sure they won't what to do it often. Make it not daily but scheduled for Simon so even at a young age he knows it in some way I its important make him take it seriously"

"Will do"

"Good you should get Rumus to get peter don't kill him just get him locked up after you do I will inform the Minster about Voldemort but first the children had a long day I think they might be looking for their beds bye now."

Smiles appeared on the three adults faces "yes sir" with that Dumbledore left

"Come on guys lets get them to bed then get Remus we need him to fetch Peter" James told them

They went up stairs Lilly holding Simon, James with Rose (after prying her off her brothers) and Sirius with Godric and Harry. Simon was put in his bed where the triples where put in the giant cot that James and Lilly had to get after nights of no sleep because they refused to sleep in different beds that night Simon slept like a log but it took the triplets ages to fall asleep Harry head hurt like hell where Rose Godric had stiff necks they in the end fell asleep holding each other tight.