Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Tales of Shadow

Once upon a time, there was a pokemon named Giratina. Everything he wanted was power. He was

sealed into another world by Arceus because of trying to take control over the world. However,

Arceus used a huge amount of her power to create a magic stone, keeping him away from returning.

Then, she fell into a sleep that will last thousands of years. The stone was named "The Sacred

Stone", and it has been kept in a cave for many thousands of years. She had heard the legend many

times. Now she finally was about to see The Sacred Stone in real-life! She slowly stepped into the

cave. When she came in she saw a huge stone, blood-red-colored and with a strange inscription on

it. She ran over to the stone. Beside it, on a sign, with golden letters, it was written: Visitor! Don't

touch The Sacred Stone, because then a big disaster will come! It will be the end of the world! She

laughed. How could a STONE bring a big disaster?! She had been waiting for this since she was a

kid! She was not going to let a SIGN stop her! She touched the stone with her tiny brown paw.

Suddenly, it started glowing!

"Oh no! Maybe the sign was right!" she thought, and quickly removed her paw from the stone. It

stopped glowing.

"Phew. Maybe the disaster only happens if you keep your paw there too long" she thought and

quickly ran out of the cave. If she would have stopped and listened, she could have heard the voice.

"Well done kid. You just caused the end of Arceus era, and the beginning of mine!!!"

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